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pitillogood morning00:56
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horrorStruckbeer effect i guess :D good afternoon #crux01:42
horrorStruckteK_: sorry about the git (bad) joke yesterday, you were the wrong target. apology.01:43
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spaceninjahi, is it possible to get full graphical acceleration with xorg-xf86-video-ati?02:01
spaceninjathis is my xorg.conf file
tilmanhello weird guy02:02
tilmanyes it is02:03
pitillospaceninja: what do you undertand by "full"? it supports accel, may be less powerfull than closed drivers, but it works fine02:03
tilmanapples and oranges?02:03
spaceninjaIm using the radeon driver now, but flash and teeworld laggs02:03
tilmanopengl is handled by mesa02:03
tilmannot by xf86-video-*02:04
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spaceninjaok, but what am I missing, maybe I should do something with dri in xorg.conf?02:07
tilmanas pitillo said, the open driver isn't as fast as the closed driver02:07
spaceninjaok, then I need the closed driver02:08
pitillospaceninja: or dig a bit more about radon options to be sure you are using the best options for your config/hardware (agp mode, agp aperture size, ...)02:11
spaceninjapitillo: ok I will02:13
spaceninjathx guys02:13
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pitillocan someone who can update fontforge in 2.7 check this?06:20
pitilloPkgfile , the patch
deus_exI use xfce4-volstatus-icon to 'safely remove' external hard disk.But, when I try to remount jfs partition, I get a bunch of this in dmesg
deus_exI run jfs.fsck, all ok.06:28
deus_exafter that, jfs partition mounts fine.06:29
deus_exI googled this, and one of the solutions is06:35
deus_execho 1 > /sys/block/$1/device/scsi_disk:*/allow_restart06:35
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linopolusIs it possible to install crux without rebooting, with a chroot or something?09:20
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ente"without rebooting"?09:52
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linopoluswithout rebooting before it is ready.10:02
jaegerMight be, how are you wanting to do it?10:03
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linopolusjaeger: maybe like gentoo.10:16
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jaegerwell, if you have a free drive or partition it should be easy... if you want to replace a currently running system, I've no idea on that10:26
juepitillo: can do the update, but I saw that there's a new version out, maybe better to use version 20100501?10:26
pitillojue: ummm I haven't seen that. Sorry for the noise and thank you for the check10:27
juepitillo: np10:35
linopolusjaeger: no I have unpartitioned space10:43
jaegerlinopolus: should be able to partition and install there, then. you can install libarchive and pkgutils on the installed system and use pkgadd to install crux packages into the new partition10:46
jaegerthen chroot as normal and finish the install10:46
tadziktilman: poke. How about fixing clang++ today?10:50
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pitillojue: fontforge seems well built, not sure about if it works right13:44
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acrux|xptadzik, as workaround add in your llvm Pkgfile14:02
Rotwangan llvm port, who has it?14:03
tadzikacrux|xp++ # thanks, assuming it works :)14:03
acrux|xpit work on cruxppc14:03
Rotwangahh there is one in opt14:03
Rotwangdidn't notice it14:04
tadzikanyways, my uni C++ projects is finished anyway, I now have to learn for labs :F14:04
tadzikRotwang: btw, I managed to run this modem on Linux directly14:04
acrux|xpat least it works on llvm-2.7 'cause llvm-2.8 is bugged on power architecture14:04
tadzik2.7 didn't have a decent C++ compiler, did it?14:05
acrux|xpthat's right, thus i cannot release a cruxppc 2.714:07
acrux|xpi must wait for the next stable binutils/gcc release14:07
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pt_wm8505jue: wine builds fine too15:26
teK_jue :)15:30
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