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dlindhello, i am currently trying to install crux on my Compaq 615.. when the installation-procedure of the base-system has finished and i reboot i get a kernel panic: not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,1)12:53
dlindany ideas?12:53
jaegerThat usually means the kernel is missing support for your disk controller12:59
jaegerYou should recheck your kernel configuration and make sure the one you need is set to builtin <*> rather than module <M>, unless you plan to use an initrd13:00
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RotwangI have a problem13:23
RotwangIve got a project on my uni13:24
Rotwangand they insist to do it in visual studio13:24
jaegerRotwang: can you run it in wine?13:26
Rotwangjaeger: I use crux64 on my desktop13:26
joacimdrop out. worked for me13:27
jaegerRotwang: doh, might be time for multilib13:27
jaegeror partition your machine and try to get an academic license for windows and VS13:27
jaegerI hear they're cheapish13:28
joacimtheyre freely available on msdnaa, if you have access13:28
Rotwangyeah, I've got free windows13:30
Rotwangfrom msdnaa13:30
teK_there's a qemu-port13:30
teK_or vmware or vbox13:30
RotwangI'll install it on vbox13:31
Rotwangdoing project in visual studio hurts me though13:31
teK_which language?13:33
teK_you could always develop with g++ and $EDITOR and import the file in VS13:33
teK_uni projects are usually not that complex (wrt my studies there's only one exception to this rule)13:34
Rotwangbut he wants some gui for that13:34
teK_btw I thought you were working as a support technician (not studying)13:34
RotwangteK_: Im working and studying13:35
teK_oh GUI (for MS) singles out g++, I suppose13:35
teK_oh, just like me. How many hours/month?13:35
Rotwangwork or study?13:35
RotwangI work about 180 -- 200 hours a month and study on weekends13:35
teK_so you are not studying full-time13:36
frinnsteew, thats not healty :)13:36
Rotwangits not [;13:37
jaegerIs the teacher actually going to check if you use VS?13:37
Rotwangafter studies I plan to go abroad13:37
Rotwangjaeger: I believe so13:37
teK_I did that once, too (for one year). Now I'm studying full-time13:38
jaegerah =/13:38
Rotwangjaeger: even if not, there is a problem of a gui13:38
teK_it's just not the same13:38
jaegerWell, perhaps you could request they let you use eclipse instead13:38
RotwangI'll talk to him in a week13:38
Rotwangbtw. did anyone have any experiences with gnu octave?13:41
jaegerMpt I13:41
jaegerer, Not13:41
Rotwangno port :C13:42
Rotwangthis semester is going to be tough13:45
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entethis semester is starting tomorrow :C14:44
* mhi^ nods :'(14:44
enteI fucking hate studying CS :D14:45
mhi^I should study Oekotrophologie14:46
entesounds a lot more interesting than java14:46
teK_Vergleichende Kulturwissenschaften!14:47
teK_we had that one merely 70 years ago14:47
entewe haven't changed that much14:48
teK_when I look at Seehofer: nope14:48
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mhi^I wonder why there's a book called "Sams Teach Yourself Gmail in 10 Minutes" which has 240 pages.14:51
treachfor quick readers, maybe. Or perhaps it's a guided tour by waldo. :>14:52
entemhi^: you won't find out unless you buy it ;)14:53
mhi^Well, I don't use gmail, so I don't care THAT much :>14:53
enteI use gmail for my spam mail14:53
enteit's the best freemail thing out there14:53
treachwhy not just use something like 10minutemail or so?14:55
joacimmaybe it is a flip book14:56
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entetreach: what's that?15:02
entewell, I have my own mailserver anyway15:02
enteOvim-Obscurum: sag ich dir doch nicht15:04
mhi^ente: gives you an email address for.. 10 minutes. I primarily use it for unimportant account signups.15:05
Ovim-ObscurumJap, very nice service.15:05
entemhi^: ah, nice... I have been using mailcatch (
* mhi^ bookmarks15:07
mhi^I guess it's good to know several such sites, since they could be filtered.15:07
entebut some of the spam I recieve is from ebay etc :p15:07
entemhi^: mailcatch has multiple domains15:08
mhi^Yup, 10min, too15:08
enteif you donate a domain, you get pop3 access :)15:08
