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pitillogood morning01:00
pitillois the ports system synced for 2.7? I'm getting diffs like this one, for example: pkgutils   5.35.1-1   5.34.2-1 after updating ports in a updated to 2.7 system01:15
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tilmanpitillo: works for me01:18
pitillo# grep collection /etc/ports/core.rsync01:19
pitillothen I'm not sure where is my fault01:19
pitillostrange, cleaning the ports dir and updating again seems to solve those diffs...01:23
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dapperdanI'm having problems I can't seem to locate an answer for. I have CRUX 2.5 on the same HD I installed 2.7. When I boot 2.7, everything goes well but my other partitions on the drive are not detected... not listed in /dev so I can't mount them. Even the root partition does not show in /dev08:17
dapperdaneven though "df" shows it as mounted. fdisk -l turns up nothing. I used same .config from last CRUX on this machine. Any ideas what I'm missing?08:17
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jaegerdapperdan: is sda the only drive?08:38
jaegerbecause the kernel definitely sees sda and some partitions08:39
dapperdanHi jaeger, sorry was in the shower. Just one drive in the box but also have an external drive. Interestingly enough, when the external is powered on, all its partitions show up in /dev/as sdb* but not the intertal drive... sda*. sda itself doesn't even show.09:07
dapperdanOther things that might be pertinent.. I'm using grub from CRUX 2.5 install also on this machine. Just edited grub.conf to boot 2.7 root partition. In CRUX 2.5 all partitions show in /dev and when doing fdisk.09:11
dapperdanAll partitions except utilities partitions are formatted with reiserfs. Drivers for all Linux file systems "turned on" in kernel.09:14
jaegeris udev installed and running?09:15
jaegerin your paste, the kernel sees sda:09:15
jaeger sda1 sda2 < sda5 sda6 sda7 > sda3 sda409:15
jaegerif it didn't, it wouldn't even be able to mount the root filesystem09:16
dapperdanDid I overlook that udev has to be installed or is it by default? Can't remember... lol...09:16
jaegerso something else is wrong, between when the kernel loads and the system boots09:16
jaegerIt's enabled by default09:16
jaegeris /proc mounted?09:17
dapperdanThought I saw it as such. Maybe I'll boot back in to make sure.09:17
dapperdanbe back in a bit. Thanks jaeger.09:18
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jaegerAnyone have rt2860 firmware? seems to be having problems09:20
jaegernm, seems to be working with www added09:21
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dapperdanjaeger, /proc is mounted. While in 2.7, I powered on the external drive and it showed up immediately. All partitions on the external drive were listed in /dev after powered on. Still no sign of sda. I do see sdb, sdc in /dev09:27
dapperdandf shows /dev/sda7... the root partition but no others, even though it doesn't show up in /dev.09:29
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jaegervery strange, I've never run into something like that09:38
jaegerdoes sda show up if you run 'udevadm trigger --action=change' ?09:39
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dapperdanjaeger: I'll try it now, thanks.09:53
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dapperdanjaeger: udevadm trigger --action=change returned nothing. :(10:15
dapperdanAs info in case it matters, I didn't mount any other partition during install except root partition.10:18
jaegerthey should still show up in /dev10:20
jaegerno idea what the problem is, sorry10:20
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dapperdanThanks for helping though. I might do a complete re-install just to see if it happens again.10:30
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libdrm: updated to
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pedjaGreetings from Crux64-2.7 :)13:23
pedjaCongarts to the devs, awesome job, as usual.13:23
pt_wm8505and for the i686 devs too, thank you very much13:26
pedjaonly problem I had, apart from first using not-so-good usb stick and misconfiguring the kernel, is that nvidia driver for x86_64 is missing from opt-x86_64.13:37
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pedjabtw, can flyspray be used for C64, or i should send bug report and diff to fredrik13:38
treach64b is still unofficial afaik.13:42
cjgpedja, C64?!13:49
treachcjg: he's confused. ;)13:49
cjgnot ?13:50
* treach just found out that he has the same cpu model in his calculator as the C64 had. :p13:50
frinnstpedja: you could just tell me :)14:15
frinnstor throw me an email14:16
pedjafrinnst: I'd like to send you few patches, for nvidia and flash plugin.14:16
frinnstafk, need to buy some food for tomorrow :)14:17
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frinnstbtw, i dont think i'd do a good job maintaining nvidia, since i dont have nvidia hardware14:36
pedjafrinnst: mail sent.14:44
pedjai do have an nvidia card, so I can do that for you, and sen you diffs, if you want.14:45
treachhah, nice, channel topic set by a xmms2 developer. :D14:45
* treach just noticed.14:45
tadzikTopic set by tilman (tilman@xmms2/developer/tilman)14:46
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thrice`right, but I thought it was well-known that he a) was a crux developer, and b) worked on xmms2  :p14:48
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treachyeah, I know, but it's a bit like buying a burger at mcdonalds by a clerk dressed as a burger king employee. :>14:48
tilmanyou're comparing these two great projects to mcdonald's and BK? :(14:49
thrice`mm, maybe, though those are quite related, while CRUX and xmms2 aren't14:49
treachtilman: not really.14:49
thrice`maybe if xmms2 had a client it'd be great :)14:49
tilmangood :p14:49
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treachthrice`: ok, bying a tv at sears (?) assisted by someone dressed in mcdonalds clothing.14:50
thrice`better ;)14:51
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treachDumb and dumber?15:10
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andariusgreetings and salutations17:46
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