IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2010-11-13

cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pyxdg: new port moved from romster ports00:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: cython: new port moved from romster ports00:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: lxml: new port moved from romster ports00:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pyquery: new port moved from romster ports00:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: streamtuner2: new port moved from romster ports00:14
Romsterah crap a README snuck in..00:18
Romsterthere could be a way to use the system installed firefox to then do PGO on second rebuild of xulrunner and firefox.00:25
horrorStruckRomster: noob question but I'm confused. i have marked some ports collection as inactive (just renamed them) so ports -u will ignore them but the packages from those repos still show up in ports -d (i've actually bumped some ports of those repos previously), is this normal?00:25
Romsterhow did you rename them?00:28
Romsterthey go by the name= line00:28
Romsterwhat i do is move inactive ports i odn't use for ages to attic that's not in the prt-get.conf prtdir lines.00:29
Romsterand pkgrm them off the system if your trying to do that.00:29
Romsterthere is a preferhigher yes line you may want to look at.00:30
Romsterso if a port with same name= exists it'l choose the highest version if it says yes.00:30
Romsterelse it'll be first port found in prt-get.conf wins.00:31
Romsterstreamtuner2 is great for starting your favourite player with Internet radio stations.00:33
horrorStruckim talking about the /etc/ports/ directory00:33
Romsteroh those files.00:33
horrorStruckRomster: about Firefox, I know you have the possibility yo make it run your own script between the two buils do yes, that may be a possibility00:33
Romsterthe name of the file is what you can call ports -u foo with.00:33
horrorStruckports -u will llook at thos files to update your tree, is it right?00:34
Romsterthe contents in those files define the location of the ports and where to get them from.00:34
horrorStruckbut ports -d still gives me some info about ports repos that are no more active00:35
Romsterls -la /etc/ports00:36
Romsteryou may have ~ temp files.00:36
Romsterif you did edit any of them with say (g)vim00:36
Romsterrm /etc/ports/*~00:36
Romsterwould remove those.00:36
horrorStrucknot for this repo00:37
Romsterports seems to read the ~ temp files too.00:37
Romsteris the url correct or is it 404-ing?00:37
Romsterwhos ports repo?00:37
horrorStruckthe boss made it impossible to remove its stuff :P00:37 in tilman.rsync00:38
Romsteryou want it gone?00:38
Romsterrm /etc/ports/tilman.rsync && rm -r /usr/ports/tilman00:39
Romsterwould remove all his ports and from ports -u ever getting them again.00:39
horrorStruckah ! maybe that's because i didnt rm -rf /usr/ports/tilman00:39
Romstersee you keep the ports but it wont update after removing the /etc/ports file.00:40
horrorStruckyep that was it00:40
horrorStruckok, i thought rsync would remove them00:40
Romsteralso you probably got a prtdir /usr/ports/tilman in /etc/prt-get.conf00:40
Romsterah rsync usually does with the --delete option but ports -u doesn't do that.00:40
Romsterin case some ports tree disappears and you want to keep what you got already00:41
horrorStruckok ok that's clear now, thanks a lot00:41
Romsterhad me a bit confused there for a bit.00:41
horrorStrucki was not super clear also, i have to admit00:42
Romsteri thought yo were hacking away at Pkgfiles00:43
Romstercrux doesn't do them things your probably used to arch doing.00:43
Romstermuch closer to LFS without being LFS00:44
horrorStruckyes, definitely a different design. but i love my crux machine so much :P00:44
Romsterthat's how i summarise it.00:44
horrorStruckany idea about the user base ? i'm not surprised crux is not more popular (but i like that i have to admit)00:46
horrorStrucki AM surprised*00:46
Romsteri think the ones that are ubuntu ish may have tried crux and gave up on it as they couldn't get the kernel to boot it etc.00:46
Romsteri expect there is more userbase than what joins irc.00:47
Romstershame we don't have other port maintainers in contrib though.00:47
horrorStruckcan't we get some rough idea from people syncing their trees ?00:47
