IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2010-11-03

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pitillogood morning02:03
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pitilloRomster: can you verify if midori depends on libsexy (if it's listed in deps I think so), and if that's right, can you put libsexy into contrib too?02:56
Romsteri thought that was in contrib already last i tested midori compiled.02:57
pitilloRomster: portdbc show it in your private repo, I can't see it on contrib, checking atm in the portdb directly02:58
pitillosame, portdbc is searching right there, I hope you can take a look and put it in contrib too02:59
Romsterchecking for GLIB... configure: error: Package requirements (glib-2.0 >= 2.14.0 gobject-2.0 >= 2.14.0) were not met:03:00
Romstervala is missing dependencies.03:00
pitilloI'm stalled atm with webkit... I'm near to cross-build midori and its deps. I'll check them soon03:01
RomsterteK_, cala needs glib added as dependency03:02
Romstererr vala..03:02
Romsterbuilding it too then i'll most likely bump the versions if needed.03:03
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Romsterand footprint missing files.03:05
Romsterno lib sexy and midori built ok but it does need a version bump.03:08
pitillothank you Romster03:08
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tadzikRomster: they're just set up in my .profile or somewhere03:41
tadzikRomster: Alan has 4.5.2 in his ports03:42
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horrorStruckgood afternoon #crux04:09
Romsterwell at least that's afternoon than morning :D good afternoon04:25
Romsterto many say morning when it's my evening. time zone biased to the northern hemisphere.04:25
horrorStruckwhere are you from if I may ask?04:28
Romsterpitillo, oh that libsexy not sure if that was even required and i didn't put it in contrib. removed it from the port.04:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: webkit: 1.2.4 -> 1.2.504:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: midori: 20100710 -> 0.2.904:54
RomsterhorrorStruck, australia mate :)04:54
Romsterbeen thinking of moving a few portsout of my repo to contrib and pulling a few out.04:55
Romsteroh i better check rss-glx too.04:55
pitilloRomster: thank you, I'll tell you about if I find something strange04:56
Romstercouple of deps i haven't added libnotify, the xorg-xscreensaver (why it wants this i don't know) and the librsvg which pulls in soem other deps but is this a good thing to depend on?04:57
Romsteryou can pull librsvg out of my repo romster and test if you like.04:57
Romsterusually i don't make mistakes of missing a dependency...04:58
Romsteri think midori needed it at one time then they decided to not use it later.04:58
pitilloyeah, but atm I'll try to avoid extra deps and I'll try to build it with the minimal/required deps04:58
Romsteri try for minimal but add a few if it's features warrant it.04:59
Romsterlibnotify i might add.04:59
Romsternot sure.04:59
Romsterand nto everyone may use the screensaver.04:59
Romsterrst2html that midori says is missing is for docs so that's ok to skip.05:01
Romsteras always i welcome feedback.05:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: rss-glx: disable static enable shared libraries05:10
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sepenteK_: any idea about that?
sepencan't compile qemu on my 2.7 desktop (up-to-date)05:35
sepenanyways I'll try at night with another gcc version, when arrived back to home05:36
Romster0 light years later still compiling06:04
pitillowhich amount of ram do you have Romster ?06:05
RomsterPhenom II 965 3.4GHz06:06
Romsterah crap i ran out of space O_O06:07
Romstermust ened mroe than 2GB to compile O_O06:08
pitilloI tried from 512MB, to 1GB, and now building with 1.5GB...06:08
Romsterfailed with 2GB tmpfs06:08
Romsternothing i have done before has.06:08
pitillohere without compiling on ram...06:08
pitillocompiling the problematic file atm...06:09
Romsterhere i go again now with 4GB of space.06:11
pitillohere crashed again with 1.5GB sepen...06:12
Romsterit needs over 2GB06:12
pitilloI think so *the machine where I build it for 2.7 has 4GB06:13
Romster=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/qemu#0.13.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.06:16
Romsteryou probably are suing funky CFLAGS06:16
pitillohere using generic flags...06:17
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Romsteri686 or tuning for your specific cpu?06:17
pitillogeneric ones (the standard provided by pkgmk.conf)06:18
Romsteri have found emulators to be very picky on what cpu's they well work with.06:18
Romsterok same as what i use for the safe-build script.06:18
pitilloI hadn't any problem with another port and I think these errors are related to amount of memory (and more whith your tests06:18
Romsterso sepen has broken something on his system06:18
Romsterit's a clear error of out of space.06:19
pitilloI don't think so, for me smells that he hasn't enought memory to build it (it's the same like happens here)06:19
Romstereven said it for me.06:19
pitilloI have it built in a safe-enviroment (CRUX2.7) on a CRUX 2.7 host with 4GB without problems06:20
pitilloyo tadzik06:20
Romsterunless sepen does it without compiling in ram and hes kernel is doing OOM killing06:20
pitilloI think he isn't compiling in ram06:20
pitillowhat's kernel OMM killing?06:20
Romstersepen, may need to allocate more swap space.06:20
RomsterOut OF Memory.06:21
Romsterthe kernel starts killing processes when that happens.06:21
Romsterwhen ram + swap is full.06:21
pitillointeresting then06:21
Romsterperhaps it's killing his compile.06:21
pitilloI think that is06:21
Romsterthrow more ram  int hat pc or give it more swap space later be slower but it'll get there.06:22
Romsterat least it's not a gcc issue06:22
pitilloyes, I'll try attaching a new HD to the virtual machine and 1GB of ram and I'll check again06:23
Romsteri iddn't check exactly but i think somewherwe around 3GB would cover it easily.06:23
Romsteranything else of my ports need testing?06:25
