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pitillogood morning01:01
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frinnstuseless fucking isp04:59
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teK_frinnst: does libc-client fail on x64 for you, too?05:23
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frinnstlet me check05:24
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frinnstyes, needs -fPIC05:25
teK_should I..?05:25
frinnstgo for it05:25
xukashihi bros05:49
teK_hi you05:55
teK_cruxbot won't report git-things for x86_64-opt?06:00
teK_no, it won't. :-)06:13
frinnsti wonder how much snow we have07:27
frinnstthe national weather service says its between 50-75 cm07:27
frinnststupid weather07:28
teK_snow ftw07:28
teK_but we have ~20cm I'd say07:28
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frinnsthas anybody here had any experiences with lilliput usb-screens in linux?07:50
frinnstseems pretty straightforward:
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RotwangIs there any gpl cad software for linux08:11
Rotwangable to open dwg files08:11
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: force rebuild against xulrunner.08:23
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xulrunner: removed dbus dependency.08:23
thrice`Rotwang, not that I've found.  I'm a mech. eng for a living, and CAD on linux pretty much sucks08:28
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: xz: fixed source url09:51
pedjaWhy was dbus explicitly removed  from xulrunner?10:02
pedjaI thought that it gets picked automagically during configure stage.10:02
frinnstno, it used to depend on it10:04
frinnstbesides, there is little to no downside in disabling it10:05
frinnstalso, i get to enjoy all the hate that results in a xulrunner/firefox rebuild10:05
jaegerCPU is cheap these days10:12
pedjafrinnst: :)10:12
pedjajaeger: I wish, I'll be getting me an i7 in that case :)10:15
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xulrunner: removed dbus-glib from the dependency list.10:18
pedjaI'll wait for the next FF release, can't be bothered to rebuild this now.10:19
pedjafrinnst: what did you decide about 64bit nvidia in opt-x86_64?10:24
jaeger$ grep processor /proc/cpuinfo | wc -l10:29
mrksI have problems installing crux 2.7 on my notebook. booting from cd results in: "isolinux: Disk error FF, AX = 421D, drive 9F" (two mirros tried, md5sum is correct, google says could be cd-burner). booting from usb-stick results in: "The CRUX media was not properly mounted! Spawning a shell..." (this is after module loading)10:32
juejaeger: there's a new command 'lscpu' from util-linux-ng10:33
mrksdmesg prints usb errors, something like "device not accepting address"10:33
mrksguess some driver is missing on the iso kernel?10:34
mrksoutput of lspci:
jaegermrks: the drive is there, it prints that message. means the hardware doesn't agree with the controller10:38
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mrksit's the output of lspci of a running archlinux install10:46
jaegermy point is that the driver is there, I think that message is generated by it10:47
jaegerIt could be that that kernel version's driver has  bugs or something, but it's there10:48
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mrkswhich message do you mean?10:48
mrks"The CRUX media was not properly mounted!"10:48
mrksguess this is one print of a crux script?10:48
jaeger10:33 < mrks> dmesg prints usb errors, something like "device not accepting address"10:52
mrksah okay10:52
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pitilloRotwang: can you make a bump to pidgin or do you prefer to fill a bug to don't disturb?12:20
Rotwangpitillo: sure I'll bump it12:21
pitillothank you :)12:22
Rotwanglooking at the changelog no major changes was done so there shouldnt be any problems12:26
pitilloI hope so, I need some of those changes here (related to the certificates)12:26
pitilloI'm building it here and I'll test it soon12:27
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wart___Hi folks.  I heard about your project and skimmed through the handbook.  Looks nice.  I have one question tho.  Currently, I have a gentoo system that operates as a binhost for my three netbooks since these netbooks (obviously) can't compile packages locally.12:31
wart___it wasn't clear if all crux packages are such that you must compile them locally.  It certainly didn't look like you had a binhost option.12:31
entethere is prt-get for ports, but you can also use pkg-get to setup a binary repo12:31
entethere's just no public one, but if you plan on compiling stuff on one host and deploying it on 3 other boxes, that'd be no problem,12:32
pitillowart___: CRUX is source based, but you can use pkg-get to build packages repositories (no optimization or a shared one)12:32
pitilloRotwang: it's working fine here :)12:32
wart___pitillo: i'll have to give it a try then.12:33
wart___love the rc system.12:33
wart___nice and simple.12:33
