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pt_wm8505good morning00:59
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rauzhi i switch to 2.6.36 kernel and now my wlan is broken request for firmware file 'iwlwifi-4965-2.ucode' failed. but the firmware is still under /lib/firmware04:43
rauzsombody an idea04:43
pt_wm8505rauz: do you have it compiled as a module?04:46
pt_wm8505try to compile it as a module or it won't be able to read the firmware (loading kernel without mounting the / fs)04:48
rauzi try it04:48
rauzpt_wm8505: thx now it works04:54
pt_wm8505rauz: you are welcome04:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mtpaint: fixed dl url, and added patch fixing png linking breakage05:15
Romsterfrinnst> without dbus you cant download a file and have a program open the file. frinnst, i thought that's the job of xdg-open05:57
Romsteri thought dbus was just a notify daemon some program writes to a unix socket and you get notified from the tray.05:59
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horrorStruckworks here06:47
Romster ok it's just me...06:47
Romster(110) Connection timed out06:48
RomsterGenerated Thu, 18 Nov 2010 12:47:38 GMT by (Lusca/LUSCA_HEAD-r14756).06:48
Romsterand it's using a funky squid fork too.06:48
Romsteri can only trace to te8-4-10G.ar1.PAO2.gblx.net06:49
Romsteroh well i guess i'll wait.06:50
Romsteri thought the whole idea of all these routers was to have multiple paths for redundancy.06:51
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Romsterok it's back07:22
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frinnstRomster: so did i. but the fact remains. remove dbus and you cant open a file with a program upon download11:27
frinnstor perhaps im missing something11:27
frinnstwait wait wait11:36
frinnstim such a fucking retard11:36
frinnstthats what i get for testing when i should be sleeping11:36
Rotwang< frinnst> im such a fucking retard11:40
Rotwangfrinnst: say something we dont know11:40
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* treach watches the american get *shocked* by some /rudeness/!11:43
frinnsttreach: your transmission client must be linked against dbus too..11:43
tilmanf-word and r-word in one sentence? can't anyone think of the children!?11:44
* thrice` runs and cries11:44
treachfrinnst: yeah, guess so.11:44
frinnstmaybe i should refer to myself as a "cunt"? is that better? :)11:44
treachnever thought about looking into that. I guess I was in the same state you were. :>11:44
Rotwangdoes anyone have any experience with visual c++ studio or whatever and windows gui programming?11:45
tilmanfrinnst: yeah, but maybe you should say "jag vittu perkele" or so11:45
tilmanRotwang: yes. thank FSM that was in a past life \o/11:46
Rotwangflying spaghetti monster?11:46
thrice`jue, so, I was able to boot my system last night with your udev port :>  everything seemed OK in my limited setup, but I didn't try anything exotic.  usb-keys, hot-plug for, etc. seemed OK11:46
tilmanum, what's the proper urls for sourceforge stuff these days?11:48
juethrice`: goot to hear and thanks for testing11:48
tilmanah, i typo'd the file name *cough*11:50
juethrice`: looks good for me as well so far, but will do some more testing tomorrow11:52
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thrice`perhaps you can bribe others to try ;)11:59
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jueindeed, hope others will try too ;)12:08
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Rotwangany good ide for c++ except code::blocks and vim?12:13
Rotwangmaybe qtdesigner or something12:13
Rotwangno eclipse12:13
treach(it's _not_ only for qt apps)12:14
Rotwangqtcreator looks nice12:15
treachtilman: what? it works, and a *lot* of people use it..12:15
tilman'woodhead' is a nice last name12:15
tilmantreach: i find it unbearable ;)12:16
treachPersonally I prefer it to netbeans.. :>12:17
RotwangI like medit12:17
treachI prefer vim, but debugging with gdb isn't quite my cup of tea. :p12:18
enteI like vim too12:18
entetreach: what do you use then? valgrind? :P12:18
entegdb is relatively comfortable12:18
enteah, one thing: you can't write java without IDE12:19
entethat's IMO an argument against java, not one for IDEs12:19
treachI prefer to have something between me and gdb, kdbg is probably the best frontend I've used.12:19
enteanyway, poor university students have to learn java over here and write some projects in it, so I use eclipse for that. I'd never use eclipse for anything else though12:19
treachjava is a PITA no matter how you look at it. :/12:20
entethat's why I'm going to abandon CS12:22
enteand study something else12:22
enteI just don't know what yet :(12:22
treach"law" is probably the only thing that has a future. :/12:23
treacheverything else is going to India.12:23
tilmanente: can't you suffer through a couple of java classes til you get to the nice stuff?12:23
treachor china12:23
entetilman: what nice stuff?12:24
entethere's nice stuff?12:24
thrice`medical probably too12:25
Rotwangtreach: meh, it won't be that bad12:27
