IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2010-11-04

Romstergood evening01:55
Romstermhi^, i dind't think crux uses /etc/network/interfaces nor have i seen that. but i assume you mean you do edit /etc/rd.c/net for your lan/wifi01:57
pitillogood morning01:57
pitillodoes someone experienced problems with qemu and CRUX 2.7 xorg? (not responding kbd/mouse)01:58
prologicpitillo, not sure mate02:00
prologicI use virtualbox myself02:00
prologicmhi^, You need to edit /etc/rc.d/net to configure your networking interfaces (wireless or wired)02:00
prologicmhi^, CRUX does not have any wrapper scripts/tools/configs that abstract that kind of thing02:00
pitilloprologic: here too, but yesterday I rebuilt qemu at home (here I had it compiled into a safe-env and got that problem) and I tested there and I got the same, no way to use kbd when I tried to boot an image over X02:01
prologicjust run the appropriate ip, dhcpcd or wlanconfig tools in the /etc/rc.d/net script02:01
pitilloI'll try to read and check if someone else experienced this problems with xorg 1.9.102:02
prologicpitillo, tbh I've never run a virtual machine that had any graphical interface on it using qemu02:02
prologicI'm still running CRUX 2.6 here02:02
Romsterstill running my own mods.02:08
pitilloprologic: if you try to run qemu, with X support (inside X) putting inside it you can check that error02:08
pitillo(without X interface inside the virtual machine, but running qemu over a X session)02:09
Romsterpitillo, isn't there some extra xorg drivers for mouse and keyboard i know vmware does.02:09
pitilloRomster: I don't think so (but I'm not expert with qemu either). I never did anything special to get it working. Now bringing up a virtual machine in X gives me this problem (using the -nographic option seems to give a console without problems)02:11
pitillomay be if sepen comes he can give a clue about this02:12
pitilloarf, sorry, wrong window02:12
Romsteri haven't used VM's that much either.02:13
pitilloatm my enviroment is a win host, running CRUX 2.7 in vbox and inside I'm trying to start CRUX-ARM 2.6 in qemu-system-arm with graphics...02:14
pitillorolling the roll....02:14
prologichey are any of you guys from the UK ?02:15
prologicMaybe London02:15
pitillohere from Spain...02:15
prologicahh k02:16
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: warzone2100: 2.2.2 -> 2.3.503:25
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* Rotwang is going tommorow to an IBM assessement04:08
Romstergod damn opera with it's demented installer.04:11
Romsterdoes even anyone use opera anymore?04:11
johnnywI just extract it to /opt/opera, same as I do with firefox.04:12
Romsteryeay i'm writing my own install rules.04:17
Romsterthe install script is not package manager friendly.04:17
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Romsterthere opera de-crapifyed and updated.04:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: opera: 10.11 -> 10.6304:40
Romsteri could of made it a bit cleaner but it works.04:43
Romster anyone seen this ipv4 is almost full.04:54
entegood news!05:09
enteipv6 is already around!05:09
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Romsterwe all knew that :D05:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: allegro: 4.2.2 ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: monit: updated to 5.2.205:33
Romsterhmm i don't think that is right findredudnetdeps seems to of nuked all the xorg stuff...05:34
mhi^Romster / prologic: Ah, hmm. Too bad, since /etc/network/interfaces allows some neat stuff like mixing up wpa_supplicant with static IPs in a certain order etc.05:36
pitillomhi^: ? can't you specify the order in the rc.d/net script? I mean, wpa_supplicant...; sleep 2 (if you need to sync); ifconfig .... ?05:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: allegro: fix dependencies after findredundantdeps removed them05:38
Romsterwhat pitillo said.05:39
mhi^pitillo: I believe you can't tell wpa_supplicant to look only for a certain network from the config.. so, sure, I could create a dozen configs and use -c to specify them, but that seems ugly05:40
Romsterall you do is type the commands as you want without the abstraction05:40
Romstermhi^, hwo many cards do you even have more than 1?05:40
