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pt_wm8505good morning00:59
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deus_exHas anyone else had this error?15:36
deus_exit appears to be gtk+ related15:36
deus_exit seems to be 64bit specific, though...15:38
cipppits a link here , maybe help , if not sorry15:45
deus_exI've rebuilt gtk with the patch, thanks :)15:45
deus_exI'll see what happens15:45
cipppuse opera :)15:46
deus_exfirefox works, I had a problem with nerolinux, IIRC15:47
cipppoh , i have Pkgfile for nero , but need hal , i dont used anymore15:48
cipppls /usr/bin/|grep burn15:49
cipppups sorry15:49
deus_exyay, nero works now :)15:50
Rotwangwow, I see the patch is from may15:51
Rotwangdeus_ex: how to reproduce the crash?15:53
deus_exall i had to do is run nero, and click on Help/About, and15:55
deus_exit crashed.15:55
deus_exThere is a GLibGObject warning before GLib error and the crash.15:57
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deus_exFull error :
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pedjaI am running Crux64, if that matters :)16:17
cipppI am not running Crux64, if that matters :)16:19
cipppoh you change the nick16:20
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