IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2010-11-02

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pitillogood morning02:02
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Romsterhi any reason does not exist on the ports db?03:10
Romstersepen oh he arn't about maybe jue or someone.03:10
pitillowe are waiting a git to rsync for xfce 2.7. sepen noticed last week about that03:11
Romsterin the mean time that could be added too.03:11
Romsteroh hang on i thought was reading about a ports git driver...03:13
Romsteralso does anyone know where han boates ports moved to i searched but cannot find.03:14
Romsterother than the xfce i've pruned all the dead repos i used to have.03:15
RomsterteK_, mpd needs a bump it's a few versions behind :)03:25
Romsterstill working on getting the bugs out of a few of mine too.03:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libdvdread: 20100626 -> 2010103003:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libdvdnav: 20100626 -> 2010103003:36
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: iptables: update to 1.4.1003:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: samhain: update to 2.8.003:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mysql: update to 5.1.5203:54
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: man-pages: update to 3.3004:27
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ente :>05:13
coredumb_wJust a quick question about the ports system05:15
coredumb_wIs there a bootstrap existing to install them?05:15
coredumb_wThe whole port system I mean05:15
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entecoredumb_w: there are binary packages on the CD05:24
enteif you mean that05:24
enteafter that, you run ports -u on the installed system to refresh your ports tree05:24
enteand after that, you compile by hand05:24
coredumb_wEnte ok I guess I can access the sources on the source cd?05:25
entethe sources of what?05:26
coredumb_wOf the port system05:26
coredumb_wScripts and the like05:26
enteI think so05:26
coredumb_wPkgutils stuff05:26
coredumb_wOk gonna check that then :)05:27
entewhy do you ask?05:27
coredumb_wWant to use the ports on another distro05:27
entecoredumb_w: there's a git repo05:28
coredumb_wSo wanna check if there was some kind of bootstrap ala pkgsrc05:28
entecoredumb_w: <- there you go05:28
entetools/pkgutils.git and tools/ports.git05:29
coredumb_wCool easier than fetching iso ^^05:29
enteports.git is standalone05:29
coredumb_wThx ente gonna look into this :)05:29
entealso tools/prt-get.git05:29
entepkgutils and prt-get require a C++ compiler and libarchive (plus headers) installed05:30
entethey will be linked statically though05:30
ente(using -static, thus not against glibc, which is kind of a good thing)05:30
coredumb_wDo I also need prt-utils?05:33
entethey might be useful, but I think they're not required05:34
enteI wanted to port crux ports to install in ~, for the use on public boxes05:34
enteproject was called flubber, but I gave up on it for the lack of interest05:34
coredumb_wMay I ask what is the crux init system? Basic sysv init?05:36
pitillocoredumb_w: you will find some info there05:42
pitilloinit script are bsd style, nor sysv if I'm not in wrong05:44
coredumb_wThx pitillo I didn't pay enough attention05:44
coredumb_wYep I see :)05:44
pitillo&win 205:44
pitilloarf, sorry >(05:45
entepitillo: /sbin/init is a sysv-init05:48
entenot upstart or that kind of stuff05:49
enteI thought he was referring to that05:49
ente(or she?)05:49
pitillook ente, I thought he was refering to init scripts. Btw checking the handbook he will get more info about05:51
entemaybe I should go to university instead of reading job offerings :D05:53
coredumb_wEnte he is ok ;) and I was talking about init scripts :)05:55
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libmpdclient: 2.2 -> 2.307:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mpd: 0.15.10 -> 0.15.1307:02
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teK_Romster: thx07:03
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Rotwangharddrive in my laptop "clicks" from time to time07:06
Rotwangis this sign of a impending cataclysm and losing my data?07:07
enteRotwang: check it using smartmontools?07:07
RomsterteK_, np.07:08
RomsterRotwang, backup immediately if you have not yet and smartctl -t long /dev/sdX07:08
coredumb_wYeah usualy clicks aren't a good signs ^^07:13
Romsterimpeeding click of death, that's usually from a read error it resets the drive and retries.07:15
coredumb_wAs long it gives you enough time to backup and replace it it's ok ^^07:17
Romsterbest to backup before at regular intervals.07:17
Romsterbut we should all know this being in here.07:19
coredumb_wWell actually my work laptop made some nasty clicks a while ago... it's not anymore and nothing happened07:20
frinnst.. yet07:22
frinnsti had this in my desktop07:22
frinnstsata port kept resetting07:22
Romsterread errors could be just soft errors of bad CRC on disk.07:22
frinnstturns out faulty cables were to blame07:22
Romsterbadblocks can fix that or hddregen07:22
Romsterah yes constant spindown can be caused by to low a voltage on the power cable.07:23
coredumb_wFrinnst ^^07:23
Romsterdisk does relocate bad sectors if the can't be repaired too.07:25
Romsterbut /sometimes/ clicking can be controller imminent death.07:26
frinnstyeah, its usually a really bad sign07:26
Romsteri've seen to many harddisks and encountered most faults.07:27
coredumb_wIs crux x86_64 64b only or is it multilib enabled?07:28
frinnsti've been really lucky with harddrives during the years. since i got my first hd in '94, i've only had ONE drive fail07:28
frinnstand that was last year07:28
frinnstcoredumb_w: no multilib07:28
frinnstmultilib is bloat :)07:28
Romsteryou could edit it to make it multilib if you like07:28
Romsterfrinnst,  can you compile 32bit wine in your 64bit?07:29
frinnstdont think so, haven tried07:29
frinnsttrying now07:29
Romsteryou need gcc that can compile 32bit so if you don't use multilib you'd need to overlay stuff into /lib3207:29
