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pt_wm8505good morning01:11
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Rotwangme and my friends are planning to buy a dedicated server04:26
Rotwangand we are thinking on virtualisation04:27
Rotwangwhat is best solution to virtualize 3 linux distros?04:28
Rotwangquemu, kvm, xen?04:28
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mtools: updated to 4.0.1409:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: gcolor2: fixed configure issues09:57
enteRotwang: depends, qemu on it's own certainly not though10:01
enteRotwang: is each of the distros supposed to have it's own kernel or do you only want one kernel for all of them?10:01
entethe one-kernel-attempt would be similiar to freebsd jails, many cheap vserver hoster use linux-vserver (which is described as "jails on steroids" by the author (who is a nice guy anyway :))10:02
enteor openvz, although I never got in touch with that10:02
entexen can run even different OS's if they are xen capable, so you can run non-linuxes if you want to... like freebsd dom0, netbsd and linux everywehre else or whatever you like10:03
entedunno, guess I'd use linux-vserver10:03
entewe have kvm at uni, I think I'd prefer xen10:04
enteone of the tools to take care of the administration needs to run X on the server, which is insane10:04
entethe ubuntufanboyadmin uses it though :)10:04
Zabakvm by itself is fine10:06
Zabathe various frontends/admin tools.. well, I dunno.10:07
Zababut if you're doing VM hosting, you'll probably want to use some...10:10
entesome of the ones that need x11? :)10:10
entedunno, I wouldn't use kvm for VM hosting10:10
Zabaente, I know people who do that.  I think that they use libvirt for administration.10:11
Zabaand I haven't heard any signs of excessive frustration10:11
entethat's what we use too10:11
entevirsh and something else that needs x1110:11
Zabawell, virsh doesn't10:11
enteyes, virsh is the one I've tried10:11
enteI'm not touching the other one10:11
Zabaand libvirt does excessively is use xml, though10:11
enteI've heard some frustration about xen, but I guess that's misconfiguration10:12
enteI've also heard that xen's supposed to be awesome by some other people10:12
Zabawell, xen in hvm mode uses qemu's code10:12
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pedjaqemu-0.13.0 bombs out with 'make -j2'.16:20
pedjawith -j1, it compiles fine.for now :)16:21
pedjabtw, that is the proper/stable release of qemu.16:22
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