Romsterperhaps per a ip sort of stats. have to ask tilman jaeger jue sepen about that.00:48
Romsterone of them would know.00:48
Romsteror be able to setup some stat gathering thing.00:48
horrorStrucki made some ports that are not available but i'm very noob at this, i'm afraid the quality is not always there wrt my packaging skills00:48
Romsterprobably in apache logs already except the rsync ones.00:49
RomsterhorrorStruck, well start your own private ports tree and get sepen to add it to ports page.00:49
Romsterprivate repos are just that private but anyone can use them.00:49
Romsterat there own risk.00:49
horrorStruckyep, i'll clean up my punk style ports and do that00:49
Romstertake a look at the wiki/documtation on how to make Pkgfiles and get some ideas out of core/opt/contrib00:50
Romstercontrib is not official but it's pretty high quality.00:50
Romsterbe ware of my ports, i keep mostly high quality some might be out of date but i do my own hacks and stuff so not all the lines are official, but most do work in crux.00:51
horrorStruckthis is what i have so far but some of them really need some clean up
Romsteri can't vouch for the quality of the rest.00:52
horrorStruckyour ports are in contrib ?00:52
Romsterfor starters lose the Pkgfile name that's confusing call it horrorStruck or some other nickname.00:54
RomsterhorrorStruck, some are.00:54
Romsterand i moved streamtuner2 just before see cruxbot00:55
horrorStruckyes i saw that but i have no idea what it is sorry :D00:55
Romsterthey are commits00:55
Romsterfor core/opt/xorg/contrib etc repos.00:55
horrorStruckno no i'm talking about streamtuner200:56
horrorStruckbut just saw the description00:56
Romsterports -u contrib && prt-get info streamtuner200:56
Romstersee has my private repo romster among everyones elses.00:56
Romsteryour making duplicates of everything how come?00:57
horrorStruckyep i used some of your ports already00:57
Romsteras test or you modified?00:58
horrorStrucksome are just version bumps, some are different configuration options, some are really new ports00:58
Romsteri can bump them if you ask me what ones. i am working on a new up2date script to keep me informed as time permits.00:58
Romsternew is ok, different configurations you could ask if it's something not really major. like need a new configure feature.00:59
Romsteri'd probably put aria2c in contrib that's a quite handy port.01:00
Romsteri just haven't yet.01:00
horrorStrucktalking about aria2c, is there any way to let pkgmk use it instead of wget?01:01
horrorStruck(except hacking pkgmk code of course :P )01:01
Romsteri've actaully made pkgmk use curl in my pkgutils fork but yes you could hack it to use aria2c too.01:02
horrorStruckok but there's no "official" option?01:02
horrorStruckok thanks01:02
Romsteri may use aria2c if i arn't happy with libcurl.01:03
Romsteri'm basically trying out new things in my own branch.01:03
Romsteraway from crux so i don't bug anyone here.01:03
horrorStrucki like the parallel downloads stuff, maxing out my connection feels good01:03
Romsteri'm working on a libcurl method for that.01:04
horrorStrucki'll have a look at pkgmk code, a good way to learn i guess01:04
horrorStruckoh great !01:04
Romsteri've already added a mirror:// option to my fork for sourceforge and other mirrors.01:04
horrorStrucklet me know if you need some testers ;)01:04
Romsterit's far from complete though.01:04
Romsterand i have another option i'm merging in a xdelta diff update.01:05
Romsterso if oyu got a older archive it can download a diff and save bandwidth and time.01:05
horrorStruckwith any kind of archive anywhere on the internets?01:06
Romster xdelta files are in there but i haven't been keeping up to date recently.01:06
Romsterone i've been creating myself ^01:06
horrorStrucki mean there's no need for xdelta support on the server side (i know nothing about this stuff, dont laugh too loud)01:06
horrorStruckah yes, you need the mirror the distfiles, right?01:07
Romsterthe up2date script i'm working on will do a few things once it's matured, 1) inform me of new versions 2) able to download the new files and xdelta them (make a binary difference) 3) possibly bump the Pkgfile version= and test building them in a chroot with the help of my safe-build script.01:07
horrorStruck:O awesome idea01:08
Romster see the difference in file size.01:08
Romsteri'm full of ideas but not alot of time to do it.01:09
