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pitillogood morning01:06
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Rotwang1what happened to obra.se12:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: valgrind: updated to
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lennartjaeger: it seems guile has a problem with crux's current gcc version13:29
lennartjaeger: the patch in that thread fixed the problem for me13:29
jaegerlennart: saw that, but I haven't tried it myself yet13:31
jaegerglad to hear it works13:31
jaegerare you using guile from the gnome repository?13:31
jaegerok. the gnome repo is way out of date but I could move it to contrib or something13:32
jaegerI'd like to get gnome updated and building again but haven't had the time yet13:33
lennartguile is only off by one release :)13:33
jaegerit doesn't change often, I think :)13:33
jaegerI just meant that the gnome packages were out of date13:34
jaegerI'll try to update it today13:34
lennartI just use some ports I need as dependencies, not the whole bunch, so I've no idea ;)13:34
jaegerI'll probably move it to contrib, then13:36
jaeger(though I still want to update gnome)13:36
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tadzikwhat do I need for mplayer to play .wma?13:57
tadzikor how the fsck do I convert it13:58
pitillotadzik: win32-essential-codecs ?14:00
tadzikpitillo: dunno :)14:01
tadzikwill try14:01
tadziknah, they're installed14:01
tadzikmaybe mplayer's not linked against'em14:02
pitillotadzik: Checking for Win32 codecs ... yes14:04
tadziklooks good, pitillo++14:04
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tadzikpitillo: nah, seems like it still can't14:11
tadzikoh, ok, file says it's empty :)14:11
tadzikit works, nevermind :)14:11
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Rotwangfrinnst: hi15:05
Rotwangwhat happened to
treachnothing good? :>15:05
teK_tadzik: have you tried ffmpeg to convert it?15:05
RotwangI guess [:15:05
frinnststupid isp decided i needed a new ip15:05
Rotwangfew hours back I wanted to put c64 on a virtual machine15:05
tadzikteK_: not yet, as I haven't dl'd fully it yet :)15:06
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treachrotwang; "obra"="notgood" :>15:06
frinnstanyways, it should be coming around soon15:06
frinnststupid cache's15:07
Rotwangits back \:D/15:07
frinnst might work if your dns keeps pointed at the old ip15:08
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