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david_143hi everyone, I just wanted to say thanks for helping me earlier, my internet works fine now on kernel version 2.6.3600:37
pitillogood morning00:58
pitilloyou are welcome david_14300:59
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coredumbmorning :)01:28
pt_wm8505&win close01:41
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horrorStruckgoo- hi #crux02:05
horrorStruckRomster: how's the HD?02:06
horrorStruckhard drive full of pix02:21
horrorStruckhi tilman02:21
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mrkstilman: can I bug you with some xmms2 client programming stuff?03:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mod_perl: footprint update for perl 5.1204:17
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: yacy: 0.94 -> 0.9906:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: scorched3d: 41.3 -> 43.206:30
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frinnst# CONFIG_BKL is not set10:11
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RotwangI use 4 mail accounts and it is a mess!13:24
jseLooks like xz 5.0 has been released. No wonder xz was failing to upgrade.13:28
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* treach sighs at firefox15:43
tilmanmrks: you can try :p16:02
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Rotwangany people familiar with sorting algorithms16:24
RotwangI've got following code16:25
Rotwangteh problem is it performs tragically compared to my heapsort implementation16:25
tilmanyou should be ridiculed16:25
tilmanpolish variable names, what the fuck?16:25
tilmanand class names16:25
Rotwangtilman: itis project for my uni16:26
Rotwangtilman: you never name your variables in german? ;f16:26
tilmanuint x = elmnty[lewy];16:27
tilmanuint x = elmnty[lewy];16:27
tilmanlooks a bit fishy16:28
Rotwangok look at this
tilman++i ?16:29
tilmanshouldn't that be i++ ?16:30
Rotwangtilman: I set my pivot to leftmost element16:30
Rotwangno, I need to increment i before swap16:30
tilmanj starts out at p+116:30
tilmanso at the first hit, ++i is p+1, too16:30
Rotwangthe algorithm sorts correctly16:30
Rotwangbut performance is terrible16:31
tilmanyeah, well16:31
tilmana) set the pivot element more cleverly16:31
tilmanb) eliminate the recursion (ouch)16:31
treachahem.. tilman silly question, but do you have any idea what kind of critical option I might have left out of the kernel if all I get is a black screen and an apparently hung system when I try to start X?16:32
treachthis kernel config used to work in the past but apparently something changed. :/16:32
tilmanis this with KMS?16:32
Rotwang'a' array is always random, so it shouldnt be issue of the pivot, I guess it is the recursion that kills it16:33
treachI'm not trying anything fancy, but I guess it is. No idea how I play with that btw.16:33
tilmanare your VTs drawn in the old-fashioned text mode way or do you have a nice small font (graphics mode)? :)16:33
treachI have the old fashioned VGA stuff16:33
tilmanintel graphics?16:34
treachnope, radeon16:34
tilmani'd try KMS16:35
tilmanworked for me on a HD2400 until a couple of weeks ago16:35
treachok, what options do I need to enable in the kernel to get that?16:35
treachI'm very uncertain about this whole DRI2/KMS thingy..16:35
tilmani think these should be the relevant ones16:36
tilmantreach: hang on16:36
treachI'm not running anywhere. :)16:36
tilmantreach: ddid you install the radeon-ucode package?16:36
treachnope. dang16:36
tilman*might* help16:37
tilmanthough usually the firmware files are only needed to get HW acceleration and XV going16:37
treachhm, I'll need to fire up another system here, typing that pastelink is a bit tedious. :)16:38
tilmani can also upload it somewhere else if you want16:38
treachno it's fine. it'll just take a litte while. :)16:39
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treachok, going to reboot into the new world, hopefully. :)16:49
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thrice`..or not ;)16:53
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treachscreen still turns black, and then after a few seconds the screen enters energy save mode.16:57
thrice`no vga= entries?16:58
tilmandid you enable both KMS and install the firmware files?16:58
tilmanthe fancy graphics VT works now?16:58
thrice`and disable old FB stuff?16:58
treachI have no old fb stuff16:58
tilmananything in dmesg?16:58
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tilman(grep for modesetting as a start)16:58
treachthat gives me [drm] VGACON disable radeon kernel modesetting.17:02
Rotwangtilman: haha, it seems I was sorting a sorted  array17:03
RotwangI'm so silly17:03
* treach sorts gnawtoR17:03
tilmanah shit17:04
tilmantreach: i have this in my /etc/rc.modules:17:04
tilman/sbin/modprobe radeon17:04
tilman/sbin/modprobe fbcon17:04
tilmantry loading those17:04
treachcould it be that I haven't enabled firmware EDID?17:05
treachand ya, CONFIG_FRAME* is m17:06
tilmani don't have that either17:06
tilmani have nothing in "support for frame buffer devices"17:06
tilmanoff for zzZz17:07
treachme neither17:07
tilmangoot luck17:07
tilmantry loading those modules :p17:08
treachok, thanks a lot anyway17:08
treachI shall first have to locate that fbcon one..17:08
treachseems like I don't have that one for some reason. :/17:08
treachgot it17:09
thrice`I can't find it in my config.gz either17:09
treachit's there, I was just to damned tired to type straight.17:09
treachok.. *crosses fingers*17:13
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treachYAY! Success! :P17:15
treachtilman: thanks, I think it was the modules that did it.17:15
treachstill only got the fancy console, I think that's all the excitement I can handle for tonight. X will have to wait until tomorrow. :P17:16
thrice`:>  guten abend17:17
treachVielen dank. :>17:17
treachSehen uns Morgen. ;)17:18
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