horrorStruckyep pretty impressive.01:09
Romsterwhich is why some of my stuff lags behind a bit.01:10
horrorStruckdid you discuss that with other folks here ? maybe some of them would join ? or maybe they also have their own projects lagging for the same reason :P01:11
Romsteri used to throw a few things in to pre-install and Pkgfiles but i got bitched at so i forked it off to it's own project.01:11
Romsterbut perhaps some of it may find it's way back here once the bugs are ironed out.01:12
horrorStruckwell, what you described earlier could only be a benefit and a huge time/energy saver01:13
Romsterpossibly, there is ck4up for checking for new versions.01:14
Romsterwhich is simpiler, what i'm doing is a way mroe complex way of like ls for web servers, filtering the list by version01:15
Romster up2date isn't perfect yet.01:16
Romsterbut it's taken me some time to make it /reliable/01:16
Romsterimmune to bad html coding pages, etc.01:16
horrorStruckuses the pkgfile to ls the download dir ?01:16
Romsterit reads the source= line out of the Pkgfile01:17
Romsterand optionally a up2date_url= line.01:17
horrorStruckwhat would that be?01:18
Romsteri've started adding some common filters liek i've added a sourceforge one so far so i can remove them up2date_url lines out of most sourceforge Pkgfiles.01:18
Romsterit's another option i've added that up2date can read.01:18
Romsternot all sites list files from the same directory.01:18
Romsterthey give a 403 forbidden to list directory01:18
Romsteror there could be any mirror site listed then i use the up2date_url for the main site archive list.01:19
Romsteri'm in the process of altering it so up2date_url lines are used sparingly.01:19
horrorStruckany idea how the "Latest Packages" rss feed of distrowatch works?01:20
Romstersee ck4up sues a database to do a diff once you've updated the database your stuffed if you didn't keep the list of differences.01:20
Romsterhaven't tried RSS, but that might be another thing to look at too.01:20
Romsterit would be some xml format.01:21
horrorStrucki dont know how it gets informed about new versions01:21
Romsterbumping my aria2c port.01:21
Romsterjust think what it's like with the many ports i have.01:21
Romsterck4up might suite you better.01:21
horrorStruckare many ports do you maintain ooc?01:22
horrorStruckout of curiosity01:23
Romsterah partly yes01:23
horrorStrucksorry i meant: how many ports?01:23
Romsteri like to try new things but i get to the point which i am nearing of pruning things i don't use.01:24
Romsterah well i'm about 50% of contrib and my just my romster repo is 31701:24
Romster214 in contrib if i read wc correctly.01:25
horrorStruckhow many hours do you spend a day to maintain all this ooc ?01:26
Romsteronly a few.01:27
Romsteri haven't counted really.01:27
horrorStruckfew hours a day is already a lot :P01:27
Romsterwe had more contrib maintainers but some left and i've taken over some ports, as have others.01:27
Romsterit's more like 10 minutes here 15 there not all in one sum.01:27
Romsterexcept weekends01:27
Romsteri probably do to much to be honest.01:28
Romsterbut i'm at least helping crux.01:28
horrorStruckyes very much appreciated !01:28
horrorStruckby simple users like me01:28
Romsterwhich is why i was wondering why your duplicating <<01:29
Romsterif they ports vary alot that's ok.01:29
Romsterif it's minor things like versions bumps inform the maintainer.01:29
Romsteralthough i guess i do pluck ports out of other repos too.01:30
Romsteri am trying to specialise in a few areas01:31
horrorStruckin fact, for me this is more a backup of the ports then anything else.01:31
Romsterwell don't expect mine to go anywhere soon :) i've been using crux since crux 2.2 or was it 2.3 can't remember now.01:31
Romsterbut i have seen other repos come and go over the years.01:32
tilmanthanks for the gazillion highlights01:34
horrorStrucksome of them aren't rename also. freetype for exmaple is freetype with infinality patches. version bumps only are very few (elfutils, rtorrent, maybe some gstreamer stuff)01:34
Romsteroh sorry in future i'll mask the nick01:34
Romsterpatches i'm keen to look over what they alter.01:35
horrorStruckyou mean infinality patches?01:35
Romsteri've added tht to freetype but that reminds me of another option i've added to my pkgutils fork the ability to specify different Cflags CXXflags per a Pkgfile01:36