coredumb_wI'm still not sure what to chose between multilib and chroot 3207:30
coredumb_wCause I need wine indeed :)07:30
Romstercoredumb_w, you can also prefix everythng to a new path than to use chroot too.07:30
frinnstif you just need one app, you could run a chroot no problem07:30
Romsterchrooting wouldn't work to well for wine.07:30
Romsterrequires X07:31
teK_I thought there was a way to compile 64bit wine on puer 64 bit07:31
Romsterthere is but 64bit wine wont run 32bit PE's07:31
Romsterso unless the app is 64bit your got a problem.07:31
coredumb_wRomster could redirect display make it work, or it's just ending with bad perfs/results07:32
Romsterplus wine 64bit isn't as mature as 32bit.07:32
Romsteri havent' tried X in a chroot to run. xnest or such could do it but bad performance.07:32
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Romsterbest to build a 32bit gcc binutils and glib and friends, and make sure it wont install to same location by one of two means either transform the name or use another --prefix07:33
Romstersee gcc34 in contrib for an example for name transforming.07:34
Romsterbuilding a tool cahin might be beyound you i don't know.07:34
entehmm chroot07:34
Romsteri haven't tried static wine07:34
enteI think I should use it a lot more :)07:34
coredumb_wRomster should be ok :)07:35
Romsteri have built a app in chroot statiicly linked.07:35
Romsterbut not wine that way.07:35
coredumb_wI just tend to not mix to much 32/64 as many apps have big problems detecting correct libs...07:35
enteI could install slackware in a chroot07:36
Romsteryou can set some stuff to point to correct libs in lib32, i'm still on 32bit i might make the move this year or next.07:37
* coredumb_w tempted to migrate his slackware to crux...07:40
Romsterread about it seen others do it but i have not attempted 64bit yet.07:40
coredumb_wI usualy install 64b + my vservers in 32b and now that there's a correctly working flash64, getting rid of multilib is tempting... still wine...07:42
Romsternot sure if wine54 will one day handle 32bit apps or not but right now you need 32bit to run 32bit wine.07:45
Romstererr wine 6407:45
coredumb_wYeah clearly...07:46
coredumb_wHave to try the chroot32 way with static building...07:46
Romstergood luck i'd like to see the results,07:47
Romstermay compile but to run it without segfaulting07:47
coredumb_wWell once I decide to erase my slack to install crux and getting motivated enough to also migrate my vservers, I'll let you know ;)07:48
Romsteryou could start on a new hard disk that way you don't blow away your slackware too soon.07:49
coredumb_wYeah... but not an option :D07:58
Romsterhdd's are cheap07:59
coredumb_wGot a spare comp to try this out, but there'll still have migration downtime07:59
Romsteri run out of controler ports before hard disks sadly.08:01
coredumb_wSame my 6ones are plugged and 2more ones are not linux friendly08:02
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Romsteramong them i got win xp and win7 but i don't use those much.08:08
coredumb_wBrrrrrr makes me shiver :P08:11
Romstersadly i work in a computer shop that repairs windows :(08:13
Romsteri must say i enjoy coming home to linux :)08:13
Romster16 port sas card with a bunch of expander's should do nicely.08:14
coredumb_wYeah now the tower wouldn't have enough space :)08:15
coredumb_wBtw 8p lsisas2008 looks great08:19
Romsteryeah that looks nice too.08:19
Romsteri'd love too grab a SAS for the root disk and jsut use sata for bulk storage.08:19
Romsternot too keen on SSD with all there alignment and write block size08:20
coredumb_wGot raptor as root disk and 4x1TB raid 10 for the rest08:20
Romsterand they still use the same amount of power, probably better suited for mobile use as they have much higher gforce ratings.08:20
frinnstRomster: intel-m's are awesome08:21
Romster1 raid1's with lvm on top currently and a separate disk for /08:21
Romster2 x raid1's08:21
Romsterso i've read.08:22
coredumb_wSsds start to be awesome08:23
coredumb_wStill too exp08:23
Romstergb per a dollar is quite steep but s is sas too.08:24
coredumb_wBut it's sas... not sure i'd need it over my raptors08:26
Romsterdunno depends on what you want to do with them.08:27
Romsteri'll mostly use sata but i'd like a couple of sas for high speed working on data.08:28
Romsterdatabases etc.08:28
Romstermight be overkill and the saying i have sas might be why.08:29
Romsterin any case that blog is awesome been looking around for a good controller card that /works/ with /open/ drivers.08:30
Romsteri have a 4 port adaptec card here that's useless in linux.08:31
jaegerno idea about open drivers but I've had great luck with anything 3ware, areca, or LSI08:33
Romsteryeah i'm looking at LSI08:34
RomsterSiI also seems fine.08:34
coredumb_wLsi yes 3ware is also called crapware :P08:34
jaegerI'm even running an old 3ware pci-x raid controller at home, it's rock solid08:34
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coredumb_wRomster yeah that was the point - being overkill for the usage...08:35
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Romsterstay clear of adaptec theys ay they /support/ linux but with a /bianry/ blob driver often in red hat, fedora or centos etc...08:38
Romsterthey say*08:39
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AndChat|Hey again08:41
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jaegerAnyone in here use github:fi?11:26
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xkeyboard-config: updated footprint.13:04
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tadzikanyone using Alan's KDE4?13:34
tadziksegfaulting for me13:39
jaegerNot I13:41
henn1nkah ok/close13:41
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tadzik ideas?15:40
tadzikis Mikhail Kolesnik sometimes around?15:43
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Rotwangtadzik: yes he is, sometimes18:22
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Romstertadzik, don't know if this is any more recent
Romsterwhat's with the perl5 vars?20:25
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