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tadzikdoes aon happen to be on irc?04:55
frinnstnot much these days05:00
tadzikbah, will have to file a bug05:01
frinnstdont bother05:01
frinnsthe's not maintaining any ports anymore05:01
frinnstif he's listed as a maintainer it probably means nobody is maintaining it :)05:02
tadzikI'll file a bug anyway :)05:02
frinnstaon = antti05:03
tadzikbah, I accidentally added two bugs05:04
tadzik -- these one should be deleted05:04
frinnstclosed it05:05
cippptadzik: i think i have a good wxgtk if you need05:12
tadzikcippp: I have a good one now05:12
tadziknow I need good audadicyt05:12
tadzik* audacity05:12
cipppi dont try audacious from a long time , its full with players05:17
tadzikI need to tear a 323 MB mp3 into pieces05:19
tadzikwhat's this?05:22
tadzikI meant audacity, not audacious05:22
tadzikthe music editor, not player05:22
cipppim stupid05:23
cipppi try now05:24
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: rc: updated for new fontpath.05:37
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cippptadzik :(06:39
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entethat would explain the outdated version of emacs06:49
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cipppi try few times emacs , too smart for me :(06:52
ente"too smart"?06:52
cippppress c , press s , press a and m then press u ...06:52
entemore like C-x C-c M-x06:52
entec s a m u looks like vim to me :D06:53
cipppi like w=up a=left ... mouse 1 = shut ... :)06:53
entewell, if you omit the <Esc>06:53
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cippptadzik: :)06:53
cippp14:40:50    cippp
cippp14:40:59    cippp
enteI like what vim does06:53
cipppi dont know , but look ok06:54
entew = beginning of next word, a = append, ...06:54
entecippp: what do you use then?06:54
cipppmedit and vim06:54
cipppvim for small things06:55
* ente googles medit06:55
entedoesn't look like the right thing for me. guess I'll stay at vim for now, and maybe check out emacs some day again06:56
entein fact, I don't see any advantage over vim ;)06:57
tadzikcippp: ah, probably --without-portmixer is what I mean06:57
tadzikit was crashing somewhere around06:57
cipppfor me its not build with soundmixer06:58
cipppmaybe because i have missing a lot of *.a libs06:58
treachahem, that has to be the first time I've seen a pkgfile posted... as an image. o_O06:59
cipppits build in gimp06:59
treachsorry, it still feels weird. ;)07:00
cipppi like photos , because need less english07:00
cipppah and porn is ok07:01
treach(I understand that the purpose was to show of medit, rather than the pkgfile, but it was still a jarring experience. :p )07:02
Ovim-Obscurumente ente ente ente ente ente ente07:19
tadzikweird. I have 2 GBs or ram, and audacity made mutt fail due to out of memory07:20
tadzikwhile the usage is now 444 MBs07:20
Ovim-ObscurumSounds like a bug.07:21
cippp13:20:20         tadzik I need to tear a 323 MB mp3 into pieces07:21
cipppits a big file07:21
tadziksure it is07:21
entestfu stfu stfu stfu stfu stfu stfu stfu stfu stfu07:21
ente@ Ovim-Obscurum07:21
tadzikbut damn, I have 2 GBs of ram. And I can't read an email in an goddamn mutt07:22
cipppmaybe dont know to work with so big files ?07:22
Ovim-Obscurum323 MB is not big.07:22
Ovim-Obscurum32 GB is big.07:22
entesending a huge mp3 as mail? o.O07:23
Ovim-ObscurumFor this you better might have a server: ftp, ssh, http,..07:24
tadziknah. Audaciting it07:24
Ovim-ObscurumOr just use rapidshare07:24
tadzikemail is madness for sending files07:25
entewhat's the problem with mutt then?07:25
entetadzik: indeed it is07:25
enteMIME is so strange07:25
tadzikcippp: looks nice. I just feel too lazy to port it :)07:25
entemove your lazy ass :p07:29
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pedjatadzik: I have made ports for mp3splt, if you want them.08:06
tadzikpedja: thanks, but I have a nice time with audacity so far08:07
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thrice`cippp, I'm quite curious to try your e17 these days ;-)  I like that look08:42
cipppand work nice08:42
cipppyou need patience for begining08:43
thrice`you mean for themes and the layout?08:44
cipppfor settings08:45
cipppits different08:46
cipppand have a lot of options08:46
thrice`I see they have a connman client too, which is interesting :-)08:47
cipppoh , i disabled , i dont need08:47
dustybinare you guys more vanilla than slackware08:51
dustybinthe only difference between crux and slackware is the package system09:01
