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pitillogood morning01:04
pitillotadzik: I'm from spain, I never was in the .pl group, sorry01:05
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horrorStruckgood afternoon #crux04:27
luxhhi horrorStruck04:28
horrorStruckhey luxh04:43
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jaegerAnyone in here actually understand how to set up docbook-xml and docbook-xsl properly?09:32
horrorStruckI dont and this stuff looks horrible. i needed it to build webkit nightlies, i ended up using an outdated Pkgfile that does the job anyway. I laughed about 5 minutes reading your question as I remembered the huge wtf feeling i had when i looked at those packages :D09:45
jaegerthey're a pain in the ass and the documentation is terrible09:49
jaegerseems like upgrading docbook-xsl fixed my problem this time09:55
horrorStruckyeah i'm afraid of the day webkit-nightly will ask for a newer verion :P09:58
horrorStruckdid you have a look on arch PKGBUILDs ?09:58
horrorStruckJGC is a good packager09:59
jaegerI have in the past, they're very similar to ours10:08
jaegerfor those packages, at least10:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: pango: fixed installation of man pages.10:29
laingood evening! Is there any 'beatiful' way to describe image viewer to program? (it specifies run string in source code, I can write my 'geeqie' there, but it's only for me)10:31
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horrorStruckjue: a new version of unbound is out with many bug fixes, i just built it, it works great as usual.10:41
horrorStruckthere's a too to create and update the root.key file as well10:42
jueyeah, I know10:45
juejust working on it ;)10:45
jueanyway, thanks for the hint10:46
tilmanjue: i'll get back to you about xz10:46
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horrorStruckjue: ah ok :) you're the one who recommended this to me, you've earned everlasting gratitude10:48
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: unbound: update to 1.4.7, enable DNSSEC as default11:17
juehorrorStruck: I've added a README11:20
jueI've decided to use a dedicated user to run unbound, because it needs write-access to /etc/unbound/root.key, if DNSSEC is enabled and unbound is running in a chroot11:23
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juebtw, there's a cool test-page to see if your resolver is using DNSSEC ->
horrorStruckjue: thanks !11:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: maildrop: update to 2.5.211:30
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lainhorrorStruck: is there a crux port for jumanji?12:30
horrorStrucklain: i have one hold on12:31
lainwith customizable config.h in port dir?12:33
horrorStruckuse jumanjirc instead12:35
horrorStruckdo you need a hinting script?12:35
horrorStruckhere's one:
horrorStruckdisclaimer: if you look at some of the other ports in this repo, some of them are work in progress (need to be cleaned up)12:40
lainhorrorStruck: nevermind, I've just written a patch in order to compile old program, and after that found this patch on the main site page below:-) So 'work in progress' isn't a reason for me not to use something.12:43
lainthanks for port!12:43
horrorStruckyou're welcome12:43
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lainhorrorStruck: config.def.h: char* download_command = "xterm -e sh -c \"wget... I think after this string I have to change config.def.h... I don't have xterm :-)13:26
lainor this is also redefinable by jumanjirc?13:27
horrorStrucklain: just change it in the source dir13:27
horrorStrucki think so13:27
horrorStruckfastest way is to edit it directly in the jumanji source dir13:28
lainyes, but in this case, for what purpose configuration file exists?13:30
lainas I see in examples, user can redefine variables from config.def.h13:31
horrorStruckok i'll make a Pkgfile with config.def.h that you can edit. after a marlboro...13:32
laindo you know some IRC channel/jabber conference where I can find developers of jumanji?13:33
wobsiteon, not this server.13:37
wobsiteno problem.13:40
horrorStrucklain: you'll need a copy of config.def.h in this dir13:41
horrorStruckyou can edit it13:41
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lainyeah! downloads work for me.13:46
horrorStruckyou're welcome13:46
horrorStruckok cool13:46
horrorStrucktried the hint script yet?13:47
horrorStruckwell, you should ;)13:49
laini have to understand what it does, this process takes some time13:52
lainhmm, remembered. I used this feature, but forgot it's name.13:55
horrorStruckkeyboard navigation13:55
horrorStruckhere's my messy config if you you can find anything usefull in it. beware of the proxy setting, if you're not using privoxy, disable that
horrorStruckcreate a .config/jumanji/scripts/ dir and put the hinting script in it (the one linked above). then restart jumanji and press f to follow a link or F to open it in new tab13:59
lainplacement of jumanjirc is in $HOME/.config/jumanji/?14:00
horrorStruckoh and of course edit the path to the script14:01
