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mhi^Hmm, is there a good way to determine that the current running distro is CRUX? I need to set some distro-specific stuff in my zshrc.05:15
teK_from my ~/.zsh/zshaliases file:05:15
teK_ if [ -f /usr/bin/crux ]; then05:15
teK_ #echo "i'm on a CRUX System.. enabling CRUX-specific sudo-aliases"05:15
teK_  alias 'ports -u'='sudo ports -u'05:15
entemhi^: /usr/bin/crux05:15
mhi^Oi, didn't know about that file. Thanks both :)05:16
entedid anyone here ever work with qmail? :>05:18
teK_I set it up once05:19
mhi^Better change from exim to postfix ;)05:19
mhi^(So, no.)05:19
* ente 's happy with exim :p05:30
enteteK_: how was it?05:30
teK_strange but consistent/clever05:30
teK_I'm a djb fanboy :)05:30
enteyes, sounds like djb :)05:30
enteI set up djbdns once05:31
entealso strange but clever05:31
teK_qmail simply'd need a rewrite wrt functionality05:32
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teK_the standard use case IS that relaying may only happen after authentication :p05:32
teK_and it's ok to call it patchmail..05:33
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entea whole rewrite?05:41
teK_features++ and a more sane default configuration05:41
tadzikwhat's up?05:43
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entemakes sense06:07
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mhi^tadzik: omg10:07
mhi^I knew that ripping off genitals was devastating, but sending so much chi through the body so that the heart stops beating.. by punching someone in the nuts.. that's priceless!10:08
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mhi^Crazy C++ programmers :-P10:16
* tadzik attempting to fix texlive10:18
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Rotwangtadzik I simply suggest you to install another distro in virtual machine [;10:28
tadziknoes! :)10:29
Rotwangas you wish ;f10:29
tadzikcompiling LaTeX is slow enough alredy10:29
Rotwangcompiling latex isnt a problem10:29
tadzikwell, it's nothing compared to compiling texlive, but still10:29
Rotwangi meant texlive10:30
Rotwangtexlive executables arent as ig problem as texlive packages and metafonts10:34
Rotwangit is just huge, and it is hard to maintain10:35
tadzikIt'd be nice to have it installed separately imho10:35
tadzikso now we could just fix texlive itself, let alone packages10:36
* tadzik splits10:36
tadzikooc: what is a policy about putting packages in contrib? I mean, when a new contrib member appears, does he just move all the packages from his personal repo to contrib, or only the 'valuable' ones?10:42
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tadzik+ cp -r 'inst/share/man/*' /dev/shm/pkgmk-work-texlive-core/pkg/usr/man10:55
tadzikcp: cannot stat `inst/share/man/*': No such file or directory10:55
tadzikdamnit! After so much compiling...10:55
Rotwangtadzik: basically no11:00
Rotwangyou put there most valuable ports, leaving those less valuable in your private repo11:00
Rotwangbut basically there is no strict policy about that11:01
tadzikinteresting. Are you hiring? :)11:02
Rotwangtadzik: send your application to contribML, make sure to outline your currently maintained ports and repos11:03
Rotwangand wait ;]11:03
tadzikI'll think about it11:06
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AkiraYukihi all :)13:24
tadzikhi AkiraYuki13:24
Rotwangany ideas for high resolution clock without using boost in c++?13:26
AkiraYukiwhere can i find the scalable logo of crux? (svg)13:27
AkiraYukiscalable crux logo13:28
Rotwangtadzik it needs to be portable13:29
tadzikno idea then13:29
Nox_fireRotwang clocking is os dependend13:33
Nox_fireso use an existing wrapper or write your own.13:34
Rotwangnot bad idea13:36
Rotwangso which system call is suitable for the job?13:38
Nox_firedepends on the system?13:39
Nox_fireand your needs13:39
Rotwangyeah, I had linux on mind [;13:39
Nox_firewell im not sure about the uncertaincy of gettimeofday but its resolution should be microseconds13:42
Rotwangbtw I've just found
Nox_firewell thats the lowlevel high res timer.13:42
AkiraYukii not found it; so i redid svg crux logo:
Nox_firewhich made some trouble on older multicores13:43
RotwangAkiraYuki: nice13:43
tilmanRotwang: use clock_gettime(2)13:51
Rotwangtilman: nice, thats the thing14:01
RotwangNox_fire: thanks to you too14:02
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tadziktexlive works \o/15:02
tadzikI still don't know how texmf.cnf works, but it works15:03
tadzik(at least I think so)15:03
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: remind: 03.01.09 -> 03.01.1016:09
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mhi^teK_: BTW, I have a huge footprint mismatch for 'mercurial'. The files contains /usr/lib/python2.6 and /usr/lib/python2.7 entries, but my system only has python2.7.16:13
teK_when did you check that16:14
mhi^Thanks for the port :)16:18
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entethis is a family channel! :O16:32
entethere are kids!16:32
entelinopolus: close your eyes when Rotwang is talking :p16:33
teK_sexual intercourse!16:34
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