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kreedHi all. What is crux-hybrid.iso on
entekreed: the hybrid iso that can be used for both using as image for an usb stick and burning on a CD, I *GUESS*05:41
entedon't rely on that ;)05:41
kreedente, ok, thanks05:42
kreedI have some problem. Crux-x86_64-2.7 didn't loading, when I see "Loading kernel modules" it stop do anything. What I should do? May be rebuild kernel on iso? Sorry for my english.05:44
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cipppkreed: i think its easier to install from other linux than rebuild iso06:15
kreedcippp, thanks, I think about this, but my other crux on other hdd is broken. May be I install from other live-cd06:19
cipppif you want x64 live-cd need to be x6406:20
kreedcippp, ok. And what I should do? Simple update packages? Can I chroot or not?06:22
cipppkreed: untar pkgutils in / of live cd06:24
cipppand use pkgadd -r /path_toinstall06:24
kreedand then install other ports, yes?06:25
kreedok, thanks06:25
kreedI try it06:25
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cipppwork and if you untar all ports , something like : for i in $(find /path_ports -name '*.pkg.tar.gz');do tar -jxf $i;done06:28
cipppand for this you dont need x86_64 live-cd06:28
frinnstthe hybrid iso can be burned to both cd's and usb-sticks06:29
kreedok, thanks06:29
frinnstdunno why your boot hangs though06:30
frinnstbooting from cd or usb?06:30
kreedI try to boot from cd06:31
frinnstusb is a lot more reliable imo06:33
kreedcd boot good, but kernel modules didn't loaded06:35
frinnstno modules?06:37
kreedI see message "Loading kernel module"06:38
kreedbut nothing is done06:38
frinnstthen i suspect your cd is broken06:39
frinnstiirc, md5sum /dev/<cd> should match the md5sum of the iso06:39
kreedone second06:40
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kreedhmm, md5 of cd != md5 of iso06:44
kreedone second06:44
tilmani'm not sure what frinnst said is correct06:45
kreedI know06:45
kreedI try do it with dd06:45
tilmangoogle for 'verifying cd md5sum' or something06:45
kreeddd if=/dev/sr0 bs=1 count=732766208 | md5sum06:45
tilmankreed: bs=1 will probably be slow as fsck06:45
kreedtilman, I have enough time, thanks =)06:46
kreedCD is correct06:47
kreedyes ;( Now I try to install from other cd06:49
kreedother live-cd*06:49
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-netaddr-ip: 4.033 -> 4.03506:58
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horrorStruckgood evening #crux08:51
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kreedI am update my Crux. Now I resolve some problems, rebuild package. Also have problem with chromium and png11:31
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tadzikis there a way to --download-only packages with prt-get?12:31
tadzikalright, dllist from pkg-utils12:31
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teK_I wrote a patch for prt-get once12:51
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mhi^Hey :)18:20
mhi^Short question about .Xdefaults.. but before a little text: Each resource specification appears on a separate line and is often of the form Client*resource: value. The client name is specified by the program, but unless stated otherwise, this is usually the name of the program with the first letter capitalized, e.g. netscape becomes Netscape, unless the first letter is an X, in which case the first two letters are capitalized, e.g. xterm becones XTerm18:21
mhi^Now for me "XTerm" and "xterm" seem to work. People from other distros can only use "XTerm". Why does "xterm" work for me? I know there are compile-time options for those "X resource name/client" thingys, but I don't see anything like that in xterm's Pkgfile.18:22
mhi^I'm just curious.18:22
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entemhi^: that has something to do with the resource name18:39
entefor urxvt, urxvt is the window name, and URxvt is the application name18:40
enteso you set things for all urxvts with URxvt*foo: ... and things for all urxvts called urxvt with urxvt*foo: moep18:40
entemhi^: you can change the name with urxvt -name satan18:40
entewhich would be satan*color0: #ffffff or something like that18:41
enteat least that's what I remember18:41
mhi^Ok, so I could use the same app with different settings, but still.. why is 'xterm' working here? :P (Does it work for you?)18:42
mhi^If I got you right, ONLY "XTerm" should be working, right?18:43
mhi^I mean I really just start it with "xterm"18:43
entexterm would be the window name I gues18:44
entemight be uxterm if started as uxterm or something18:44
entewhich might be why xterm doesn't work for everyone18:44
entenot sure about that one though18:44
mhi^Hmm :)18:45
mhi^Thanks for your input!18:45
enteI just installed suse18:46
entethink I might repeat that in future18:46
entewhen people ask me to install linux18:47
entelearning-resistant people18:47
entelike my grandfather or something18:47
mhi^SUSE or Ubuntu, yea. :>18:48
enteno, no ubuntu please :p18:48
enteif I had the choice between suse and ubuntu, I'd pick suse, I think18:48
mhi^I never (really!) tried it, but the general perception seems to be good :>18:48
mhi^Back in the days, when it was still "SuSE" and produced in Nuernberg, I liked it even more ;)18:49
enteit kind of works18:52
enteand it doesn't treat me like the last moron the way ubuntu does18:53
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enteI can set a root password and actually disable stuff I don't want :O18:53
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entemhi^: I find it rather funny that some suse packages still have the same name as some slackware packages :D18:54
entebecause suse isn't based on slackware anymore since... version 1.0 or so :D18:54
mhi^it was? :)18:55
mhi^didn't know that18:55
joacimsudo passwd18:55
mhi^passwd isn't suid under Ubuntu?18:56
entejoacim: I know18:56
entemhi^: until version 2.0 according to wikipedia18:57
entejoacim: still, I think ubuntu is more limiting18:57
joacimi havent tried ubuntu since 2004, but i think it worked fine then18:58
mhi^It was just released oct 2004 :>18:58
ente"SUSE Linux distribution was originally a German translation of Slackware." heh, nice18:59
entejoacim: back then, it was closer to debian (which equals sanity in this case)18:59
mhi^well, there also some things which bugs me with Debian19:00
mhi^like all that /etc/alternatives stuff19:00
entemhi^: debian is closer to sanity than ubuntu19:01
mhi^Yea, I still use it. Just wanted to say that :>19:01
enteabout suse... I think rpm is ugly though19:04
entewell, whatever... I doubt the target group for suse builds rpms very often19:05
* mhi^ nods19:06
mhi^well, I never had to built a deb package either, though19:07
enteI built a few metapackages19:08
entea little less fuss than rpm, I think19:08
enteespecially RPM's "buildroot" option is weeeird19:08
entethe catalyst driver had a cp -a /* %{BuildRoot}/%{name}-%{version} or similiar19:09
enteand yes, it really copied /* in some directory19:10
mhi^I just read a blog entry about deb packaging some days ago on the ksplice blog19:10
entewhich was then copied into itself recursively19:10
mhi^(which is a great technical blog, BTW)19:10
enteI ended up installing the stable suse version (I don't understand why I had the unstable one before)19:10
entethat one worked fine19:10
enteat least I wasted no media19:14
entePXE <319:14
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