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pitillogood morning00:53
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* Rotwang is looking for touchscreen software03:36
pitilloRotwang: touchscreen software? do you mean driver?03:37
Rotwangno i mean graphical interface03:39
Rotwangso I can use teh touchscreen03:40
pitilloI think that isn't really related to to the touchscreen03:40
pitilloif you have the driver you can use it with any graphical interface03:41
pitilloyou have some options, for example android which is spacial designed for them03:41
pitilloor give a try to e17 and load the illume2 config (I think illume too)03:41
pitillohere we are using CRUX-ARM with handhelds (and other embedded devices like the HP jornada 720) and they are running lof of wm without problems03:42
pitillohere you can see some screenshots in a htc-prophet  por ejhemplo para dejar al grupo contributors que hagan push03:43
pitillo09:39 <sepen> me pillas03:43
pitillosorry, bad paste03:43
pitilloRotwang: I don't know if you mean something like that03:44
Rotwangpitillo: so it is all dependent on the driver03:44
RotwangIf I install gnome I'lll be ablo to touch the icons, yes?03:45
Rotwangclick on them by touching them03:45
pitilloRotwang: yes, and I think you'll be able to change the wm/de behaviour, to click with 1 or 2 touches03:47
pitillothe problem is related to the driver support (tslib) but if you have it working or you know that there is support for it (you need tslib and xorg-tslib) then you03:48
pitillothen you'll be able to setup both and then run any wm/de over them03:49
Rotwangok, ,
RotwangIm going to choose one from these four03:49
RotwangNEC 175VXM+ NEC 195VXM+NEC 22WMGXEizo FlexScan S1902SH03:50
pitillohave you read about their driver support?03:50
Rotwangwhich one is going to be less problematic to setup on a linux box?03:50
pitilloto be sure you'll be able to setup them and use them?03:50
Rotwangno, but I'm going to03:50
pitillowell, you'll know about that when you look for their support (I don't know about that really, I only know a bit about handhelds/embedded)03:51
Rotwangok, so touchscreen behaves simply like a mouse03:51
Rotwangor a touchpad03:51
pitilloyes, something similar, but it relays in another hardware/software(driver)03:52
Rotwangpitillo: thanks03:57
pitilloRotwang: yw03:57
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pitilloRotwang: it's an interesting question, I'm not sure it will work on those devices04:14
pitilloRotwang: can you share info if you find something interesting?04:14
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Rotwangpitillo: sure04:56
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prologicAny of you successfully packaged up pypy ?20:52
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