pitilloyou'll finally love all... neat and simple :)12:33
wart___i'm pretty addicted to the gentoo emerge/portage utils (been usingn it for about 10 years)12:34
wart___so we'll see how frustrated i get.  but i'm so sick of the bloat in gentoo's rc system.12:34
wart___i hardly have any idea nowadays how my network gets setup!  its all magic12:34
pitillohere I have no idea about gentoo sorry. I feel very confortable with CRUX :)12:34
pitillowell, that's a common thing share by other distros, a reason which put me here... learn12:35
wart___there's a nice gentoo util called e-file that I use all the time.  what it does is allow you to type efile glxFoo.h and it'll search an online database and tell you what package provides that file.12:35
pitillowart___: read about prt-get, you can make an alias for that :)12:35
wart___(if it isn't already installed, of course; qfile glxFoo.h tells you the package if it is)12:36
wart___cool, i'm gonna install it over christmas :-)12:36
thrice`prt-get fsearch glxFoo.h   :-)  searches /usr/ports/ for which port would provide it12:36
pitilloprt-utils and pkgutils will be your friend12:36
wart___how big is your userbase, do you think?12:37
pitillowhat's userbase? is there a definition for that?12:38
pitilloas big as you want, isn't it?12:38
wart___likee how many people do you think use crux :-)12:38
pitillosorry, I didn't understood12:38
pitillono idea, I think there are more users than the ones who are here12:39
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thrice`wart___, I would say not incredibly huge, but a decent number of users.  very small, lightweight distros don't appeal to everyone ;)12:39
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wart___yeah, the payoff of lightweight is having to cook your own packages if no one has already done it, which will happen more often on smaller distros12:40
wart___but i don't have that many packages that i use anyway or that many weird ones12:40
pitillowell, there are a lot of ports really, provided in lot of collections12:41
Rotwangwart___: creating a port for crux is simple task (if application is well maintained by upstream)12:41
pitillowart___: check the portdb and look for the ones you would like to have and verify if someone else has done them12:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pidgin: 2.7.3 -> 2.7.712:45
wart___yeah, the PITA is when there are layers of patches.  but usually one can deconstruct the ebuild or the deb or the rpm or whatevs.12:45
pitillothank you Rotwang :)12:46
Rotwangnp [;12:46
enteI usually take a look at the arch PKGBUILD when I package stuff for crux ;)12:50
thrice`thank you for contacting ze Help Desk12:50
frinnstpedja: i havent decided anything. but i dont want to maintain something that i cant test12:51
pedjaI use that, so I can update the port, test it for a few days, and if doesn't brake anything, send you the diff :) ?12:53
pedjait is in my best interest to have working video card, you know :)12:54
frinnsti guess, but i'd rather have someone else maintain it :>12:54
frinnstdo you have a port of it somewhere?12:55
jaegerhrmm, probably time for me to build another updated ISO12:57
Rotwangthrice`: haha12:58
Rotwangente: not a very good idea imo12:58
enteRotwang: why?12:58
enteRotwang: I didn't say I copy it12:58
Rotwangente: i didnt say it either12:59
entemost PKGBUILDs are fugly, but it's the fastest way to get the current source url12:59
pedjafrinnst: I can send it to you by email?12:59
pedjanothing fancy, just the regular nvidia from opt, but with x64-only driver.13:00
Rotwangbtw. I've just noticed that there is no yhafri collection in the portdb13:00
Rotwangthe horror...13:01
Rotwangis over13:01
thrice`disagree ;)13:02
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Rotwangthrice`: some of his ports were really bad quality13:03
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pedjafrinnst: mail sent.13:06
pedjait is not that big of the deal if you do not13:07
pedjawant to maintain it, I don't see anyone else but me using it anyway ;)13:07
frinnstpedja: done13:20
frinnstbtw, i listed you as the arch maintainer :>13:20
pedjanice :)13:20
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frinnstwonderful, snowing again14:08
andariusgreetings and salutations14:13
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tilmanfrinnst: \o/ <3 snow <314:30
frinnstdie die die15:08
teK_"die bart, die!"15:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: skipfish: 1.80b -> 1.81b15:29
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libgpg-error: 1.9 -> 1.1015:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libksba: 1.0.8 -> 1.1.015:37
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frinnstis it just me, or does the current bzr version in contrib fail with our python-version?16:31
frinnstno version prior to 2.3b2 seem to fail16:32
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entefrinnst: haha17:56
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