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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: bind: 9.7.2-P2 -> 9.7.2-P300:28
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pitillogood morning01:01
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: udev: update to 164, clean-up09:11
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manhunteranybody here ?09:49
manhunteris there any package manager for crux ?09:52
manhunteror users manage and install everything by hand09:52
jaegerIt has a set of tools called pkgutils09:52
jaeger <--- info here09:52
juefor those who care about dnssec, there's a nice firefox add-on ->
jaegerer, neat10:14
jaegercan't type for crap today10:14
manhunterjaeger: hi10:18
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doudou1Hi, i downloaded iso, i begin install and instead of hda it sees sda ? and there are many problems, i cant boot, lilo does not like disk partitions, grub does not want to boot the kernel ...13:03
doudou1grub does not sees stage1 ... what did you tuned?13:04
tadzikYou come from Debian, right? I think only them still use hda13:05
doudou1i dont think so ..but continue13:05
tadzikWell, whether it's hda or sda depends on your kernel configuration entirely13:05
doudou1ok, so i understand, the kernel used to boot choosed sd,13:06
tadzikif lilo does not like disk partitions, it's probably your fault partitioning it :) Now for the 4-5 years I use linux I heard the word stage1 only in terms of some old Gentoo installation way. What do you mean "does not see stage1"?13:06
tadzikplease provide more details: your lilo/grub configuration, partition layout, what exactly happens when you try to boot13:07
doudou1so it is not so important? ok because i have DamSmallLinux installed, and when i ask it to add crux to its grub/menu list it has not been possible13:07
doudou1lilo dislike the funny partitionnig, ok i accept that13:08
tadzikI don't know how automatic DSL is, I'd probably add CRUX to grub myself if I were you13:08
doudou1so i went back to install crux and install grub, as i found google that new kernel need new grub13:08
tadzikhmm. Never heard of it, but maybe13:08
doudou1but when i ask grub (from crux install /mnt) to install itself in mbr it says it cant find stage1, in fact in /boot/grub/ there are crux02.xpm.gz ...?13:09
doudou1DSL is 2.4 and busybox13:09
tadzikI hardly remember how it was when I installed CRUX :) I think I used lilo back then for some time, then moved to grub13:10
doudou1excuse me to be so nervous, but ... i spent 2 days trying to install minix without succeeding, and now i feel that crux is different13:11
tadzikthat's ok13:11
tadziknow, stage1 in my /boot/grub is not owned by the package system, isn't it supposed to be installed there by the kernel or something?13:12
tadzikI wonder where did I get it from13:13
doudou1no it is grub packages that contains this files, what are the crux02.xpm.gz?13:13
tadziksplash screen for grub. The graphical background for the menu13:13
doudou1i understand, there is no more stage1 ... it is too old, now it isgrub-install ... ok13:13
tadzikgrub does not own /boot/grub/stage1 for me. See
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tadzikwhat does grub-install /dev/sda say?13:14
doudou1does not have any corresponding BIOS drive13:14
doudou1search for /boot/grub/device.,qp13:15
doudou1search for /boot/grub/device.map13:15
tadzikwith a tab of course13:15
tadzikwhat does your menu.lst look like?13:15
doudou1excuse but ... installing CRUX with keyb us ... so i need to learn new grub13:16
tadziknew grub?13:17
doudou1says what are the crux.xpm they are the images13:17
tadzikcrux doesn't use grub2, don't worry :)13:17
tadzikyes. They are also completely optional, you can safely ignore them13:18
doudou1so why no more stage1, i miss some files13:18
tadzik -- my menu.lst13:18
tadzikI don't really know much about stage1, sorry13:19
doudou1i dont care the menu.lst when boot i take command and put kernel and root arguments13:19
doudou1yes i care about stage1 as i dont know how to install grub to the mbr of sda13:19
tadzikah, ok13:20
tadzikhmm, I don't know how to help you, sorry13:20
doudou1i use to run grub> root (hd0,1)/boot/grub ; setup (hd0); but now how?13:21
tadziknever used grub this way13:21
doudou1other way is grub-install ; you helped me with sda13:23
tadzikI'm glad at least about this :)13:24
tadzikhmm, do you really need to add /boot/grub after root (hd0,1)?13:25
doudou1grub-install /dev/sda is correct, but fail -> /dev/sda does not have any corresponding BIOS drive.13:25
doudou1maybe some odd hardware13:26
doudou1in command like you need to tell grub where it is installed , then you tell him where to install, maybe it knows to search /boot/grub automatically13:27
doudou1this dell computer is very odd13:28
doudou1doc said grub-install should create file13:28
doudou1i understand, i cant grub-install in chroot env, and i cant install it from cdrom as there is not grub installed13:33
jaegerdoudou1: if you run grub-install it should copy the stage files from /usr/share/grub/i386-pc to /boot/grub for you13:41
jaegerif you did it manually you would need to copy them yourself13:41
doudou1thanks yes i find that, but it wont work as in chroot you cant access to BIOS13:41
doudou1i beleive13:42
jaegeryou should have all you need in the chroot if /sys and /proc are mounted13:43
jaegerdid you use the setup-chroot script or do the chroot yourself?13:43
doudou1when i understood that, i tried to quit chroot and install lilo : /mnt/sbin/lilo -C /mnt/etc/lilo.conf -M /dev/sda and then lilo did not complain about strange partition13:43
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doudou1but no more boot ...  back with grub, copied the stage1 file ; run grub-install /dev/sda ; got /dev/sr0 does not have any corresponding BIOS drive14:42
doudou1i dont know what mess they put with their sda instead of hda ...14:42
jaegersda vs. hda is caused by the kernel using libata drivers instead of the old stuff, which is a good thing14:46
jaegersr0 is the cdrom device and shouldn't even be used by grub14:46
doudou1ok i managed to install grub in MBR, but kernel do not boot crash saying : VFS Unable to mount root fs on unknows block (0,0)14:48
doudou1i gave grub kernel (hd0,1)/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda2; thats ok?14:49
doudou1Kernel Panic14:50
jaegerif it got to that "unable to mount root fs" message, the kernel booted14:51
jaegeryou're probably missing the driver for the right IDE/SATA controller in the kernel config14:51
doudou1but i took the kernel of the cdrom!14:51
jaegerthe one the ISO uses requires an initial ramdisk, it's not ideal for the final system14:52
jaegershould be simple to fix, though, if you boot back to the CD14:53
doudou1ok i try compiling kernel14:53
jaegerjust have to change the controller driver from <M> to <*> in the kernel config14:53
doudou1is there easy way to choose good options for kernel makemenuconfig? i leave as it is? there is no enought explanations14:54
jaegeryou learn them over time, mostly14:54
doudou1yes but it is approximations, and as they change options ... need lot of work to follow things14:55
jaegerone useful thing you can test is 'lspci -k'14:58
jaegerit will show you which kernel module the devices use14:59
jaegeryou can compare that to the kernel config sometimes14:59
doudou1i beleive i saw something in /proc about that but did not understood well there are /proc/modules that show what cdrom use15:01
doudou1i found /proc/config.gz un zip it and found a make config15:05
doudou1i will clean evreything and restart from zero15:06
doudou1what do you thing about /proc/config.gz?15:08
jaegerIt reflects the current running kernel config15:10
jaegerthe kernel creates it15:10
doudou1should work with new install15:10
jaegerit's a good starting place but not final15:13
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dunekdoes annybody have a crux install in virtualbox?15:33
dunekdid you have any problems?15:35
duneknow it works15:37
duneki think giving it 64mb of ram was a not enough15:38
dunekthx anyway15:38
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andariusgreetings and salutations17:32
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