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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: thunar: removed redundant dep02:05
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: thunar: removed redundant dep02:05
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horrorStruckgood afternoon #crux04:11
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horrorStrucki couldnt find any donate link on, how is the project financed?08:30
horrorStruckbesides intel and ibm funding of course :P08:31
luxhdunno if it is funded08:40
luxhindividuals just get things working :)08:40
luxhlike servers, ports, releases08:40
horrorStruckok just found that the project is hosted by a swedish company08:40
horrorStruckfor free it seems08:40
horrorStruckso it's human cost "only"08:41
horrorStruckmaybe we should consider a donate link anyway... just to pay some few beers to dev08:42
* tadzik fells like dumping binary chromium for a compiled one08:45
tadzikI wonder what do they keep in 129 MBs of sauce code08:45
luxhall the spy-on-you-code08:45
tadzikI said chromium08:46
tadzik...I don't use Google anyway, so... :)08:46
horrorStruckcloning the vcs repo (it's svn iirc) takes few gigs...08:49
tadzikthink how big it'd be if it was git ;)08:50
horrorStruck" you'll need at least 1.6 GB of hard drive space available"08:50
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tadzik" case you're using on-the-fly gzipping of course" :P08:52
cipppopera anywhere :)08:52
horrorStruckoh great, the tarball is 882M only08:53
tadzik129 MBs here08:53
tadziklet's see after untaring08:53
horrorStruckbinary no ?08:54
horrorStruckah no08:54
horrorStruckmy link must be a svn tarball (or whatever that's called)08:55
tadzik717 after untaring08:55
tadzikyeah, probably08:55
tadzikI guess I won't be able to compile this one in ram08:55
horrorStruckhow much do you have?08:56
tadzik2 GBs08:56
tadzik/dev/shm is 3GB afair08:56
horrorStruckoh compile /in/ ram08:56
horrorStruckhad to google that.08:57
horrorStrucki even learn vocabulary with linux.08:58
horrorStruckcan windows do that ??!08:58
tadzikof course08:58
tadzikmany languages08:58
tadzik"carramba", "donnerweter" etc08:59
cipppspam with opera08:59
horrorStruckthere's this nice browser called jumanji too (webkit base), it's really nice... very usable even if in alpha state... pwmt.org09:00
teK_thx for the hint09:17
teK_and it even does G and gg (vim bindings) :->09:18
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horrorStruckteK_: give it a try, it's really nice09:37
luxhanyone tried surf?
horrorStruckthe pdf reader on really rocks too... vim keybindings all the way :)09:39
horrorStruckluxh: i did but very shortly... needs tabbed to be usable imho... jumanji has it by default09:40
luxhgonna try it when i have time09:41
luxh*bookmark page*09:41
horrorStruckif anyone's gonna give jumanji a try, here's a script for hinting:
horrorStruckPkgfile for zathura-git:
* pedja wonders when will xfce ports be available for 2.709:51
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horrorStruckpedja: i guess they already are...09:52
pedjaI see activity in xfce.git, but no rsync09:52
horrorStruckpedja: you're right, my bad09:53
horrorStruckcruxbot's fault :P09:53
horrorStruckhe shows updates for xfce 2.709:54
pedjaI have a local copy of xfce tree, which I maintain, copied from 2.6 install, so I installed from that.09:54
pedjahorrorStruck: That is activity in git repo.09:54
horrorStruckpedja: yes, yes, but i thought rsync would follow git at least :P09:55
pedjaI thought so too.09:55
pedjaOh, well.09:55
pedjaDid anyone play with latest KDE?4.5.x, is it?09:58
tadzikI did09:58
pedjaand?is it worth installing? i.e. how broken is it :) ?09:59
horrorStruckcompiling KDE=minimun 2 weeks uptime09:59
tadzikpedja: it has tiling window management10:00
tadzikand probably some other interesting things I don't care about10:00
horrorStruck20K    /home/pkgmk/packages/dwm#5.8.2-1.pkg.tar.gz   <--- has tiling window management too :)10:01
pedjatadzik: did you roll your own ports for it?10:01
tadzikpedja: nah, there are good somewhere10:01
tadzikAlan's ones, yep10:05
tadzikNot sure if I wasn't doing some local changes to make them work for me, but maybe not10:05
tadzikhe tends to react fast on bug reports10:05
pedjathat is a nice weekend project :)10:11
pedja(no, I do not have a life).10:11
horrorStruckdunno if it commes from -mm or -next but networking under latest -mmotm is insanely fast..10:19
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mike_ktilman: any idea if it would be possible to leave xorg from 2.6 ports tree and update just core, opt from the 2.7 iso?11:00
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tilmanmike_k: opt/libdrm would be the first issue that comes to mind11:01
tilmanmike_k: newer drivers/mesa3d will usually require a newer libdrm, too11:01
mike_ktilman: thanks, so there is an opportunity to screw things up...11:03
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teK_horrorSt1uck: thx (jumanji needs make and nothing more - great ;))11:22
tadziksomething like uzbl?11:25
teK_have not yet looked into it11:28
tadzikif only web was standards-compilant (did I spell it right?), everything would be great11:29
tadzikuzbl is great, but there are dozens of sites with its own shitty "standards", so browsers have to be compatibile with them11:29
teK_compliant ;)11:30
tadzikI always mistake this with "complaining" ;)11:31
Rotwanguzbl uses webkit, no?11:32
tadzikbefore you ask: downloading stuff from sites like rapidshare for example11:32
tadziktilman: your llvm seems not to like C++11:40
tadzik> clang++ zad1.cpp11:41
tadzikzad1.cpp:1:10: fatal error: 'iostream' file not found11:41
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tadziktilman: that's what Archers use11:54
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tadzikFredrk Rinnestam, does he hang there sometimes?13:34
