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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-server: updated to
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pitillogood morning01:07
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* ente thinks about downgrading both X and the kernel in order to be able to use the official nvidia driver again\05:52
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cipppente: nvidia 260.19.12 ?06:11
ente96xxsomething, IIRC06:13
entenvidia dropped support for them (maybe someone patched the kernel module though to work with 2.6.35 or something)06:14
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enteright now running nouveau, but don't really like it06:14
cipppente: arch have some patches06:19
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: [notify] glibc: security fix for CVE-2010-3847 and CVE-2010-385606:30
entecippp: thanks06:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: elinks: disable broken on-the-fly compression support06:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: ilbc: Updated download URL07:09
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: [notify] glibc: security fix for CVE-2010-3847 and CVE-2010-385607:59
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pitilloarf, vobx on the way, let's see if sepen can confirm that08:01
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spaceninjaIm trying to get a  Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 2915ABG [Calexico2] working, but it requres a firmware file, iwlwifi-3945-2.ucode, I've put it in /lib/firmware/iwlwifi-3945-2.ucode. Ive restarted the computer, but iwconfig doesnt list the wireless interface08:16
spaceninjaoh maybe I got the wrong ucode file08:17
pitillospaceninja: check dmesg to verify if the file is properly loaded (may be you can get more info from there)08:19
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aubrey616anyone here ?08:25
aubrey616short q. managed to get a rudimentary shell crux 2.7 64bit. cant figure out how to set keymap correctly.08:27
aubrey616/etc/profile ?08:28
aubrey616looking for a swedish setup08:28
aubrey616ok, its in there08:28
pitilloaubrey616: a very good resource if you haven't taken a look08:29
aubrey616do a core install include swedish keymap ?08:29
aubrey616pitillo: i am looking there, no X yet though. I am accessing the crux web via my ps3 ..08:29
aubrey616but its in another room with TV08:29
aubrey616i thought someone could give me a quick shortcut to a swedish keymap. Using KEYMAP=se in rc.conf doesnt work ..08:31
pitilloaubrey616: you have the handbook in the installation media in txt format too08:31
aubrey616no wait i dont, no usb support in this kernel yet. i installed from a USB stick08:31
pitillo(at least in 686 version, not sure if it's in x64 too)08:31
aubrey616but my own kernel is quite rudimentary atm.08:32
aubrey616ok, i just run between rooms and enter commands08:32
aubrey616compiling a kernel takes some time on a Atom D51008:33
pitilloaubrey616: check in /usr/share/kbd/keymaps/ and man loadkeys to see how to load the keymap you want08:33
aubrey616pitillo: thanks08:33
pitilloaubrey616: compile it on another machine08:33
aubrey616i have this and a ps308:33
pitillopatience needed then08:34
aubrey616ok, sv-latin1 seems to work, i edit rc.conf then its ok i guess08:36
teK_the string is fed to loadkeys08:37
aubrey616the string in rc.conf right ?08:37
pitilloyes, check the rc script to see that08:38
spaceninjarecompiled a new kernel with the proper driver, had the wrong one selected08:39
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aubrey616i had huge problems getting my kernel to work, finally i figured out that my disk use scsi while its a SATA disk.08:40
aubrey616cant remember the name, i think i compiled 8 or 9 kernels.08:40
aubrey616got the VFS kernel panic message ..08:41
aubrey616what kind of NAMESPACES should be compiled into the kernel ?08:43
aubrey616PID ?08:44
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aubrey616Ok, gotta go, be back in 20 mins. Thanks for all the help (me flooding you)08:45
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aubrey616I am back09:07
aubrey616Zaba: you good with kernels ?09:07
Zabadepending on what your issue is09:07
Zababut, generally, not remarkably good, no09:08
aubrey616i am at a section called 'namespaces'09:08
Zabaif you aren't sure what they are, you probably don't need them :>09:08
aubrey616not sure what kind of namespaces i should compile in kernel09:08
aubrey616for example PID ...09:08
