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pitillogood morning00:58
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RomsterNooo Leslie Nielsen has passed away.02:49
Romstertilman, why are you using a path in gdk-pixbuf instead of gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders --update-cache03:09
Romsteralso the file has /usr/bin/gtk-register: register gdk-pixbuf loaders03:09
Romsterdoes anyone have the issue of any gtk apps exploding when you drag stuff in them with the new gtk version?04:57
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Romsteri've noticed this for a while (been on gtk 2.22.0 now 2.22.1 before crux)04:57
pitilloRomster: updated to 2.22.1 (and new dep gdk-pixbuf) and I made some drag and drop in FF and geany and there isn't any problem05:18
Romsterwell that's odd05:19
Romsteri've had gdk-pixbuf for a while now.05:20
pitilloI'm forcing geany's rebuild to verify it's working fine. I just add gdk-pixbuf to build the new gtk version05:20
Romsternote that gtk depends on gdk-pixbuf so few ports should change dependencies if any.05:22
pitillono problem here rebuilding geany too (moved files from the gtk slector and from E17's file manager and no prob)05:25
pitilloRomster: can you tell me how are you doing that to get that behavior?05:26
pitilloto try to reproduce the problem here05:26
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Romsteri'll retry in a moment.05:30
Romsterperhaps i need to rebuild again all apps to the new gtk+ i only did a minor bump from 2.22.0 to 2.22.1 but i have not rebuilt anything else that depends on gtk yet.05:31
pitilloI didn't either, tested and worked, then rebuild a dependent app, which works after that too05:32
Romsterfirefox never crashed on tab dragging before i moved from old gtk to the 2.22.x branch.05:33
pitillolet's see tab dragging here then05:33
Romstergonna see if xchat bombs out on a drag05:34
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pitillono problem with tab dragging on FF here05:34
Romsterwell xchat hates it.05:35
Romsterreally weird.05:35
pitilloinstalling xchat here05:35
Romsterit better not be some bug that i've created.05:36
Romsteri am on a older glibc but gtk was fine before the new branch.05:36
pitillono idea, xchat works well here too (CRUX 2.7 in virtualbox)05:40
Romster###!!! ABORT: X_ChangeWindowAttributes: BadPixmap (invalid Pixmap parameter); 4 requests ago: file nsX11ErrorHandler.cpp, line 18205:49
pitillono idea sorry05:51
Romsterand line 182 is05:52
RomsterXSynchronize stuff so it may be a problem with my xorg instead? i'm confused.05:54
pitillowhere that file cames from?05:55
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Romsterfirefox file i'm looking in.05:55
pitillowhich FF port are you using?05:55
pitillohello jue05:55
Romstermy own...05:55
Romsterbut this crash isn't just ff05:56
Romsteranything gtk related.05:56
pitillook, I haven't that file in my system, sorry05:56
pitilloRomster: have you tried to change your gtk-theme?05:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: python: update to 2.7.105:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mysql-python: footprint update for python 2.705:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: whois: update to 5.0.905:56
RomsterThe program 'gmpc' received an X Window System error.05:57
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libmpfr: update to 3.0.0-p805:57
RomsterThe error was 'BadPixmap (invalid Pixmap parameter)'.05:57
Romsteri guess i have something else broken...05:57
Romsteri've done a revdep over my system.05:57
pitillodo you have a gtk-theme? can you give it a try changing it?05:58
Romsterheck my xor is newer than crux's in areas too.05:58
Romsteroh yes i am using a theme05:58
Romsteri did not even think of that oh gawd.05:58
pitillowell, then there are lot of differences between your system and CRUX 2.7 really05:58
pitillowell, give it a try and try to comment results if that works05:58
Romsteryeah i know but i haven't butchered it that hard though.05:59
Romsterdoesn't seem to be a theme i think it's some buggy image handling library when i thought it was gtk itself.06:05
Romsteri guess this is what i get for hacking at my system eh. :)06:06
horrorSt1uckRomster: did you by any chance totally disable debugging in gtk? there are different debug levels that you can chose when you ./configure and i remember having lots of crashes with debug totally disabled in the past.06:10
Romster./configure --prefix=/usr06:15
Romsternope stock.06:15
Romsterchecking my image library versions against crux's06:16
Romsterjsut got me a coffee06:16
jueanyone tested the new udev port from my privat repo?06:23
Romsteri've been meaning to try that jue06:23
horrorSt1uckjue: i guess i'm at your 2nd version. is it 3rd? i'll install it when back home06:24
jueit's still the second on, not modified since 10 days06:25
Romsterok your atk is at 1.30.0 and i'm on 1.32.006:26
horrorSt1uckjue: ok. works fine here. just got some message about <have to be in front of my crux machine to tell you> but i believe it's because i have DEVTMPFS_MOUNT=y in my kernel config.06:30
Romstercrux's pango is out dated too. but not related to images..06:31
Romsterthe only rel thing i can find is my libjpeg is older... about time to bite the bullet and update that and recompile half my system.06:32
juehorrorSt1uck: ok, good to hear06:33
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: python: footprint fix06:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: qca: updated to 2.0.308:33
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jaegerheh, nice16:46
RotwangI'm going to take some sleep, bye16:48
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horrorStruckhi #crux21:10
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