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tadzikhorrorStruck: you broke it! :(06:04
horrorStrucktadzik: you/ve got horror struck :P06:04
horrorStruckanyone using qemu-kvm?06:19
horrorStruckwith success? it keeps segfaulting on me... if the modules (kvm kvm_intel) aren't loaded, it works but super slow... i'm using a 64bit kernel on 32bit userland so i suspect this is the issue (the first one I would have on this kind of setup)06:21
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horrorStruckhi cruxbot, we've been waiting for you06:31
tadzikcruxbot! \o/06:32
aubichorrorStruck: 64 bit everything here, linux and qemu-kvm 0.13.0, works06:33
horrorStruckaubic: thanks. oh that makes me think I should try with a vanilla kernel first, just tried with -ck until now.06:34
teK_horrorStruck: ugh.. I'm using it on plain 64 OR 32 without hassles06:38
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horrorStruckteK_: thanks. well i guess that's the issue, i'll try with a vanilla 64bit and 32bit kernel just to be sure...06:42
teK_yeah, please report back to me06:44
horrorStruckok i will. you're the maintainer (sorry i didnt check) ?06:46
horrorStruckyes you are :)06:47
RomsterteK_, vala needs glib added to it's dependencies :)06:49
Romsterelse i can't do a depinst midori in a clean chroot.06:49
Romsterand on top of that, i tried to do a prt-get depinst glib midori and it only took the last argument.06:50
Romsterdepinst [--margs] [--aargs] [--log] <package1> [<package2> ...]06:50
Romsterman page says it should honor more than 1.06:50
Romsternot sure if that was my error or not yet.06:51
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Romsteri've been thinking of expanding my safe-build script to turn it into a buildbot.06:52
Romsterso every git commit can be tested.06:53
Romstergood idea?06:53
tadziksounds good07:01
horrorStruck(more) testing is always a good idea (in general, not especially talking about CRUX)07:04
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Romstermostly to test building all the ports that depend on port that got bumped.07:20
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horrorStrucki smell melted cpu :P07:25
horrorStruckwhat kind of machine is gonna do that?07:26
Romsterone with a tiny heatsink.07:26
horrorStruckdo you have some stats on that just out of curiosity?07:29
horrorStrucklike how many rebuilds it would have been last month or something like this07:29
Romsterthis is my cpu cooler it's awesome
Romsteri don't have any stats, but i could make it display stats.07:31
Romsterit's currently manual use, but thinking of turing it into a build bot that can generate a html page of build ok or failed what commit broke it etc.07:32
horrorStruckthat would be a really great tool indeed. i don't know CRUX for a long time enough to imagine if the "cost" (code, maintenance, hardware) is worth it or not. you certainly do know better than me.07:37
horrorStrucki meant: "do things really break that often", not "does crux deserve some kind of tool like this" (just to avoid misunderstanding)07:43
Romsterwell sometimes, and it's usually when someone tries to build something.07:49
Romsterthent ehy file a bug for it and usually they solve the issue them-self and submit a patch.07:49
Romstercatching it sooner might be nice if some update breaks alot of things.07:50
Romsterthen the maintainers can take a look at why.07:50
Romsterit's a convenience thing.07:51
horrorStruckyes i definitely see where this can be useful, it's just how often it will be useful that i can't estimate07:51
horrorStruckanyway, i dont want to discourage you, it looks like a great project and it will be great to see it implemented07:52
Romsterreally can't tell until it's tried.07:52
Romsteri'm half way there now.07:52
Romsterpitillo, sepen have a safe-env script that does a simler chroot task as my safe-build does but afaik nether one does any automated building yet.07:53
Romsterit'll be fun to make it automated07:54
Romstercrux is a really nice distro.07:54
horrorStruckand anyone loves stats :P07:54
horrorStruckcrux is a great distro. couldn't find *anything* i dont like about it until now.07:55
tilmanhow long have you been running crux?07:56
horrorStrucksince -rc207:56
Romstersine crux 2.3 afaik.07:56
horrorStruckof 2.7 that is07:56
Romsterwhen per linden was maintaining it.07:57
RomsterhorrorStruck, is fresh to crux :)07:57
Romsteryou were on arch right?07:57
Romsteror was that slackware07:57
horrorStruckcrux newbie 8)07:57
horrorStruckyes arch07:57
Romsteryeah so it's not a big huddle.07:58
tadzikthe community is growing07:58
* horrorStruck googles hurdle07:58
Romstereh it comes and goes, not everyone gets on irc..07:58
tadzikwell, right07:58
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tadzike.g. I became the only remaining one in cruxpl recently :07:58
Romsteroh really.07:59
tilmantadzik: did rotwang leave? o_o07:59
horrorStruckRomster: thanks, got it. it took a bit more time to set up + packaging but after that it runs great and super easy to admin07:59
Romsterisn't pittilo in that group too?08:00
tadziktilman: Rotwang has his own repo08:00
Romsteryes first time setup you could be cursing at kernel going what i wont boot that.08:00
tadziktilman: sirmacik is gnoe08:00
RomsterhorrorStruck, one thing though it forces you to learn how to do it.08:00
tadzikRomster: I never heard of pitillo being Polish08:01
Romsterwhich is a good thing as it's then easy to repair.08:01
tadzikno, I don't think he is08:01