Romster# freetype options found in include/freetype/config/ftoption.h01:36
Romsteroops i probably would of pastebin that.01:36
Romsterthought it go on one line.01:37
Romsterso where did them infinality patches come from and you should move the maintainer to the packager and add yourself as the maintainer.01:39
horrorStruckyes it's the punk version i told you :)01:40
horrorStruckare you using those patches by the way? they are _really_ great01:41
Romsterno but i'm looking at them now.01:41
Romsteryou are aware to use them you need t add defines.01:42
Romstermuch like i have done for other options ^01:43
horrorStruckhmm not familiar with that but i can tell you i love what they did
horrorStrucknever had so good looking fonts on a linux machine ever01:45
Romsterlooks close to mine.01:46
horrorStruckdont break my dreams please :P01:46
Romsterread though the source at the defines and undefines, you are aware of the ifdef blocks?01:46
horrorStrucki dont know much about code Romster :(01:46
Romsterthe -D and -U options in man gcc01:47
Romsteri'm no expert either at code.01:47
Romsterbut see what i've done i've -D defined some stuff so those code blocks gets used at compile time.01:47
Romsteradded to CFLAGS01:47
Romsterto enable compile time options.01:48
horrorStruckok got it now01:48
Romstersee even in your applied patches i see some options.01:49
Romsterthe one i've defined and one -U undefined are the standard ones in freetype.01:49
Romster-UTT_CONFIG_OPTION_UNPATENTED_HINTING is not free so cant' be in the Pkgfile.01:50
horrorStruckbut how come it is in the source anyway?01:51
Romsterso i've modded pkgutils so i can add extra options in pkgmk.conf01:51
Romsterbut you could add it in the CFLAGS in Pkgfile.01:51
tilmanthat patent expired a few months ago01:51
Romsterwell i haven't looked lately.01:51
tilmanhorrorStruck: the patent doesn't apply everywhere on the planet :)01:51
Romsteri guess that's why the code is in there.01:51
tilmanno, the code has been in there for years01:51
Romsterhmm k01:52
horrorStrucktilman: right right and i'm not even a US citizen :P01:52
Romsterneed to review that then.01:52
Romsternot all options are configured with ./configure --enable-foo01:52
Romsterusually experimental ones arn't. or ones with patent isses.01:53
horrorStruckit's already a pain sometimes to find out which options you can pass to configure...01:55
Romsterin the Pkgfile for example.01:55
Romster./configure --help01:55
Romsteris helpful.01:55
horrorStrucknot always :P01:57
Romsterand i made a mistake01:59
Romsterworth testing them out if you like them or not horrorStruck.02:00
horrorStruckthat would be with which source? vanilla freetype?02:03
horrorStruckis this what you're using atm?02:03
Romsterbut that last option is that patchset you have applied.02:06
horrorStruckso it's there already? i'm confused. or is it there but not enabled?02:07
Romsterhas this guy submitted these for inclusion in freetype?02:07
Romsterit's there from your patchset but not enabled.02:07
horrorStruckno idea sorry02:07
horrorStruckok i'll try now02:07
Romstersee the top of that file there is two new defines.02:08
Romsteryou add a define to CFLAGS gcc or CXXFLAGS for g++02:08
Romsterwith -Dfoo or -Ufoo to undo the define, in this case if you define -D them two you get additional stuff as the comments say.02:09
Romsterand you arn't even using any that are provided by freetype before you applied the patches but you can check though those i've pasted above and grep the source to read the comments.02:10
Romsterdefines are for additional code blocks.02:11
horrorStruckwhat about this
Romsterso sorry to burst your bubble on awesome patchset when you haven't tested out the extra options.02:12
Romsterthose two are here with comments scroll down a bit.02:12
RomsterDefine TT_CONFIG_OPTION_SUBPIXEL_HINTING if you want to compile EXPERIMENTAL subpixel hinting support into the TrueType driver. This will replace the native TrueType hinting mechanism when  anything but FT_RENDER_MODE_MONO is requested.02:13
horrorStruckmy brain exploded02:13
Romsterok that one is expermental may not want to use it. but the second one looks safe to use.02:13
Romstermaybe i am not being clear enough...02:14
horrorStrucknot that's not that, it's just that i dont know enough02:14
horrorStruckbut the patch i've linked isn't supposed to enable all this nice stuff?02:14
Romsteradd this above the ./configure line