Romsterso you only need to make 1 config05:41
Romstercrux is a get yoru hands dirty not handholding in abstraction.05:41
mhi^I meant several wpa_supplicant configs05:41
Romsteri'm not sure how wpa_supplicant works but if there were default configs for specific cards, that wouldn't be so bad to include.05:42
pitillomhi^: are you sure you can't do that in 1 config file? I think you can specify different net blocks in wpa.conf file with different configs (btw I'm not sure what can happen if you are in the middle of two defined essids)05:42
mhi^so I can do something like test for connection in this order: wpa2@home, static@work, wpa2@uni, wpa2friends, static@parents, dhcp/eth0, dhcp/wlan0 (open wlans)05:44
Romsterah your talking about profiles.05:44
mhi^do I? :>05:45
pitilloI have a setup with 4 routers with 4 vlan's (wifi) defined, and I have 1 config file per essid, and 1 rc.d/net_ssid script to connect them (because here essids are mixed in some places, then I prefer to do it by hand, connecting to the AP which have more srenght signal05:45
pitillowell, I see your point, you aren't talking about wpa.conf file only, you need to mix it with your interface/net setup (manual/dhcpcd)05:46
Romsterthere is a tool called wicd for GUI altering if your keen on that
Romsterwill need some minor changes to work with crux.05:47
* mhi^ looks05:48
mhi^ok, I'll take a look :)05:49
Romsteri'm using a differed init system and modified pkgutls05:49
Romsterif yo alter the start up to /etc/rc.d/wircd and the source url it'll be ok.05:49
Romsterif it's a benefit i might alter it for contrib.05:50
mhi^Out of curiousity.. /etc/sv/ is sysv init or some own system?05:51
Romsteractualy there is a crux one in a private repo too
Romsterremake of daemontools05:52
mhi^ah, I see. okay05:52
Romsterit has it's own sv watchdog to watch processed.05:52
Romsteri like to fiddle with my system so i do it in my own stuff.05:52
Romsterit is super fast to boot.05:53
ZabaI'm planning to setup a server with runit for service supervision sometime.05:53
RomsterZaba, you may want to look at what i got in hvlinux that me and a couple of others have done.05:54
ZabaI'm planning to use debian on it, though05:54
Zabathat's assuming it doesn't go into a deeper hell than it's in right now by the time I get to setup the system, though.05:54
Romsteryou could swap over in crux and use runit like i am.05:55
prologicmhi^, the whole point of CRUX really is that you can just do it yourself05:55
prologicmhi^, the Debian/Ubuntu /etc/network/interfaces might be nice, but there isn't anything a simple script probably can't do05:55
RomsterZaba, quote dated but that's how i did it
Romsterit's a bt off topic for crux but you can do what ever you like in your own system. like i do.05:56
Romsterbut i still support crux by keeping contrib going too.05:56
Romsteri'm thinking of doing an overlay of ports for crux than to go stupid and fork everything.05:57
Romsteratm everything is in a mess.05:57
Romstermhi^, feel free to implement /etc/network/interfaces if your that keen on it.06:04
mhi^hmm, I don't see the need for it anymore :)06:15
Romstermost things are bloat.06:23
Romstersome stuff is nice though.06:23
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: allegro: fix cmake options08:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ilmbase: 1.0.1 -> 1.0.208:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: openexr: 1.6.1 -> 1.7.008:49
Romstersepen vte needs intltool hmm and he isn't around.08:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: sakura: 2.3.7 -> 2.3.808:58
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spacenin1aprt-get fsearch mxmlc12:00
spacenin1aI need to compile actionscript code, is there something in the repositories?12:04
spacenin1alooking at flex, but it seems to be something else12:04
Zabaflex is the fast lexical analyzer, yes12:10
Zabaadobe's flex is something unrelated12:10
Zababut, adobe's flex sdk includes mxmlc, which indeed can compile actionscript3 code12:10
Zababut prepare a lot of coffee, since mxmlc is very slow12:10
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spacenin1aI've have had 3 cups already12:49
frinnstive had one12:51
frinnst+ two girls12:51
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