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frinnstjoy, new firefox00:49
frinnstprepare to hate00:54
pitillogood morning01:00
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tilmansomeone tell tadzik i'm fucking busy02:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xterm: updated to 26602:07
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: syslinux: updated to 4.0302:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: fontforge: update to 2010050102:29
pitillomorning jue, thank you very much for that review and update02:34
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scite: update to 2.2202:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: squid: update to 3.1.902:35
juepitillo: the same to you :)02:37
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: libburn: updated to 0.8.802:40
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: libisofs: updated to 0.6.3802:40
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spaceninjawoho, I managed to get the 3d acc working, I forgot to add DRM ati in the kernel03:26
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horrorStruckgood afternoon #crux04:17
luxhgood beforenoon04:18
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entenew firefox? I hope they fixed the crashes04:41
sepenwin 304:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: flash-player-plugin: switched back to rpm based source06:06
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horrorStrucksepen: ooc, may I ask why you switched back to rpm?06:31
horrorStrucknvm i just read crux-devel log06:34
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henn1nkrunning lilo >> /proc/misc no entry for device-mapper found -.-06:49
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: nasm: update to 2.09.0306:51
juehenn1nk: ignore, it's just a info message06:52
henn1nkok, is booting :)06:54
henn1nkbut now: EXT3-fs: hda3:  couldn't mount because of unsupported optional features (240).06:56
henn1nksomething forgotton in my kernel-config?06:57
horrorStruckhenn1nk: you may want to add rootfstype=ext3 to kernel command-line to get rid of that.06:59
henn1nkhorrorStruck: but its ext4 and not ext306:59
horrorStruckthen change it to ext4 ;)07:00
henn1nkhorrorStruck: i think it is an kernel-config-problem...because the fs is not mounted07:03
horrorStruckdid you try to reboot with this added option?07:04
henn1nkhorrorStruck: no.07:06
henn1nkhorrorStruck: can i set this param in lilo too?07:07
henn1nkappend root=... rootfstype=ext4 ?07:07
horrorStruckusing grub so i dont exactly remember but i remember i did it :P07:08
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entehenn1nk: I think root is root=... instead of append root07:09
entehenn1nk: I use extlinux though, haven't used lilo in a while07:09
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juehenn1nk: in the first step I'd fix the kernel, looks like ext4 support is missing07:12
horrorStruckwell, that should be pretty easy to check07:12
henn1nkjue: yes i build it again07:13
horrorStruckhenn1nk: btw, is hda3 your root partition?07:18
henn1nkhorrorStruck: right07:18
horrorStruckdid you check if you have the ext4 module built-in? with grub at least you should get a nice error message and won't be able to boot at all. not sure about lilo07:19
henn1nkhorrorStruck: / is mounted07:19
horrorStruckso which one is not?07:20
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henn1nkhorrorStruck: they are all mounted07:20
horrorStruckhuh then what is the problem?07:20
henn1nkhorrorStruck: the message :)07:20
horrorStruckok then try what I first advised you, that should fix it07:21
henn1nkright later. at the moment it is vm...later i will test it on my netbook07:21
horrorStruck19:03 < henn1nk> horrorStruck: i think it is an kernel-config-problem...because the fs is not mounted07:22
henn1nkOH sorry!07:22
horrorStruckstop messing with my beer-filled brain :P07:22
henn1nkmy fault :)07:22
entehmm beer-filled brain07:25
horrorStruckbest fuel ever07:25
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henn1nkhorrorStruck: jaegermeister :)07:51
* horrorStruck has to google that07:52
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henn1nkhorrorStruck: J├Ągerbomb is really nice07:54
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horrorStruckbut you're talking to a french guy...
henn1nkhorrorStruck: never drinked :)07:56
entewhee, ricard07:56
enteI love it07:56
horrorStruckicecubes, water, ricard = better feeling than a new kernel release :P07:56
entemy sister loves it, even though she's not allowed to drink it :D07:56
enteI don't care about kernel releases :D07:56
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horrorStruckhenn1nk: just check my old lilo.conf, that's what you need: addappend="rootfstype=ext4"09:58
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henn1nkhorrorStruck: on my netzbook everything is fine :)11:36
jueit's a pain ->
enteadobe and pain are synonyms11:40
Zabathat doesn't affect flashplayer prereleases, does it?11:41
* Rotwang just got a haircut11:41
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ente\:D/ is one strange haircut11:51
BrandNewRotwang\:D/ is just me being happy11:57
enteI thought the \ is your new haircut, and the / is the beard12:00
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henn1nkhmm i kompiled sky2 to the kernel...but i have still noe eth0 device available :(12:38
jaegerwhat does lspci say about your NIC?12:50
henn1nkethernet controller: marvell technology group ltd. 88e8040 pci-e fast ethernet controller (rev13)12:51
henn1nk@ jaeger12:51
Zabawhat does lspci -nn say?12:52
henn1nkethernet controller[200]: marvell technology group ltd. 88e8040 pci-e fast ethernet controller [11ab:4354] (rev13)12:53
Zabalooks like sky2 should work with it12:54
Zabadoes anything related show up in dmesg?12:54
henn1nkno :(12:55
Zabazgrep SKY2 /proc/config.gz?12:55
henn1nkZaba: is not set12:55
Zabawell, then your running kernel doesn't have it built12:56
Zabayou've booted into a wrong kernel or something12:56
henn1nkhmmm stange12:56
henn1nkzgrep /usr/src/linux../.config: =y12:57
jaegerthere's also a driver at for it if the one in the kernel doesn't work12:57
Zabadid you copy the kernel images around, etc.?12:57
Zabajaeger, he just doesn't have it enabled in the running kernel12:57
henn1nkZaba: yes12:57
henn1nkbut i give it a try again12:57
jaegerZaba: I see that, just offering an alternative if the in-kernel driver doesn't end up working12:58
henn1nki compile it again and copy it12:58
pitillohenn1nk: try to build a module instead of built-in13:01
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henn1nknetwork!!! :)13:17
henn1nki tried now: prt-get sysup. but i receive an config error: can't access /usr/ports/*13:22
henn1nkah found the problem sorry :)13:23
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] xulrunner: updated to This release fixes CVE-2010-3765. See for more information.13:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] firefox: updated to 3.6.12. This release fixes CVE-2010-3765. See for more information.13:56
frinnstahh, i can feel the hate13:56
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prologicfrinnst, the -fPIC suggestion you made regarding libc-client worked - thanks :)16:15
frinnsti think tilman gave you commit access to opt-x86_64 if you want to push it16:16
prologicyeah I will16:17
prologicthis weekend16:17
prologicas in tomorrow :)16:17
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henn1nkhmm searching the modul ath5k in menuconig i got an path displayed where to activate...following the path.. there is no option to aktivate this module? why? :(17:39
jaegerhenn1nk: check its dependencies. it might require another kernel option to be enabled18:25
henn1nkfound the problem.18:36
henn1nkanother short question: i would like to activate an port:
henn1nkjaeger: what do i havbe to set for "collection" there?18:37
jaegerthat's romster's collection. you could either download the ports driver for the whole collection or use the httpup download command on that page to get just that one port18:50
henn1nkah ok18:56
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