jsetadzik: that's frinnst13:34
tadzikfrinnst: lack of Requires: nspr is lacking in nss.pc, which makes chromium fail to build. It's available on FBSD, not sure what's causing it to be missing on CRUX13:35
tadzikjse: thanks13:35
* pedja managed to trigger oom killer with qemu build. 13:35
pedjaapparently.I do have 4G of RAM...13:36
pedjareason might be using tmpfs as build dir...13:37
teK_I do that, too13:38
pedjafirefox was the only app left running.13:39
pedjapretty much everything else, gone.13:40
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teK_trying it right now13:40
pedjaon x86-6413:41
pedjawith tmpfs set to 2Gb13:41
teK_i'm on _64, too. (2.6, though)13:42
pedja2.7 here13:42
teK_gcc 4.5.0?13:42
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teK_what about trying the configure && make line manually?13:43
pedjai looked at the arch way of building qemu on 64bit, nothing special there.13:43
pedjateK_: i'll try that.13:43
teK_=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/qemu#0.12.5-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.13:49
pedjateK_: Are you using any special MAKEFLAGS, like 'make -j foo'?13:55
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pedjathat went well...14:21
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pedjaso , make -j {3,4} triggers oom killer14:22
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pedjaDo I really need to add swap space?It seems so...14:23
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pedjaeven after adding 5gb swap parttition, qemu build exits with15:21
pedja'no space left on device'...15:21
treachpresumeably it's not swap then. Maybe good old df can be of some assistance. ;)15:26
pedjabuild is on tmpfs, which is 2Gb.that seems to be too little :)15:32
pedjaMaybe using make -j1 will help?15:33
pedjaBut I don't understand how can i build qt4 without problems, without using swap, and with make -j3, and not qemu...15:35
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treachit doesn't scale like that. Some comparatively small apps need a huge amount of ram / disk space just to build.15:37
treach(I.e the qt build is probably smarter)15:38
pedjanot that i need qemu that much, I need only qemu-img, afaict, so i can build Vmware image of OpenWRT.15:42
pedjaBut, now I am curious if it will ever build :)15:42
pedjaI quit smoking a month ago, I need *something* for the buzz ;)15:43
tilmanpedja: if it's any consolation, i have had the same problem months ago15:44
pedjaqemu or smoking?15:44
tilmanqemu eating up all my ram (also 4 gb)15:44
pedjaany cure for that, apart from clue-by-four?15:45
tilmanwhat is clue-by-four?15:45
tilmani'm not sure if/how i fixed it15:45
treacha 2x4 used to hit someone with? :p15:45
tilmanmy x is f'd up atm. don't have a browser15:46
tilmanwill look later ;)15:46
pedjatreach: Clue Inflicting Device15:46
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treachlike a 2x4" piece of wood.15:47
treachI guess.15:47
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pedjadevice that is commonly used to give someone a  clue. Named as such for its appearance, which is oddly similar to a  two-by-four.15:47
treachhaha, wp even have a picture :P
pedjaone of the favorite tools in a.s.r news group15:48
tilmanah, i only knew the term cluebat15:48
tilmantreach: *has*15:48
* treach tries to wipe the goo out of his eyes. Damn cold15:49
pedjatreach: I feel your pain, I too have a cold.Heating in my building just started working today.15:53
treachtoo late, eh. :>15:53
* treach buries himself deeper in his woolen blanket.15:56
* Rotwang closes the window15:56
treachThanks pal.15:56
* pedja sneezes.again and again and...15:56
pedjaserial sneeze.only thing my granpa left me...15:57
treachthick socks and woolen blankets ftw. :p15:58
pedjaqemu FAIL16:07
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tadzikyay, I has chromium from source16:39
* treach opens gate, sees chromioum leave through drain16:40
* ente sighs loudly16:41
entewhy must installing windows be so hard?16:41
enteand people keep telling me that linux is hard...16:41
treachnatures way of telling you you shouldn't?16:41
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enteunfortunately, it's my job to do it :(16:43
enteI have very little to deal with windows at work16:44
enteactually, almost nothing16:44
treachstill too much, apparently ;)16:44
enteyes :)16:44
enteI think the damn thing doesn't boot from CD because I broke the cable16:45
treachseems like a valid reason, for a change16:45
entefor a change of what?16:47
treachfrom NOT having a valid reason to fuck with you.16:48
treachthere's nothing quite like trying to put windows on a system it doesn't like, for some reason..16:49
treachI'm sure you know what I talk about16:49
entehmmm :)16:57
ente"but the system does not want me to install windows! it says it's sad!"16:57
treachmh, more like it's cursed16:58
entewell, if windows PXE support was a little less creepy16:58
teK_pedja: I use export MAKEFLAGS=" -j5 "16:59
pedjateK_: On my machine 0.12.5 breaks in very interesting ways even with -j1.i did build 0.13.0-rc1 as a user with -j2, I am trying it now using modified port from opt.17:01
* pedja is wathing LFL game on cable17:07
pedjait is...interesting...17:07
pedja Building '/usr/pkgmk/package/qemu#0.13.0-rc1-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.17:14
pedjaNow, I can go to sleep :)17:14
treachthe power of lingeriers.17:14
treachor how you spell that. :>17:15
teK_wtf :-)17:16
pedjait is much more interesting than football in my country ;)17:17
pedjaor what passes for football these days...17:18
pedjatreach: I hope you get better.17:21
treachyou too.17:21
pedjato all of you, good night.17:21
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andariusgreetings and salutations22:55
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