Romsterit does enable some stuff but it has 2 options that arn't enabled.02:16
Romstersee that paste add that before the ./configure line and rebuild.02:16
Romsteri omitted the experimental define. and added those that i use that are part of freetype plus one from your patch for aditional hinting from other fonts.02:17
horrorStruckconfigure: error: C compiler cannot create executables02:18
horrorStrucklet me check the log02:18
Romsteroh sorry02:20
Romsterput a space after the " in CFLAGS+="02:20
Romsterso it's CFLAGS+=" -D02:20
Romster+= means append.02:21
Romsterand no space there would make it sit on the end of -pipe-D instead of -pipe -D02:21
horrorStruckworks :)02:21
Romstersee now it will use additional code blocks as it compiles for them features.02:22
Romsterusually they are set from the configure script but as i said earlier some are not.02:23
Romsterconfig.log is actually the settings at the end. which are defines.02:23
horrorStruckthe result isn't much different but anyway, thank you very much for taking the time to explain me all this !02:24
Romsteryou wont notice it until you restart <<02:24
horrorStrucksomething new learned today. i love my crux02:25
horrorStrucki restarted X, should be enough?02:25
Romstersince the current freetype is in memory02:25
Romstershould be.02:25
Romsterand possibly other programs that link to freeype may need to be rebuilt to relink.02:25
Romsterprt-get dependent freetype02:26
Romsterthere is a revdep command for checking broken library paths too.02:26
horrorStruckyep running it atm02:27
Romsteri'm not a expert but i gather you may need to rebuild xorg-libxft02:27
Romsterafter freetype.02:27
Romstertilma_n, would know more in that area.02:27
*** jue has joined #crux02:28
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jue02:28
Romstermorning jue02:28
horrorStruckrevdep is silent at least02:28
horrorStruckmorning jue02:28
RomsterhorrorStruck, you can do RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep02:28
horrorStrucki did02:28
horrorStruckon all ports that depend on freetype02:29
Romsterbut revdep without any options only lists ports that need rebuilding or are binary and don't link to system libs.02:29
Romsterhow do you do that?02:29
* Romster reads man page02:29
horrorStruckthey're only 602:29
horrorStruckon my machine02:29
Romsteroh really it does have a package name option i never took notice of that.02:29
horrorStruckrevdep can take multiple arg02:30
horrorStrucksorry that was a question02:30
horrorStruckand i will try so i can answer it :D02:30
Romsternot what i'm aware of the man page says 1 port name.02:30
horrorStruckyes it does02:30
Romster<packagename> [<packagename> ...]02:31
Romsterwould mean 1 or more.02:31
horrorStruckRD_VERBOSE=2 revdep $(prt-get dependent freetype)02:31
Romstersee you can do prt-get update -r `revdep`02:32
Romsterto be like the gentoo revdep, rebuild anything that needs to be.02:32
horrorStrucki yes i saw something like this in man revdep02:32
Romsterwell i learned something new. that man page needs a update.02:32
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: test-commit02:40
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: Revert "test-commit"02:46
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: hdparm: update to 9.3603:06
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: man-pages: update to 3.3103:06
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: xfsprogs: update to 3.1.403:06
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cups: update to 1.4.503:07
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: lesstif: fixed source URL03:07
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nvidia: update to 260.19.2103:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: tcl: 8.5.7 -> 8.5.805:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: tk: 8.5.7 -> 8.5.805:42
*** horrorStruck has joined #crux05:46
RomsterhorrorStruck, ok i've revied them defines and they are all set correctly now in new version, they never used to be, the only one i am needing to use now is -UFT_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_INTERNALS05:54
Romsteryou can find all the options in include/freetype/config/ftoption.h05:54
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horrorStruckRomster: sorry I'm a bit lost, are you talking about the infinity or vanilla version?06:19
