IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2010-10-12

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pitillogod morning04:28
pitilloyo cippp :)04:29
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mhi^hey :)05:22
horrorStruckjust ooc, anyone has been "playing" with clang? i just built some random ports out of boredness and got no problem so far. any experience to share from you cruxers?05:28
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mhi^25 Minuten und kein Tor.. ich geh kaputt!12:27
mhi^Uhm, wrong channel, sorry.12:27
treachI think that's a bit of an own goal. ;)12:28
Rotwangja ja, naturlich!12:28
Ovim-Obscurumlol mhi^12:33
Ovim-ObscurumFootball sucks :)12:33
mhi^It's our national sport! :O12:35
Ovim-ObscurumMhm, I don't think so.12:35
treachisn't that something like drinking beer and eating sausage? :>12:36
enteand pretzels12:36
mhi^Ovim-Obscurum: It's called national sport because it's based on everyone's opinion, not just yours. :-P12:37
mhi^treach: Just drinking beer. :D12:37
mhi^Veal sausage is a kind of local (Bavarian) tradition. :>12:39
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mhi^And I have much more smilies for you, if you want. :o)12:39
treachI guss we're all fine as long as it's not eating slugs.12:40
treachWith garlic.12:40
Ovim-Obscurummhi^: :D12:40
mhi^Hehe, I guess so.12:42
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entein fact, I hate football too13:03
Ovim-ObscurumHa :)13:05
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treachah, that's you sepen? ;D13:31
sepenlol no13:36
Ovim-Obscurumaber geiles video, auch die tage gesehen13:40
Ovim-Obscurumeh, sry13:40
Ovim-Obscurum"Nice video, I found that last week on youtube, too!"13:40
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Ovim-ObscurumI like the part at 01:30 - 02:0013:42
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