lainAs I realized, the biggest problem is that I don't have script :-(14:02
lainthere wasn't firefox in my system14:02
horrorStruckyou dont need that, i've uploaded earlier14:02
horrorStruck01:38 < horrorStruck> here's one:
horrorStruckput that in ~/.config/jumanji/scripts/14:04
horrorStruckand edit the path in jumanjirc, that should do it14:04
lainworks. Hints are very beautiful.14:05
horrorStruckand useful ;)14:06
horrorStruckyou can check all the keybindings in config.def.h14:06
horrorStruckor in man jumanji in fact14:07
horrorStruckbut it's not very up-to-date14:08
laini've just lurked around download_command and figured that it's supported in the config file. I've just placed it in a wrong place. So you can save a version of port with config.def.h for debugging/other purposes.14:15
lainBecause if you change config.def.h, md5 sum of it will change, and it's not beautiful14:15
lainYou are using privoxy for flash&advertisment blocking, am I right?14:27
horrorStruckad in fact14:35
horrorStruckjumanji has a built-in plugin blocker14:35
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lainit hasn't blocked flash out of box and I don't know how to disable autoloading plugin in configuration file14:42
lain"plugin application/x-shockwave-flash" this string from FAQ does an allow operation14:42
laini wanna disallow14:42
horrorStruckremove this set plugin_blocker false14:42
horrorStruckor set this to true14:43
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horrorStruckinside jumanji (but it's not persistant if you do so)14:43
horrorStruck:set plugin_blocker true14:44
horrorStruckthen you can set this up by plugin type14:44
horrorStruckor disable everything and just click on what you want to allow14:44
lainclickable widget?14:45
laini click and nothing happens14:45
laini had to return to command mode to see clickable widget14:45
lainthanks for help14:48
horrorStruckwelcome and sorry for OT #crux14:49
laini hope that this channel exists for communicating people that are using CRUX distro.14:50
lainso, discuss between such users isn't off-topic14:51
horrorStruckyes yes, that was more of a joke. cruxbot would have kicked our asses sine a long time :D14:51
laini often find out new things here, such as mp-up, jumaji.14:52
lain*jumanji :-)14:52
* horrorStruck googles mp-up14:52
lainI haven't heard about it until i had come here first time14:53
horrorStruckwhat is it?14:53
lainuseful thing to keep multiple ports of various people up to date14:53
wobsitewhat does it do that ports -u doesn't, out of curiosity?14:54
lainyou write a file with commands httpup, rsync, etc. and when you run ports -u the "meta" repository is created and all ports, described in /etc/mpup.lst are placed there14:55
lainand when authors update versions of software in their Pkgfile's you will receive this change after updating ports.14:56
wobsiteah. so it allows you to sync single ports, rather than whole repositories. that's pretty nice.14:56
horrorStruckprt-get let's you do that too14:56
lainwobsite: yes, you got the point14:56
lainhorrorStruck: how?14:57
wobsitedoes it? <- very new to crux.14:57
horrorStruckprtdir /usr/ports/xfce:librsvg14:57
horrorStruckfor example14:57
lainyou have to have a port driver in /etc/ports, isn't it?14:58
lainfor this repo14:58
horrorStruckor for any local repo14:58
lainmaybe I don't want to have anyone's repo driver in /etc/ports?14:58
lainalso, is it a new feature of prt-get came with 2.7 release?14:59
horrorStruckno idea, i'm new here too14:59
laini haven't moved to 2.7 yet14:59
lainso I don't know new capabilities of prt-utils15:00
lainlooked at prt-get manpage. Indeed, prt-get supports that. Even on 2.615:01
lainResult: I find out new thing. Thanks again!15:01
horrorStruckcant beat man pages :P15:01
wobsitewhat's ths subcommand for that? horrorStruck said prtdir, but I'm not finding that in the manpage.15:03
lainprtdir /home/jw/build:mutt, yafc15:03
lainin /etc/prt-get.conf15:04
lainthis string was from manpage15:04
lainwith the comment "use mutt and yafc from local build directory"15:04
wobsitehrm. not in my version of the manpage.15:06
wobsiteah, prt-get.conf(5).15:06
wobsiteI was looking at prt-get(8)15:06
laingood night everyone!15:23
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Romsterjaeger, Anyone in here actually understand how to set up docbook-xml and docbook-xsl properly? <- roughly
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jaegerare they much different from the ones in the gnome repo? I haven't got a browser handy at the moment19:52
Romsterall i know is it works i probably pinched thrm from arch or slackware or some place.19:55
Romsteryou do need the post-install. heck you can curl the files to a terminal or file.19:56
Romsteryeah i got it from linux from scratch19:56
jaegerah, ok19:56
Romsteri couldn't understand yours in gnome too easily.19:57
Romsterneed the post-install after to make the DTD's in /etc/xml/19:58
Romsterheading back to work. that should work for crux with no modifications needed except the source url in docbook-xsl uses a mirror:// metaformat.19:59
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