tadzikI wouldn't say so09:01
dustybinwhat else is different?09:01
treachwow, slack apparently got a package manager..09:01
tadzikOTOH, usually the difference between linux distros is the package system09:01
dustybinit has, but its minimal09:01
treachI just found it. :>09:01
dustybinslackware doesnt manage deps09:03
dustybindoes crux?09:03
treachIMO slack relies on some pretty messy scripts, that crux does not09:03
treachif you want to.09:03
Zabaslackware has got really messy startup scripts09:04
Zabathey're just vomit09:04
jsepkgutils does not handle deps. prt-get exists for that purpose.09:04
* dustybin pastes what Zaba said in slackware channel09:04
Zabadustybin, go ahead09:04
dustybinonly joking :P09:04
cipppi think package system make ubuntu different from fedora :)09:05
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treachdustybin: you migth draw some conclusions from there being a significant number of ex-slack users in the crux community. :P09:05
Zabaseriously, though, keeping things simple is one thing, and slackware fails that by duplicating a lot of boilerplate used for calling out individual rc scripts.  Shell functions? A shell loop, perhaps? No, no, no, that's just all too complex! Let's copypasta things instead.09:05
treach..or at least there were, a few years ago... who knows, these days the newcomers are probably all sobered up ubuntuistas. :>09:09
dustybindoes crux use the same ports system as gentoo?09:17
tadziknope :)09:17
tadzikclose to Arch, but still nope09:18
tadzikcrap audacity didn't make it09:18
dustybinwhat does ports mean? does all the source code get sync'd09:18
dustybinhow are packages created from ports?09:19
tadziklook through the handbook for the gory details09:19
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pedjaDid anyone manage to build wxgtk?It complains about missing openGL libs, which is funny, since they are live and well in /usr/lib.13:15
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pedjaand yes, I did run 'gl-select use nvidia' :)13:16
tadzikpedja: opt/wxgtk is borked13:17
pedjaI am using my own port, which is basically opt/wxgtk, updated to
pedjaIt did build on 2.6, iirc13:18
pedjawhat do I do, draw a map for wxgtk :) ?13:21
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tadzikhmm, I has a port that works13:24
pedjafeel free to share.13:25
tadzikbut I think I changed only version and source13:26
pedjaPkgfile is the same as the one I am using, so it must be case13:29
pedjaof PEBKAC, then...13:29
tadzikcare showing the build log?13:29
tadzikwell, what prt-get depinst gives13:30
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pedjaI'll try to build something else that needs openGL, see if it bombs out13:32
* treach ponders if he should suggest vbox ;)13:33
Ovim-Obscurumvbox is whoracle crap13:34
pedjawell, gtkglext finds -lGL and -lGlu just fine13:34
pedjaOpenGL LIBS: -lGLU -lGL13:34
tadzik"I'm so opensource I shit gnus!"13:34
Ovim-ObscurumLOL tadzik13:34
treachIt does work, and is pretty easy to deal with, which is more than you can say about the "competition".13:35
Ovim-ObscurumNo, I'm not that opensource. I'm using VMWare for virtualization.13:35
Ovim-ObscurumBut VMWare isn't that bad - Whoracle is THAT bad ;)13:35
tadzikisn't vmware non-free (as in beer)?13:35
treachVMware means either piracy, money or that useless "player"13:35
treachnot a small amount of money at that iirc13:36
Ovim-ObscurumI got the workstation and the free ESXi on my Proliant server, works fine.13:36
pedjalatest VMware player is not *that* useless, it can make VMs now :)13:37
treachI'm shocked.13:37
Ovim-ObscurumYep, but it sucks anyway because of the missing cool workstation features. ;)13:37
tadziksuch as?13:37
treachand their reliance on sysv-init..13:37
Ovim-ObscurumFor example snapshots.13:38
Ovim-ObscurumAnd connection existing hard drives into the vm as drive.13:38
Ovim-Obscurume.g. external USB HDD ==> vm ==> setup linux ==> put hdd into old notebook ==> boot and have fun.13:38
Ovim-ObscurumI used it for installing CRUX on my 166 Mhz Notebook ;)13:39
Ovim-ObscurumCompiling the kernel would have lasted hours on that legacy machine. ;)13:39
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thrice`-with-libpng=sys  doesn't seem correct ;)14:54
cipppwork for me14:55
thrice`missing -  , no?14:56
cipppbut i think dont care14:56
cipppi build like this and work14:56
cipppif i dont change something after14:57
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