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pt_wm8505good morning00:59
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: [notify] openssl: update to 1.0.0b03:47
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Romstersomeone needs to give lasso|qt__ a better net connection.04:00
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Romsterlasso|qt oi fix your connection your flooding.04:09
lasso|qtit's coroprate network, not much i can do im afraid04:10
Romsterdoes it lag that badly?04:10
lasso|qtthe only effects i see is irc04:10
Romstercorporate networks should be higher quality than home users Internet lines.04:10
lasso|qteverything else, including spotify seems purrfect04:10
Romsterpacket loss perhaps.04:11
Romstermtr to freenode monitor for latency and packet loss,something is not quite right.04:11
lasso|qtit got stable once i returned to the pc it seems04:12
lasso|qtso prolly some issues with powersaving or something04:12
Romsteralways the case, things act up when your not watching it eh.04:12
Romsternet looks ok.04:16
Romsterbut i wasn't testing it earlier.04:16
lasso|qtthis machine is running vista so not surprised something is amiss04:17
Romsterbetter be at least sp204:20
lasso|qt@ work noone cares if you "eek" ;)04:22
lasso|qtafking again so be ready for more flooding ;)04:23
Romstersadly the corporate world breeds on windows.04:32
lasso|qtidd it does04:39
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mrkstilman: what I wanted to ask: what is the common way to call functions like 'play next track' when mainloop is running? call these funtions from within another thread using the same client? Or do I need to use a second client for this without calling the mainloop? I'm using xmmsclient++08:35
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tadzikwhen trying to build spamassassin: chmod: cannot access `/dev/shm/pkgmk-work-spamassassin/pkg/usr/lib/perl5/5.*/Mail/SpamAssassin/*.pm': No such file or directory09:40
pt_wm8505tadzik: try forcing it to 5.12 instead of 5.* (in the Pkgfile)09:44
pt_wm8505btw, do you have /usr/lib/perl5/5.12/ ?09:44
tadzik...hello pitillo :)09:46
pt_wm8505try to make that change by hand in the Pkgfile, but may be you'll need another touch, check the last commit to see both files (which seems to have problems, may be you can ping teK and talk about that)09:47
pt_wm8505tadzik: hello btw :)09:47
tadzikyay works09:50
tadzikfind $PKG/usr/lib/perl5 -name '*.pm' | xargs chmod 064409:50
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pt_wm8505hello jue10:01
Rotwanghao r u guys?10:09
* Rotwang is siiting at the office10:09
jseSounds real fun :/10:09
* thrice` has the day off10:10
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jsejue: by the way, xz's download link is broken.10:12
juethrice`: you helped with udev in the past, right?10:12
thrice`for the transition to using the rules from LFS mostly10:13
thrice`but not much more :(10:13
juejse: thanks, we know that. It's a bit problematic because he/they changed the so-name of liblzma between the latest beta and 5.010:14
jueso we had to rebuild at least libarchive10:14
jseGood to know. Sorry if it seemed like I was barking up your tree.10:15
juebut we will do the update in the next days10:15
thrice`mm, does that break pkgutils temporarily?10:15
jueonly partly for xz archives10:16
juejse: nothing to worry but thanks to you for the report :)10:18
jseSuppose it would require a notification to the mailing list whenever you devs get around to making the changes and then pushing them to the repo.10:20
jseIt's bound to get a few a "omg it broken" lines and mailing list posts ;)10:21
jueyeah, I'd suggest to bump version of libarchive as well, to "force" an update10:27
juethrice`: you've seen the mail about udev from today? I'd like it if we could drop the additional LFS rules as suggested10:37
thrice`jue, have you tried rebooting without them?10:47
jueno, not yet10:48
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juethrice`: seems to work, at least no obvious issues with my laptop so far11:14
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jaegerI've had some issues with CD devices not being symlinked recently, wonder if that was part of it12:51
tilmanmrks: you should use the async interface. ie, call next() etc, but don't wait() for the result to arrive13:02
juejaeger: that works fine for me13:02
jaegerjue: It doesn't seem to be consistent, I can't duplicate it now =/13:03
jaegerwhen it happened sr0 was created but no cdrom symlink to it13:04
jaegerNot a big problem, just odd13:04
juethat's how it works on my laptop, I have a symlink cdrom -> sr013:05
jueom my desktop it's a cdrom -> hda13:06
jaegeryeah, it works most of the time, I haven't figured out what causes it to break on the few occasions it does13:11
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thrice`hm, not seen that one :(13:32
jueI've added a updated udev port to my privat repo, this includes the suggestion from and the fix for bug FS#671 as well, and it's an update to udev 16413:38
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juecause that are a lot of changes to a very important port, testing is much appreciated ;)13:40
jueyou can get the port with 'httpup sync udev'13:41
thrice`great :>  will test after I get a little more work done, JustInCase :>13:43
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thrice`I wonder why all pdf readers have to suck13:58
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tilmanfrinnst: does firefox depend on dbus for real, or is that something we could get rid of?14:32
