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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: boost: update footprint for new python version FS#66005:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-lwp: 5.832 -> 5.837 FS#66505:37
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aubrey616Do you know if the crux-2.7-x86_64.usbdisk.img is ready to make a USB install ?09:24
aubrey616The filesname sounds like it is, but i am unsure, I fail to copy the img to USB09:24
tadzikIf you fail to copy, then the problem probably lies someplace else. How are you copying it?09:25
aubrey616like this: dd if=crux-2.7-x86_64.usbdisk.img of=/dev/sdb09:25
aubrey616where sdb is my 8gb usb09:26
aubrey616do i have to format the USB special filesystem ?09:26
tadzikhave you tried sdb1, where sdb1 is some partition? Not sure how it should be done, never done any usb install09:26
frinnstno, you should not specify a partition09:26
frinnstwhats failing? the copying or the booting?09:26
aubrey616ok, whole USB then09:26
aubrey616the botting09:26
aubrey616should the USB stick be unmounted when i dd ?09:27
aubrey616frinnst, ntfs filesystem or ?09:27
tadzikdefinitely not ntfs :)09:28
frinnstno, fat09:28
aubrey616vfat ?09:28
frinnstyou could try
aubrey616ah fat09:28
frinnstits also dd'able09:28
aubrey616ok, its ok to waste his bandwidth like that, i just ripped down the 260mb 64 bit .img09:29
frinnstits my bandwidth :)09:29
aubrey616frinnst, aha hehe, ok tack då gör jag så.09:30
frinnstgo nuts09:30
aubrey616hur är det med 64 bit ports, det funkar bra eller ?09:30
aubrey616jag har iofs inget emot att kompilera source09:30
frinnstjaodå, men allt är inte testat. så risken att du stöter på en port som inte byggs utan problem är befintlig09:31
frinnstspeciellt ur contrib09:31
frinnstsäg till isf09:31
aubrey616Ok, i will tell if a 64 bit port gives me problem09:32
aubrey616you are the 64 bit maintainer ?09:32
aubrey616you have Atheros wireless by any chance ?09:33
frinnstif you run into a port with issues. you could report it here. im not the only one with commit access to the x86_64-repos09:33
aubrey616had some problems with my atheroes wireless throughput newer kernel versions09:35
aubrey616downloading 140kbB/s on a 8 Mbit dsl09:37
aubrey616Kb even09:37
frinnstseems my connection is a bit overloaded at the moment, sry :)09:37
aubrey616No its me, my wireless throughput is really awful09:38
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tadzikhello jue09:44
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RotwangI'm going to remake a biyt12:43
RotwangI'd like to simplify page to be more gnu-ish like12:45
Rotwangjust giving some info about crux, and redirecting people to main crux site12:46
Rotwangsomething like:
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