Romstervanilla settings i was using.06:25
Romsterare now enabled by default and i noticed the two options that the infinality patchset add are enabled by default also.06:26
Romsterfreetype 2.3.9 didn't have much on by default.06:26
Romsterwhich was the one i was using.06:26
horrorStruckok got it now06:27
horrorStruckdo you mind uploading a screenshot of yours just ooc?06:28
Romsteri haven't restarted X yet.06:34
horrorStruckok no problem :)06:42
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horrorStrucksome crappy wallpaper ripoff based on my new crux fanboyism for your pleasure gentlemen. over 9000 hours with tuxpaint
tadziknice, but the blur is imho a bit too blurry09:56
treach"Learning to paint, pixel by pixel" :>09:56
horrorStrucktadzik: you have no idea how effects are needed for that blur :P09:58
horrorStruckhow many*09:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: x264: 20091225 -> 2010111410:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ffmpeg: 20100822 -> 2010111410:52
Romsterso was that some complex command line to imagemagick?10:53
Romsteri find it ironic you said over 900010:53
treachmust have been a bad year. No sleep, no food, nothing. Just futzing with tuxpaint. :>10:57
Romsterover a year.10:58
treachwell, I didn't think the difference was worth arguing about10:58
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andariusgreetings and salutations13:01
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RotwangRomster: thanks15:50
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horrorStruckRomster: would you consider adding vaapi [ ] support to ffmpeg? you'll need to build ffmpeg with --enable-vaapi and build it against libva [ ]. Thanks.19:26
horrorStruckgood morning by the way #crux19:27
RomsterhorrorStruck, morning looking into it 'd also need to add vdpau-video since i use nvidia.20:08
Romsteractually it's afternoon but whatever still waking up.20:11
horrorStruckvdpau is a great, playing 1080p with 2-3% cpu usage with xbmc, love it.20:11
horrorStruck(on an arch htpc)20:11
horrorStrucki'm using mplayer-vaapi and vlc with vaapi support on my crux machine (i3 cpu), works great as well20:12
Romsterso your on a intel card and that is in mesa3d?20:14
horrorStruckon the crux machine, yes it's intel20:15
Romsterso for my nvidia i'd also need vdpau-video20:15
horrorStrucki guess so20:15
Romstersince i got a pair of GTS 250's20:15
Romstereach with 1GB too.20:16
Romsterhmm yeah that page says the i965 is in the libva code.20:17
andariusheft video cards arent just for gamers ;)20:17
Romsternah i like my desktop space but i have yet to purchase the lcd's i'm after.20:17
horrorStruckandarius: true but... that the most common usage :P20:17
andariusmost common yes. I have 3 gtx 465s in this machine. I havent gamed for a long time20:18
Romsteri use multiple virtual desktops and i'd like to be able to see tv/movies, chat, code, browse etc.20:18
Romsteri do game a little.20:18
horrorStruckand that requires so much gpu power (i have truly have no idea) ?20:18
Romsteri also considered the GPU use for other processing too. but i haven't used them for that yet.20:19
Romsterandarius, nice how many monitors are you using?20:19
horrorStruckandarius: what do you use them for ooc?20:19
andariuseach is powering its own 21.5 inch widescreen lcd20:19
andariusmakes finding wallpaper a pain20:20
Romsterdon't tell me you got 6 lcd's?20:20
andariusno no, only 3. one lcd per card20:20
andariusI considered 6 though20:20
Romsterah higher res if you do that.20:20
* horrorStruck looks at his 12.1" laptop screen with despair20:20
jaegeryou could likely run 3 with 2 cards and save some power20:20
Romsterandarius, powerful card not being used much20:21
andariustwo cards and in some cases one would drive all three. this just seemed more even across the board20:21
andariustrue, but as you noted, they can do other things. plus I don't like waiting on video20:22
andariusplus this build has to last me a long time20:22
jaegerSome of the cards are picky, though =/ I've got a quadro fx 580 in this box with 3 outputs (2x displayport, 1x dvi) and it will only drive 2 displays at a time20:22
jaegerhaven't tested my gtx 460, wonder if it would do 320:23
Romsteri'm not sure many do use the 3rd line they usually use one interface or the other.20:24
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