treachthat reminds me; teK_ vlc *really* wants it's libgcrypt. :>14:35
thrice`mm, new gtk needs a new gtk_pixbuf port I think14:35
frinnstcant remember at the moment14:35
frinnstill look around14:36
frinnstwell, there is a --disable-dbus option14:40
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teK_thanks treach14:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: vlc: add libgcrypt dependency14:52
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frinnstyeah, works. want me to push it?15:03
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thrice`are there any lost features?  I can't even imagine what it might do15:08
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: irssi: update for new perl version15:09
* treach wishes "gconf" could be configured to go to hell. :/15:09
teK_it has a switch supposed to casuse that for sure15:11
thrice`chromium has recently dumped gconf :>15:11
jueteK_: thanks for the irssi fix, but got a footprint error ...15:14
teK_may I see it15:15
entesuch a longish subdomain :D15:16
teK_funny because a) I told it to use site and b) site is the default15:16
teK_that made no sense15:17
teK_wait :-)15:17
* thrice` waits15:17
teK_thank you (no need to hold your breath :))15:17
juewell, I'd say the ports build correct, but the .footprint is wromg15:17
entesite_perl is stupid :/15:17
enteor wait15:17
enteit isn't15:17
entevendor_perl is15:18
ente/usr/bin/perlbin/vendor/sa-compile wtf?15:18
teK_well that almost sounds like solaris15:18
entethat's arch :(15:18
teK_but you have to add more numbers15:18
teK_well jue, for me it gets built without the site* stuff on a recent crux (2.7)15:19
enteI never used solaris :)15:19
teK_but perl is 5.12.115:19
teK_this is in qemu instance so I'll take your fp for now and check it afterwards15:20
juesure, it builds but the stuff dosn't go into ../site_perl/..15:21
jueand that's what we want ;)15:21
teK_but I wonder why it won't do that for my installation15:21
entethere are lots of footprints with 5.1015:21
teK_problem is that I'm still running 2.6 on my physical machines15:22
juehmm, I guess your perl version is 5.12.1?15:22
teK_yep, updating right now15:22
teK_but the site-thingy should be pretty old stuff isn't it?15:22
frinnstthrice`: you lose the popup window when a download is completed etc15:23
frinnstthats about it i think15:23
jueno, I'd forgottten to add this to 5.12.115:24
teK_hehe :)15:24
treachfrinnst: I think you lose the ability to send a torrent from ff to transmission too, for instance15:24
juebut we used 5.12.1 only for some rc's, IIRC15:24
frinnsttreach: ? magnet links or what?15:25
teK_I still have *really*crappy performance with everything qemu-like except kvm-88 from 2009 .. I'll have to do a prt-get sysup..15:26
treachI'm not exactly sure how it works, but I got the impression that particular action relied on dbus.15:26
frinnstor the "send to" thingy?15:26
frinnstmagnet links works without it15:26
treachno, just clicking on the link and having it open in dbus, but that migth be a transmission thing. It wouldn't even start for me unless I started up dbus15:26
teK_thanks jue15:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: irssi: update for new perl version15:26
treachgah.. "open in transmission".15:27
frinnstyeah, youre right15:28
frinnsthow fucking retarded15:28
teK_heading to bed15:34
teK_bye bye15:35
juenight teK_15:35
frinnstseems everything works with --disable-dbus if dbus is installed15:45
treachthat's just.. weird >_<15:46
frinnstyou can build firefox without it, but you really ought to have it installed15:46
frinnstyeah, retarded15:46
tilmanwhy should you have it installed?15:47
tilmani'm wondering whether glib should depend on dbus15:47
tilmani only have dbus on this system because of firefox15:47
treachtilman: you don't use transmission?15:47
frinnstwithout dbus you cant download a file and have a program open the file15:48
tilmantreach: correct15:48
tilmanah, i see15:48
tilmanfrinnst: ... in firefox, right?15:48
frinnsti guess we could disable dbus in mozconf and remove it from the deps15:48
frinnstbut i suspect ppl will file bugs complaining15:49
jseLacking dbus BASICS since 2010.15:50
juehmm, without the ability to download a file the browser is kinda useless, isn't it?15:50
frinnstyou can still save the file locally15:50
frinnstjust cant associate a program to auto-open it15:50
treachjue: it does download a file, but you can't pass it to some other app, like a torrent file to transmission15:50
tilmanyeah, sounds like a feature people would want :D15:51
jueah, ok, that's a very small issue than15:51
treachI wonder how many other examples there are if we start digging.15:52
juewell, viewing pdf's might be more important than the torrent thing15:53
treachI guess you could cut the wire and see who and how many who starts howling.15:53
treachyeah, it was just an example, the first one I could think of since I ran into a dbus problem with transmission earlier today. I'm sure there are bigger problems if you start to think more seriously about it.15:54
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thrice`I'd say too much depends on dbus these days anyway16:10
thrice`tilman, what's the default for configure?16:13
tilmanthrice`: for glib? it will use dbus if its present (autodetect)16:14
thrice`ah, tricky16:17
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andariusgreetings and salutations19:40
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horrorSt1uckhi andarius20:42
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andariussalutations horrorStruck20:43
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