Zabastuff required by other options will be enabled automatically anyway09:08
aubrey616oh, i didnt know that it was selected auto09:09
Zabalinux configuration has dependencies, and the configuration tools will make sure they're satisfied09:09
pitilloaubrey616: heck the help from the kernel (if you are doing it with menuconfig) and try to understand what is wvery option, or follow the comments (if unsure...)09:10
aubrey616Zaba: ah, thanks09:10
aubrey616pitillo: reading them like mad, must be like 2-3 years since i compiled a kernel09:11
aubrey616or longer even.09:11
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horrorStruckgood evening #crux09:16
pitillogood evening horrorStruck09:18
horrorStruckhi pitillo09:20
horrorStruckis Lucas still around here?09:20
horrorStruck(hope that's not you or that would sound extremely dumb :P )09:22
pitillohorrorStruck: I think this will give you a clue to contact him09:23
pitilloor to don't contact him :)09:24
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horrorStruckpitillo: ah ok, thanks for the link anyway09:25
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horrorStruckthere's a security issue with one of his packages (poppler), bugtracker is the way to go I guess...09:26
pitilloI think so, but he isn't maintaining ports anymore, than may be could be better to send a mail to CRUX ML and see if someone will adopt that port or at least can close the security problem09:27
horrorStruckyeah I just saw that tilman made the last upgrade. in fact, a simple version bump to 0.14.4 is enough09:28
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spaceninjapitillo:  I get this error from dmesg  the firmware is from the ipw2200-fw package09:33
spaceninjait doesnt get loaded09:33
spaceninjamaybe Im missing something in the kernel\09:34
pitillospaceninja: do you have ipw2200-fw port installed?09:36
pitillospaceninja: and do you have ipw2200 inside your kernel or like a module?09:38
spaceninjashould I make it to a module?09:40
pitilloput in a module09:40
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] poppler: 0.14.1 -> 1.14.4 fixes CVE-2010-3702 and CVE-2010-370409:40
pitilloyes, if you put it inside you need to use a initram to read the firmware... now you are trying to read it before the FS is mounted09:40
horrorStruck:O i love CRUX09:41
pitillohorrorStruck: and day by day you'll love it more09:41
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teK_@ horrorStruck09:43
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horrorStruckyes teK_ ?09:53
Rotwanghai all09:53
horrorStruckhi Rotwang09:53
teK_fixed (poppler)09:58
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horrorStruckteK_: yes thank you very much ! (just FYI, there's typo in the commit message but i know you dont like git :P)10:00
aubrey616horrorStruck: me too, its really neat10:10
aubrey616reboot !10:10
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Rotwangis there a way with git to commit without actually commiting anything?11:07
RotwangI want to do something like changelog11:07
Rotwanga diary11:07
Rotwangso every entry in diary would be a commit11:07
Rotwangand I could later see that diary by running git log11:07
jaegerRotwang: perhaps what you want is local commits but not pushed to a remote repo?11:09
Rotwangjaeger: no, i want them to be pushed11:10
Rotwangjaeger: I've found git commit --allow-empty11:11
Rotwangit seems to work11:11
Rotwangas expected11:11
jaegerah, ok11:13
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spaceninjaHi, I have problems compiling fontforge, which is required by wine, this is the error I'm getting
jaegernot familiar with that one, myself11:28
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RotwangI remember some issues11:34
Rotwangspaceninja: have you tried most recent version of fontforge?11:34
spaceninjaRotwang: yes, I have 20090923 which is the latest11:39
spaceninjaoh there is a 20100501.tar.bz2 at
spaceninjahm, there is also a 20090923-111:43
RotwangI've moded portspage slightly
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linopolusCan I use multilib foo on crux x86_64?12:28
frinnstmultilib is not supported12:34
linopolusso I can't use for example skype on crux 64?12:37
frinnstyou could run it in a 32bit chroot12:40
linopolusor on my iPod(as long as it is connected, don't ask how skype manages to suck the abttery this much)12:44
linopolusSo I'll install crux again today :)12:45
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henn1nkhello. i tried to mkswap /dev/sdaX ... but: swap area needs to be at least 40kb. whats wrong there?13:55
