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kreedI am going to update my crux. I am not slowpoke, but I afraid update my good-good crux. ^^04:33
kreedOk, good bye04:33
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kreedOh, update were failed. Kernel modules didn't loading. I wait for "Loading Modules" but nothing were happened. x86_64, iso.04:52
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lainkreed: are you updating from CD?06:21
kreedlain, yes, I try updating from CD06:28
lainwhy don't you edit /etc/ports/<...> and update to 2.7? Or you want binary update only?06:33
lainyou have to compile software in crux anyway. What kind of profit updating from CD have? I don't understand, could you write some circumstances?06:35
tilmanupdating from one release to another by ports is not supported06:39
tilmanand it _will_ break if you attempt to update from 2.6 to 2.706:39
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lainnot supported? So the only official way of updating is using CD?07:23
lainI got some new dependencies and traps while updating using ports, I resolved all.07:25
lainnot a stable and serious way, though07:25
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horrorStruckgood evening #crux08:04
juelain: having a properly bootstrapped toolchain might be another profit08:07
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: usbutils: update to 0.9108:31
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pedjafrinnst: I have a diff for netpbm.Do you want it?10:40
pedjafixes build against libpng1.4, and few security patches.10:41
pedja(courtesy of hcra ) :)10:41
juepedja: maybe we can update opt/netpbm as well, seems like latest stable version from svn (10.52.3) builds fine11:00
jueare you using a different version?11:01
pedjajue: I used 10.47.1811:01
pedjalatest from arch repos :)11:01
juewell, I'd prefer to use lastest stable from upstream, which is 10.52.3 ;)11:03
pedjaI just wanted a quick fix, so I can build xscreensaver,11:03
pedjait does not need patching to build against libpng1.4?11:04
juegive me some minutes, I'll upload a tar-ball11:06
* pedja builds Artha11:11
pedjahandy thesaurus11:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: netpbm: update to 10.52.311:22
juedone :)11:23
pedjajue: Thanks :)11:26
tadziktilman: *poke*11:26
tilmanjust asking the question is more convenient to me11:34
tilmanthat way i can feign afk-ness if the question is boring or silly11:34
tilmantadzik: what's up?11:35
tadziktilman: mind fixing clang++ in your llvm?11:35
tilmandepends on what the fix is11:35
tadziktilman: I directly asked some time ago, so I found it pointless now :)11:35
tadzikI found some patched Archers use, lemme post it once again11:35
tilmantadzik: oh, i remember. sorry.11:35
tilmando you have the url handy?11:36
tadzikcan find11:38
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tilmanokay, i'll add to my todo list12:11
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