treachente: I don't see the need for gmail if all it gets is spam anyway.15:11
entetreach: I used to use if for serious mails before I got my server15:12
enteI'm keeping it for legacy reasons15:12
enteI deleted the other free accounts on shithosters like and gmx.de15:12
entegoogle has the least fuss15:13
* mhi^ still has a gmx one15:13
treachwell, it's ok, but it kind of irks me to give spammers a valid addy, even if it's not used. :p15:13
entethe "for spammers" part wasn't too serious15:14
treachstupid signups etc same crap.15:15
enteI have my mailserver set up so that I can use and it goes to foo15:17
teK_qmail? :]15:17
entepostfix can do that too15:17
enteI bet even sendmail can do it15:17
mhi^it had enough time to develop that feature ;p15:17
teK_the questions is if it can do this with say under 30 lines of configuration changes :>15:18
entewhich makes sendmail the ideal MTA for java fanboys15:18
mhi^Java isn't that bad ;p15:18
enteexcept that m4 is not object oriented. pity15:18
mhi^anyways.. I should get a dedicated server again. I miss mine :(15:19
Ovim-Obscurumjava fanboys15:21
enteseen enough of them at university15:21
entemhi^: get a vserver, it's way cheaper :p15:21
mhi^Hmm. Any recommendations? I used Hetzner before.15:22
teK_< @hetzner15:22
Ovim-ObscurumMany of my colleagues use strato15:22
mhi^Hmm, strato, hmm.15:22
entea friend of mine was at different vserver hosters but not satisfied, until he got a dedicated strato server15:22
mhi^Too bad Hetzner doesn't have vservers :>15:22
entemost people I know have hetzner dedicated servers15:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: postgresql: 9.0.0 -> 9.0.115:23
mhi^yea, because they're cheap for the hardwar.. and the support rocks, too.15:23
enteI have been testing proplay and netcup which are small and unreliable (well, the system is running now quite stable anyway), but I can afford them :p15:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: postgresql: 9.0.0 -> 9.0.115:25
mhi^Hmm, Strato's V-PowerServer M would be enough for me.15:25
mhi^It just says Linux. Which distros can I choose from?15:29
mhi^Oh, nevermind.15:31
entewhich one would you pick?15:33
entethey probably have a rescue system anyway, which you can use to install something different15:33
ente19.90 for a vserver looks epensive though, but strato is at least something professional15:34
mhi^Yea, and first three months of 6 only cost 3,9915:34
mhi^I probably just need it for DNS, Mail, Web15:35
entewhat about the s server?15:35
enteI read it as "first 6 months", not "first 3 months"15:36
entethere is a S powerserver too, which costs 9.90€ per month, in case you didn't see it15:36
mhi^Oh, I really didn't see it15:37
enteopensuse 11.1 comes preinstalled? my gosh ;P15:37
mhi^well, I'd take Debian :>15:37
enteI find that "full root access" ridiculous15:37
enteis there a "half root access"?15:37
jaegerI've been using a VPS at for a while now for DNS and mail, working well15:38
mhi^Hmm, guaranteed 512 Mb RAM should be enough15:38
enteI'd take debian too, if I have to take one of them15:38
* mhi^ looks up linode.com15:38
entehey, I understand that you like postfix if you're a debian user :D15:38
mhi^doesn't it ship with exim per default? :>15:39
enteyes :D15:39
mhi^ah, haha15:39
entethat's exactly why debian users use postfix ;)15:39
mhi^heh, guess o15:39
mhi^tun/tap enabled.. so I could setup a little VPN for friends..15:40
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: scummvm: 1.1.0 -> 1.2.015:40
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scummvm: 1.1.0 -> 1.2.015:40
entestrato has that too15:44
enteeven proplay has it15:44
mhi^I actually meant strato :>15:45
entenetcup wants 20€ to set them up15:45
enteyes, they want 20€ for executing mknod twice15:45
entewhich is mainly why I kept the proplay server even though proplay are scriptkiddies (and besides, it cost me 2€ a month before I upgraded it)15:46
mhi^Guess they have to transfer you VM on a host with tun/tap support in the kernel15:46
entenow it costs me 2.50€ per month15:46
mhi^*your VM to15:47
enteI doubt it15:47
mhi^ok, then they only want to rip you :-P15:47
mhi^*rip you off15:47
enteno /proc/config.gz, no way to find out :)15:49
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