IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2010-10-07

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pt_wm8505good morning00:57
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RotwangI'd like to state that I looked through git log throughly01:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: Revert "Revert "tinyxml: added missing patch, yet again""01:49
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enteRotwang: congrats02:17
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Rotwangit was a rever of an revert03:36
teK_yo dawg, I heard you like reverts..03:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mailman: initial import03:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mailman: initial import03:59
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Rotwanganyone with 32 bit crux 2.7 who has wxgtk installed?04:14
RotwangI need some confirmation04:15
pitilloRotwang: have you thought in building a 2.7 chroot installation to build ports there?04:18
Rotwangpitillo: Ive got vm for such purpsoses04:19
Rotwangbut I hoped there is someone04:19
pitillomine is shutdown at home atm... here I have bumped the virtual server (without wxgtk support) and I'm checking the safe-enviroments now04:20
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sepenI've installed audacity at home, which depends on wxgtk and its working fine on 2.7 too08:37
sepenjust need to rebuild wxgtk against the new png and jpeg libs to do the trick08:38
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sepenRotwang, ^^08:42
enteRotwang: shit happens, I suck at git too :p08:42
Rotwangsepen: thanks, that means wxgtk is broken only on 64 bit08:43
mhi^Rotwang: I remember installing it yesteday (as a dependency of amule). Worked without problems.08:43
Rotwangok, thanks08:43
sepenRotwang, what happened with contrib.git?08:44
sepenwhy you dind't use git log?08:44
mhi^poor Rotwang :)08:44
Rotwangsepen: we talked about it yesterday08:44
sepenyeah I saw it08:44
sepenbut which is the actual status?08:45
Rotwangof what?08:46
sepenRotwang, contrib.git08:46
sepenand your working copy ;D08:46
Rotwangwell, it's still there [;08:47
Rotwanggit is somewhere in my TOLEARN list08:47
sepenrevert(revert(x)) = null08:48
Rotwangit is ok now08:48
Rotwangsepen: are you sure?08:49
sepenP logically implies not-not-P08:49
Rotwangisnn't it like with cyclometric functions? arctg(tg(phi)) == phi08:49
sepenyou reverted a revert, right?08:50
Rotwanganyway, it is fine and dandy now08:51
sepenwell, as tilman said, the best way to detect possible errors is to use $ git log08:52
RotwangI looked at it08:53
Rotwangbut nevetheless I still fscked up08:55
Rotwangnow I will look at the git log --full-patch more often08:55
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sepenhey jue09:21
sepencongrats team for the good work!!09:22
juesepen: thanks09:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: sc: apply latest debian patch09:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: conky: update to 1.8.109:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mpg123: update to 1.12.509:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: whois: update to 5.0.809:29
thrice`i'm with sepen, thanks alot for all of the work :-)09:30
mhi^Well done! :D09:39
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entewhat's sc?09:53
juea ncurses spreadsheet09:54
juewith vi-like keybindings09:54
Ovim-ObscurumVery nice.09:59
Ovim-ObscurumI like ncurses applications :)09:59
enteme too09:59
enteparticularly games :D10:00
Ovim-ObscurumHehe. :D10:00
Ovim-ObscurumPacman ncurses? :D10:00
Rotwangbtw, any good dedicated servers hosting in germany/europe?10:00
enteOvim-Obscurum: that would suck10:01
Ovim-ObscurumRotwang: Yep, the server in my room. :)10:01
enteOvim-Obscurum: more like nethack10:01
Ovim-Obscurumente: Why?10:01
Ovim-ObscurumBah, nethack..10:01
enteand tetris10:01
RotwangIm asking srsly10:01
entebecause pacman is a graphical game10:01
enteit's like playing asteroids in a console, which is based on vector graphics10:02
enteand if you say "bah, nethack", it proves that you have no clue :p10:02
jueRotwang: I'm very happy with Host Europe10:02
enteon the other hand ascii pacman would be close to the fact that pacman is based on tiles on a grid10:02
Ovim-ObscurumRotwang: Some of my colleagues say, that "strato" is very good.10:03
Ovim-Obscurumente: :-D10:03
Ovim-Obscurumente: I tried it, but that game is really.. very special.10:03
entethat game is really, very very damn hard10:03
Ovim-ObscurumLike "I wanna be the guy"10:04
entebut just because you suck at it does not mean the game sucks10:04
entejust like git10:04
Ovim-ObscurumI didn't say, that the game sucks! ;)10:04
entejust because I suck at git does not mean that git sucks10:04
Ovim-ObscurumI just said "bah" which means "I don't like that"10:04
enteneither that nor does it imply that I hate git10:04
Ovim-Obscurumgit = versioning system? Or git = guitar?10:04
entegit scm10:04
entegit is a strange abbreviation for guitar10:05
entenever seen that on any computer related channel before10:05
Ovim-ObscurumIn german we say "gidda" oder just "git"10:05
Rotwangstrato and hosteurope looks nice, thanks10:05
enteI know german pretty well, actually10:05
Ovim-ObscurumRotwang: Absolutely no problem! Which one do you prefer?10:05
Ovim-Obscurumente: Ah, you're from germany, too? :-D10:05
enteI even used to hang around on #archlinux.de10:05
enteI think I've seen you there before10:05
Ovim-ObscurumThats YOU?10:06
entedo you know another ente on freenode?10:06
Ovim-ObscurumThat can't be true, LOL.10:06
RotwangOvim-Obscurum: not sure yet10:06
Ovim-ObscurumWhen I joined here I thought about your nick. I thought, that I know you from somewhere else.10:06
Ovim-ObscurumAnd now I know, that I was right. :-D10:07
Ovim-Obscurumente: So you switched from Arch to CRUX?10:13