* tilman reboots to test udev12:28
* Rotwang likes studying CS12:28
treachthrice`: *that* is totally fubar. First we educate a very small (totally insufficient) number of doctors here, which makes it take almost being a genious getting in, and *then* we "fill up" by importing doctors from countries where they speak languages nobody understand.. :/12:28
thrice`hm, most of ours in the US are home-grown I think12:28
thrice`but we pay alot for such a luxury ;)12:29
Rotwangbtw. I've heard germans are lacking lots of IT people12:29
tilmantreach: finland?12:29
treachno, poland, hungaria and what not.12:29
thrice`mm, actually, I pay about 2% of my paycheck a week for insurance, but that doesn't cover nearly everything if I actually have to visit the doctor12:30
tilmanjue: udev port works12:30
tilmanjue: on startup, there was a message about /dev/null, but it disappeared so quickly that i couldn't get it all12:30
treachthrice`: that's the upside with that nasty "socialism"; your healthcare doesn't ruin you. ;)12:31
tilman# CONFIG_DEVTMPFS is not set12:31
thrice`I notice on LFS, they explicitely mknod that one12:31
tilmanit's probably safe to ignore12:34
tilmansince the system came up just fine12:34
thrice`and /dev/null exists?  I didn't check on mine12:35
thrice`mm, and I can't find the port online from work :(  sad face12:36
tilmanmknod -m 666 $PKG/lib/udev/devices/null c 1 312:36
thrice`ah, ok12:36
juetilman: yeah, saw it no, it's something like 'cannot open /dev/null'12:51
thrice`something piping output to /dev/null maybe, before it's up ?12:52
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juehmm, looks like a bug in udev, I'm quite sure that the message comes from udevd.13:19
jueadded some sleeps to debug this and figured out that if we cp the devices before udevd starts the message disappers13:22
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coredumbhello there14:48
tilmannice nick :p14:49
coredumbstill can't boot the crux x86_64 cd14:50
thrice`yes, a buddy of mine couldn't get the 64-bit iso to load either14:51
thrice`he said it got stuck at loading modules; I think some command-line hackery made it work however14:51
coredumboh i got stuck way before that14:52
coredumbkernel detecting my network card14:52
coredumbtilman: once i asked myself what's dumber than a coredump...14:53
coredumbis there a clever way to install crux without the CD?14:53
treachspeaking of 64b, does anyone know if there's any more recent write up on that than nipuL's, which seems rather outdated with dead links and all.14:53
treach"other than"14:54
thrice`regarding multilib I guess?14:54
treachstupid vbox won't build unless you provid it some 32bit security blanket. :/14:55
* coredumb wants to erase his slackware with crux :(14:55
thrice`coredumb, no, I meant booting the iso with "noapic" or something14:55
coredumbsure i did try noapic noacpi=off14:56
coredumbdidn't help and got stuck at the same place14:57
thrice`ah, ok :(14:57
coredumbmaybe there's a way to rebuild iso with my own kernel?14:57
thrice`I actually cheated and booted an ubuntu liveCD to install crux the last time :-)  it was quite hackish14:57
* coredumb shivers hearing "ubuntu livecd"14:58
coredumbman gentoo livecd maybe?14:58
coredumbthrice`: let's say i'm only able to boot a gentoo livecd what should i do next to instal crux? the chroot doc ?15:00
thrice`sorry, was digging15:02
thrice`something like that15:02
coredumbthrice`: dig as much as you want ;)15:04
tilmancoredumb: put on a smile, and ask frinnst to build an x86_64 iso without network drivers maybe15:04
coredumbtilman: my smile is always on15:05
* coredumb freak mode on15:05
coredumbgonna try the thrice` way - thx thrice`15:05
thrice`the only thing you'll have to do from a gentoo environment is extract the pkgutils pkg to /15:06
coredumbmmmh ok15:07
thrice`before entering setup15:07
jaegerdid you try booting with "nosmp" ?15:13
coredumbactually no15:15
jaegermight not help but I usually try it when there's a module issue15:15
coredumbdidn't think of it actually15:16
jaegerI only thought of it because recently I had to use it to boot some lenovo laptops with ahci15:17
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coredumbi'll try and if it's not working gonna try the gentoo livecd way15:19
treachGentoo Live CD, compile your system while you boot. :>15:21
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jueFTR, with tmpfs we have to cp some devices to /dev manually, not necessary if we use devtmpfs as filesystem for /dev16:19
juethe udev-port in my private repo is updated with a adjusted start_udev script16:21
thrice`isn't that recommended these days, for udev to be mounted as tmpfs?16:26
thrice`tough to enforce on users though :(16:27
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jueno, devtmpfs is the recommended way16:33
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ente... the fuck?18:41
thrice`wrong distro, plz gtfo18:42
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andariusgreetings and salutations22:22
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