IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2010-11-19

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pt_wm8505good morning01:04
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Romsterfrinnst, treach i guess you forgo to revdep after removing dbus02:53
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juejaeger: was wrong wrt cdrom-links, the old deprecated IDE devices (hdx) are unsupported since udev 148 and our own/LFS rules doesn't add anything here06:15
juejaeger: was misled by my own local rule06:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mysql: update to 5.1.5306:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: samhain: update to 2.8.106:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xsane: update to 0.99806:33
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jaegerjue: fair enough, though that would not affect me as I didn't have any hdX devices, only srX08:42
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* Rotwang needs someone who knows how to write code in visual c++08:56
* Rotwang pays in vodka08:56
Rotwangpolish vodka08:56
jaegerdoes it have to be c++ code?08:57
jaegerI could probably write some python in the IDE :D08:57
Rotwangit has to be visual c++08:59
thrice`I can write a bash script from notepad09:00
luxhi can draw a horse on paper and scan it for you09:00
Rotwangok but no vodka for that09:03
Rotwang1 litre vodka09:05
Rotwangcme on guys09:05
jaegersorry, I've got no experience with visual c++09:06
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acruxRotwang: polish vodka = wodka10:19
Rotwangand bimber10:20
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Rotwangtreach: want polish wódka?11:00
treachno thanks. :>11:00
treach..and before you ask, polish sausage, beer and hookers are "no" too. :>11:01
jseHe's driving a hard bargain for someone to code some visual c++.11:05
treachoh. Not that it changes anything. :>11:06
Rotwangwithout success so far11:06
treachRotwang: I'm very sorry, I'm of absolutely no help to you.11:08
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tadzik…the first thing I see on the channel is something about wódka12:56
treachif you have a look in the log, things get a bit clearer.12:57
treachthat tends to happen when vodka is involved. :>12:58
tadzikis visual C++ not really C++?12:58
treachit's an IDE, not a language12:59
tadzikyeah, but is it so difficult that using the IDE becomes more challenging than programming?13:00
treachahem.. we're talking microsoft vs c++... your guess is as good as mine. :>13:01
treachI've only ever used VS for a tiny bit of VB a loooong time ago. And that was essentially hell.13:02
Rotwangtadzik: If I compile my code with g++ -ansi -pedantic -Wall it barely complains13:19
Rotwangbut it doesnt compile at all under visual13:19
tilmanmsvc is not only an ide, it's an compiler and a dialect of c++13:20
Rotwangtadzik: chcesz litra?13:33
tadzikRotwang: a daleko jesteś? I za darmo?13:37
tadzikMogę sam Ci odpalić jeśli masz ochotę zaliczyć za mnie laborkę :P13:37
treachfunniest english I ever saw13:37
Rotwangtadzik: nie rozumię :C13:38
Rotwangno one wants to help poor Rotwang13:48
treachI think it's probably more a factor of "never really used it" than "won't help". But what do I know. *shrug*13:49
Rotwangyeah, I'm joking13:49
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tilmanjue: with your udev port, /dev/dri/card0 is owned by root:root now. i think it was owned by the video group before14:52
thrice`KERNEL=="card[0-9]*",GROUP:="video"        should do it14:55
thrice`    has a few interesting ones14:56
tilmani guess this rule was in the LFS ruleset14:57
juehmm, on my netbook it's root:video with mode 66015:20
juelaptop as well, both have intel graphics15:23
juetilman: do you see anything related in the LFS rules?15:36
tilman# DRI devices are managed by the X server, so prevent udev from creating them15:37
tilmanKERNEL=="card*",    OPTIONS+="ignore_device"15:37
thrice`jue, before, or after your load X ?15:39
juedo you have the latest version of the port, particularly important is the start_udev script15:42
tilmani'm running yesterday's port atm15:43
tilmanie the first version with michal's fixes15:43
tilmanso no15:43
* ente feels confused by the bmake bootstrapper15:44
juetilman: dunno, by might be related to the /dev/null issue15:45
tadzikmy first thought was Boost, second was cmake in B language :)15:45
entewell, pkgsrc needs it15:45
enteand since bmake has been ported to linux ages ago15:45
entepoint is, I'm way too lazy to rewrite all the slackware scripts to work on busybox15:46
enteat first I tried crux pkgutils, but they don't play well with ash or ksh (the least of my problems, since slackware's makepkg works fine)15:47
entebut I don't have a libstdc++ yet (doesn't pkgadd depend on that?)15:47
entecompiled fine but then always segfaulted15:48
tilmanjue: yeah, it works with your latest port :)15:59
juecool :)16:00
tilmanah, nice16:06
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tilmanwhat's up?16:28
treachseems like colonel Panic just had to mess with me. :/16:28
treachinsert bridgin module, *kaboom*16:29
tilmandid he bring General Failure, too?16:29
treachI guess you could say that. :>16:29
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Romstergood morning17:32
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jaegerWhat's the preferred FS for SSD usage now? ext4?18:15
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frinnstlast i checked18:28
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jaegergot my replacement SSD back, gonna put CRUX on it in this box19:34
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ente <- nice WTF moment20:02
ente(that's with uclibc)20:03
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