Romsteri forget where he is from...08:01
tadzikItaly maybe?08:01
tadzik1501 freenode  -- | [pitillo] (Milan, IT)08:01
horrorStruckRomster: definitely, i can even say that arch does hold your hand now. not the case with crux. as far as kernel is concerned, i had some configs for my machine already so that was an easy part08:02
Romstermasked hostname so can't check his ip. pl or something iirc.08:02
tadzikVictor Martinez does not sound Polish to me :)08:03
Romstertadzik, one of a kind :)08:03
horrorStruckMartinezski maybe?08:03
Romsteri'm hopeless with figuring out most nationalities.08:03
tadzikRomster: well, I have a friend named Filippovits, Polish :)08:05
tadzikwe had fun when they were trying to spell his name in school08:05
Romsteractaully tadzik do you have NLS on in your ports tree?08:07
tadzikRomster: nah. After I started using CRUX, I started to dislike translations08:07
tadzikRomster: however, once you'll be able to ban certain directories in your prt-get configuration (e.g. /usr/share/locale) I'd be for allowing them in ports08:08
tadzikthen everyone could use them if he really wants to08:08
frinnsthe's spanish08:20
Romstertadzik, you can do that now in pkgadd.conf :)08:25
Romsteryou ar probably aware on my ports and stuff i've enabled NLS in most things.08:25
Romsteri don't really understand the no NLS thing when pkgadd.conf can filter out all locales bar the one you want.08:30
frinnsti have never ever used a localized operating system in my life08:30
frinnsti dont want to break that streak now :)08:31
Romster even have a locale-gen for glibc.08:31
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Romsteranyways heading to bed g'night08:37
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horrorStruckteK_: qemu-kvm works as expected with 32on3212:00
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horrorStruckand it fails with 64(vanilla)on32 so -ck was not at fault.12:39
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: vala: add glib dependency13:48
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: flash-player-plugin: switched back to rpm based source14:48
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
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lainGood evening. A question - is it polite to remind repository keepers(non-official) about updating software versions(in order to edit their Pkgfile's)?15:14
lainI've just noticed that my port for tcllib is duplicated, but with older versions15:14
lainIf other maintainer will update his port, I can remove my own15:15
frinnstcant hurt15:18
frinnsthow can a company like adobe fail so bad at maintaining flash?15:19
frinnsti guess the 64bit plugin is abandoned again..15:20
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joacimi removed flash from my laptop15:35
joacimdoing fine without it15:35
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wobsitehey, so I'm trying to set up an httpup repo, but when I run httpup-repgen, it just generates an empty file for REPO. I just hvae \.tar\.gz$ in my ignore file. I had a look at the script and couldn't figure it out. any thoughts anyone?15:56
Rotwangwobsite: nothing comes to mind15:59
wobsiteAlright. I figured it was worth asking if I'd missed something obvious. new to crux. guess I'll have to do some debugging.16:00
treachtry adding "." as argument.16:00
Rotwangisn't it implicit?16:00
wobsiteit should be. also: no effect.16:01
treachI have no idea, I haven't created a repo file for ages, but somewhere I have this extremely faint recollection that you had to do that.16:01
* ente just uses rsync :p16:01
treachok, sorry, no idea then. I figured it was worth a shot.16:01
Rotwangwobsite: and you do create this repo on a crux system?16:01
wobsiteente: I might if I get really stuck. I'd like to figure this out though.16:02
enteI don't see the point. rsync is awesome, so if you have the resources to set an rsyncd up...16:03
entersyncd is really easy to configure16:03
wobsiteI may do that. It's mostly out of curiosity that I want to figure out what's wrong with this. but I also want to get the repo up and running.16:04
enteworks over here16:06
enteI don't have an ignore file though16:07
wobsiteah! how didn't I try that? yeah, deleting it did the trick.16:08
entewell, whatever, that was kind of pointless16:08
entethe repo is supposed to contain Pkgfiles, not packages16:08
entethus the blacklisting of .tar.gz16:09
wobsiteright. I'd like to get the blacklist working at some point.16:09
enteI just grabbed the next-best file that was available ;)16:09
wobsiteyeah, mine has ports in it. anyhow, thanks.16:09
entewobsite: the file blacklisting probably works with egrep or something16:10
wobsiteyeah, that's what I recall from looking at the implementation. couldn't find anything wrong though.16:11
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Romsterlain, you could even ask if they have contrib access to perhaps move it to contrib19:28
Romsteror you may apply for contrib :)19:28
Romsterwobsite, cd portsname && httpup-repgen && portspage . > index.xhtml && cd -19:31
wobsiteRomster, not sure what the signifignace of that command is. there's not portspage command on my system...19:51
Romsterportspage makes the html page for your site.19:54
Romster like that...19:54
Romster$ prt-get fsearch portspage19:55
RomsterFound in /usr/ports/opt/prt-utils:19:55
Romster  /usr/bin/portspage19:55
Romsterso prt-get depinst prt-utils19:55
Romsterheading back to work later.19:56
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