Ovim-ObscurumWhich means?10:14
entearch is immune to improvements10:14
entethere are some systems I can't just shut down for a week and install another distro10:14
thrice`and yet they run arch? :p10:14
entethrice`: yes10:15
entethrice`: I didn't know about the alternatives back then10:15
enteI was annoyed by debian's package management, and arch is relatively sane10:15
Ovim-ObscurumAh, ok. I like Arch, it's smart, thin, simple - but only for x86 and x6410:15
Ovim-ObscurumThis sucks.10:15
Ovim-ObscurumAnd LowArch was really crappy!10:15
enteit's neither smart nor simplet10:15
Ovim-ObscurumI think so. ;)10:16
entecrux is smart and simple10:16
entecompared to crux, arch sucks10:16
Ovim-ObscurumOkay, your opinion.10:16
entecompared to many other distros, arch is smart and simple, I agree10:16
entebut arch seems hacky and unstable10:16
Ovim-ObscurumBut Arch is okay if you don't have the time for long installations - or no knowledge.10:17
Ovim-ObscurumNever had stability problems with it.10:17
enteI had a lot of stability problems with it10:17
enteand pacman is a hack10:17
enteand the community is based on "RTFM" - "I did, it sucks" - "GTFO"10:18
Ovim-ObscurumJap, that's right!10:18
Ovim-ObscurumThere absolutely rude and pseudo-nerdy.10:18
Ovim-Obscurum"I got that  problem" -> "RTFM!" -> "Can you help me to fix it?" -> "I got no idea"10:18
Ovim-ObscurumPseudo nerds :D10:19
entes/I got no idea/fuck off, moron/ = plan910:19
Ovim-ObscurumWhat does that mean?10:20
entesanest OS I've seen so far (except for the GUI, which is pretty much the most insane UI I've seen so far)10:20
enteOvim-Obscurum: rtfm ;)10:21
Ovim-ObscurumAh, ok.10:21
Ovim-ObscurumWhich UI on arch?10:21
enteon plan910:21
Ovim-ObscurumAh its an os10:21
enteI said the UI is insane10:25
entethe UI is not what makes it brilliant10:25
Ovim-ObscurumYep, I also just said "OMFG" to the UI, which is really bad.10:26
enteyou didn't use it10:26
enteit looks ok10:26
enteat least there's no transparency and similiar fuss10:27
entethe colors are ok (they are hardcoded and plan9ers love them. you're not supposed to change them)10:27
Ovim-ObscurumAh ok.10:27
entethey have some innovative concepts to do stuff with the mouse10:28
enteit's a research os, so the GUI is ok10:28
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Ovim-ObscurumOkay. ;)10:29
entewhat's the point of a research os if you don't do experimental stuff with it10:29
enteit just shouldn't be taken too seriously10:29
entethe underlying OS is a whole different matter though10:29
entewhatever, I'm not going to spam here any longer, google for it if you're interested10:30
Ovim-ObscurumI'm already reading the webpage ;)10:32
ente/proc was modeled after plan910:33
Ovim-ObscurumOh, really?10:34
Zabaonly linux procfs has quite a lot of unrelated stuff in it10:36
aubictilman: new libpng is out10:49
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: dhcpcd: update to 5.2.811:22
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: iputils: update to 2010100611:22
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libmpfr: update to 3.0.0-p411:22
tadzikjue: how about --enable-wlan in conky?11:31
enteespresso <311:31
juetadzik: IIRC, that will add another dependency11:36
mhi^I have my own port for almost every tool, since I always have some personal preferences :)11:36
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tadzikjue: no idea11:37
mhi^yup, wireless-tools11:37
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mhi^what was Simone Rote's IRC nick again?12:08
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jsemhi^: sip12:09
jseHasn't been active around here for like two years.12:10
mhi^Oh, hmm. Yea, looked at the wrong line.. sip is the packager, not the maintainer... thanks for the pointer :>12:11
jsenp. :P12:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] adobereader: updated to 9.4.012:44
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tilmanaubic: thanks, updating13:11
* ente wonders if he has to recompile everthing again13:20
enteis there an automated way to do that?13:20
enteI hate tracking everything down with ldd by hand13:20
pitilloente: revdep can help you13:21
tilmanente: major what?13:23
entemajor libpng release13:24
entelike libjpeg (?) from 2.6 -> 2.713:24
tilmanno, 1.4.3 -> 1.4.413:24
enteuh, I meant the crux release13:24
enteI remember recompiling a lot of stuff to use the new libjpeg (not sure if it was libjpeg or libsomeotherimageformat)13:25
entepitillo: thanks for the hint btw13:25
tilmanthe libpng release that happened is the update from 1.4.3 -> 1.4.413:25
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] apr: update to apr-util 1.3.1014:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mailman: initial import14:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] adobereader: updated to 9.4.014:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: Merge branch '2.6' into 2.714:56
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: llvm: updated to 2.8.15:08
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: freetype: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libpng: updated to
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-video-ati: updated to
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nthwyatt[ Rotwang ]  thanks, that means wxgtk is broken only on 64 bit15:57
nthwyattRotwang, has audacity port of15:57
nthwyattbeta version that doesn't require special wxgtk. works for me on 64bit 2.715:58
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frinnstdid just die a bit?17:03
thrice`seems so17:03
frinnstgood excuse for some sleep then17:03
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entehow can something die a bit?17:08
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andariusgreetings and salutations18:25
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