treachyou didn't litterally type that in, I hope?13:55
henn1nkmkswap /dev/sda313:56
Rotwangand how big is sda3?13:56
treachok, and it's the rigth type of partition?13:56
henn1nkah sec13:57
henn1nki found my mistake13:57
tilmanwhat was it?13:58
* treach bets wrong partition id.13:58
henn1nkused cfdisk and created logical drives...and so... sda3 was named sda5 gg13:58
Rotwang thought that might be the case14:00
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jaegerAnyone using nilfs anywhere?14:03
frinnstno, to chicken :)14:04
frinnsttoo asdf14:04
jaegerfair enough :)14:04
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jaegeris clang the llvm c frontend?14:25
jaegerI read a bit more and seems to be14:27
tilman3rd paragraph14:29
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tadzikdid anyone met any 3d problems after some recent updates?14:53
jaegerI haven't used 3d recently but I'll check when I'm at home later14:59
tadzikafter some upgrade my flightgear stopped displaying textures15:01
tadzikfrom friday-monday period I think15:02
tadzikbtw, is there any chance to set up a dhcp server on virtualboxed system and connect to it from linux host?15:03
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Rotwangtadzik: try bridge-ing15:12
RotwangI had dhcp server once on a guest os and connected to it external host15:12
Rotwangbut never tried on same machine15:13
tadzikwell, I have my mobile internet working on virtualized windows xp, and I think about setting up a DHCP server here, and connecting to it from Crux15:13
tadzikthere is some option giving me vboxnet0 interface15:14
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henn1nktyping lilo i receive an warning:15:27
henn1nkpartition 2 on /dev/sda is not marked Active15:28
henn1nklilo is not installed on mbr :/15:30
enteso you either use it or go and overwrite it with extlinux :p15:32
entewhich kind of boils down to prt-get depinst syslinux; cat /usr/share/syslinux/mbr.bin >/dev/sda; mkdir /boot/extlinux; extlinux -i /boot/extlinux15:33
entethen making a neat extlinux.conf in that directory and marking the partition /boot is on bootable15:34
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henn1nkente: i have no net15:34
treach_Or_ you fix your lilo.conf15:34
enteanother way to do it15:34
tadzikhello again15:34
enteI don't see the point why one would pick lilo over sys/extlinux though15:35
henn1nkboot = /dev/sda2 (/boot)15:35
henn1nkroot=/dev/sda6 (/)15:35
enteslackware comes with syslinux in A, as does lilo, but grub comes in AP or something :D15:35
jaegerI'd guess that means the partition itself isn't marked as bootable in fdisk/cfdisk (/dev/sda2)15:41
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Ovim-ObscurumG4.. yuck15:49
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henn1nkhmm: kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: unable to mount fs on unknown-block(8,6)16:50
treachboot_critical_stuff (*)16:50
enteOvim-Obscurum: G4?16:51
henn1nktreach: hm?16:52
treachente: Like in "ziomg apple fast" :>16:52
treachhenn1nk: looks like you've left something critical for booting out of the kernel, either by not including it at all or by compiling it as modules (M)16:52
henn1nktreach: this kernel-config is of a running kernel on a gentoo and arch system :(16:53
* ente bets Ovim-Obscurum actually has no clue about the powerpc architecture16:54
enteit can't be any worse than x86 :P16:54
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treachhenn1nk: I'm not familiar with those distros, maybe you have an initrd with the needed drivers there?16:54
henn1nkhmmm maybe16:55
treachofc it's also entirely possible you've screwed something else up, eg. like your fstab16:55
entearch has filesystem stuff as modules16:55
entethat's what the autodetect hook in mkinitrd.conf is for16:55
henn1nkhej ente ! :)16:55
entehi henn1nk16:56
entehenn1nk: if / is ext3, you should compile ext3 in.16:56
* ente has practically everything he needs compiled in16:56
enteext4 then :P16:56
treachthere's really no reason to bother with futzing around with modules IMO.16:56
treachModules are for distro kernels that needs to fit everywhere (TM)16:57
enteI don't even have an initrd since I don't do fancy stuff like cryptography or lvm16:57
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henn1nktreach: /boot is ext3 and ext3 is loaded as an module in the kernel. could it be an problem?17:09
treachahem. What do you think. ;)17:09
treachI have this magic book that instantly teaches you latin. Unfortunately it's written in latin...17:12
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