IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2010-10-16

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horrorSt1uckgood afternoon #crux03:46
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horrorStruckany good (tech)read to share? bored cruxer is bored...05:01
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pedjaso, udev is not creating nvidia devices after I 'modprobe nvidia'.09:25
pedja/proc/devices show nvidia device, but /proc/interrupts do not.09:26
pedjawth did I brake this time...09:27
pedjaI am using nv driver atm.09:27
cippptry to run depmod before modprobe09:30
pedjaI did, kernel loads the module, lsmod lists it, but udev does not create nvidia devices in /dev.09:32
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cippphello jue09:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nvidia: update to 260.19.1209:41
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bzhello, do I just do "dd if=crux-2.7.usbdisk.img of=/dev/sdx" where x is usb device??09:57
bzcant find docs on installing usbdisk.img to usb09:58
bzthanks alot!09:58
bzyour the man!09:59
jse"you're" :>09:59
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deus_exIt seems that error I get with nvidia is a result of kernel misconfiguration, or nvidia will not play nice with other kids on irq16 :)10:54
deus_exso, if anyone is willing to share .config for x86-64, and is using nvidia binary drivers without problems, please share.10:56
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tadzikyay, chromium from source :)11:35
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deus_exI must have done something right, nvidia works again.13:05
treachaccidents happens. normality will soon resume. :>13:06
deus_exalthough, /dev/{nvidia,nvidiactl} should be, right?13:06
treachiirc, yes.13:06
deus_exso, udev didn't create these nodes, driver did.13:08
deus_exoh, well, that is a mystery for another day :)13:11
treachif it's not broken.. :>13:11
treachor should I say, "as long as it's not.."? :>13:12
deus_extreach: All I wanted to do few hours ago is to update nvidia driver, I never expxected this it.13:13
treachhappens from time to time. :/13:14
treachproprietary drivers ftl.13:14
deus_exNecesery(sp?) evil, methinks.13:15
treachsure, I'm not religious about it, it's just that it's associated with so much trouble, that I personally don't find it worth it. YMMV for sure though.13:16
deus_exdeadbeef just segfaulted on me.grrr...13:17
treachyour computer doesn't seem entirely happy. Maybe you should try changing the oil. ;)13:17
Rotwanghi all cruxers13:18
Rotwangand craxers13:18
treachyo dawg13:18
tadzikhello Rotwang13:18
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NomiusAnyone is running chrome/chromium on crux 2.7?14:05
NomiusAlso... Anyone using nvidia drivers on crux 2.7?14:05
cipppnvidia yes , chrome only to see what its new14:07
Nomiuscippp, what kernel are you using?14:07
Nomius2.6.35.7 here, and I only get a black screen :-S14:08
cippp21:07:02       deus_ex I must have done something right, nvidia works again.14:09
cipppno idea14:09
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pedjaNomius: paste your Xorg.0.log at paste.lisp.org14:12
NomiusA sec, going to tty14:13
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NomiusHere it is the log file:
pedjaI had  'NVreg_EnableMSI:1' in /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia.conf.14:18
pedjaWhen I removed that, nvidia started working again.For now, at least :)14:18
NomiusHad to switch to nv to log in14:18
NomiusI have nothing under /etc/modprobe.d14:18
pedjaAfaict, there are no errors in the log.14:22
frinnstget a ati ffs14:23
Nomiuspedja, yeah, all == or II14:23
Nomiusfrinnst, I pass :-P14:23
frinnstwhy? free drivers ftw14:24
frinnstyes? xf86-video-ati + mesa3d14:25
* treach wonders for how long even that will work, xorg seems to be an unhappy project atm.14:26
NomiusNo binary blob in that driver?14:26
NomiusAnyways, I'm not gonna buy a new video card14:27
frinnstwell, there's firmware blobs if you want kms14:27
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entecould that possibly be useful?18:23
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frinnstente: yes, probably19:22
frinnstgood catch19:22
entethe arch people use it19:22
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