Romsteror others06:25
pitilloummm I don't know, I'm still with webkit...06:25
Romstergot that compiled ages ago -_-06:26
Romstermidori is quite nice.06:27
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Romsteri really don't understand the bloat of xulrunner when webkit is so much cleaner.06:28
Romsterhi Rotwang06:29
Rotwanghi Romster06:30
pitillowell, giving time to time, we haven't too much resources to cross-build things, and xulrunner is a beast to cross-build it06:32
sepenRomster: but that sucks06:43
sepenI was able to compile qemu with the previous version of gcc06:43
Romsterwell gcc4.5.1 uses more i guess.06:44
Romsterthere is gcc34 in contrib.06:45
sepengcc34 is not required06:45
sepengcc44 just did the job, I'll try at night06:45
Romsterused to be until qemu got there arse into gear.06:46
Romsterwell it works on crux 2.7 updated.06:46
sepenmy desktop box has only 1G, so difficult06:47
sepenI'm working remotely on sunblade servers but my desktop sucks06:47
sepenso I should use an alternative, like remote qemu + vnc or similars06:48
Romsterthrow more swap at it then.06:49
Romsteror i can upload this qemu build.06:49
sepenI think I've enough totalmemory06:50
sepenRomster: thanks, pitillo also upload his build06:50
sepenbut just I wanted to know for what gcc45 did it06:50
Romsteri didn't see exactly...06:51
Romsterbut it's over 2GB.06:51
sepenok, I'll add 2GB more of swap06:51
Romsterwell it might be a bit less i do extract soruces in that count too.06:54
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Romsteri'm really getting sick of libtool07:08
Romsterdon't we have some tool to check and remove obsolete paths?07:08
sepenRomster: to remove paths that are not in pkgdb?07:14
Romsterto like remove paths that point to files that are removed or paths changed.07:17
Romstertrying to link to a nonexistent file.07:17
sepenwell, I was talking about pkg-not and pkg-dbnot:
Romsteris that meant to be files not in pkgdb?07:19
sepenthe first one shows files which don't belong to a port, and the second one show files installed by a port but removed from the system07:19
Romsteri'm talking about la files with invalid paths that point to old versions.07:19
sepenah no, sorry07:19
Romsterthat could be useful as well wheres the source for that?07:20
Romsteriw as going to write something but looks like i wont need to for that. but don't solve the libtool issue.07:20
Romsteri can't just rm all *.la files it'll break things.07:20
sepenRomster: you could do a try with pkg-not /usr/lib07:21
sepenand see results, it could be helpful to you07:21
Romsterhmm that may help.07:22
sepenRomster: pkg-not ->
Romsterwhy is't it packaged in some port <<07:22
sepenI wrote it sometime ago, if you found something that could be fixed please let me know07:22
sepenI think it was07:23
sepenpkg-misc on my repo07:23
sepenbut I'm still reorganizating my shit07:23
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sepenRomster: ATM you can't build it from pkg-misc port, sorry man, I'll try to upload this stuff07:24
Romsterok go tit running.07:26
Romstergot it*07:26
Romsterk be nice if it did.07:27
Romsterconsidering i package everything than to polute my system and this is a install form 2005 i don't see too many rouge files.07:27
Romsteri was gonna write something like this some time. glad i didn't now that you already have.07:29
sepenwell they could be optimized surely, but worked for that07:31
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coredumb_wHey there08:03
coredumb_wSorry to bother, I'm trying crux in virtualbox but it seems it doesn't detect my sata drives at all. Any trick to make it work in virtualbox?08:04
jaegerwhich drive controller did you pick in vbox when setting up the VM?08:27
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coredumb_wJaeger sata08:59
coredumb_wThough it worked with iscsi08:59
coredumb_wI also was wondering how patches were managed? You have to update your ports periodically?09:02
jaegernot sure what you're asking as far as patches09:09
jaegerthe sata controller in vbox uses the ahci module09:09
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coredumb_wJaeger yeah I see is ahci not supported by default09:13
jaegerIt is09:14
jaegerare you using 2.7?09:14
coredumb_wmaybe vbox is the fault... I don't have the latest version I think09:15
coredumb_wAs patches I meant packages updates09:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: neverball: 1.4.0 -> 1.5.409:16
jaegerdoes your storage config look something like this?
jaegerwhat version of virtualbox are you using?09:16
jaegeryou'll get package updates when you update your ports tree and upgrage the different versions with '09:17
jaeger'prt-get sysup' or similar09:17
coredumb_wOh ok prt-get sysup will upgrade all packages right?09:18
jaegerall the ones that are out of date in your ports tree, yes09:18
coredumb_w3.1.2 vbox09:18
jaegerwell, 3.1.2 should support AHCI but there are much newer versions09:19
jaeger3.2.10 is what I have09:19
coredumb_wYeah that must be the problem09:20
coredumb_wI was just trying out install in a small vm before going on bare metal ^^09:20
jaegerwell, you could switch the controller type to IDE and see if it works09:21
jaegeror scsi/sas09:21
coredumb_wYeah it worked with scsi09:22
coredumb_wThose ports + tools look neat09:29
coredumb_wThink I'm gonna like crux09:29
Romstersometimes i can curse at something not compiling but hey thats the cost of it you get your hands dirty sometimes.09:33
Romsterlearn more than you ever would on most other distros.09:33
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pitilloamos a ve210:00
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sepenRomster: pkg-misc port is again on my repo ;D10:23
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frinnstjue: glibc built fine with make 3.82 btw13:08
frinnstill play with it some more and let you know13:08
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mhi^Is /etc/rd.c/net supposed to be the equivalent to /etc/network/interfaces?18:22
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