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pitillogood morning01:03
DarkNekrosgood morning pitillo ;)01:17
pitilloyo DarkNekros :)01:21
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Rotwangsince I've update to crux 2.7 on my laptop01:43
RotwangI get strange behaviour of some apps01:43
Rotwangeg. thunderbird segfaulted01:44
Rotwangbut when I recompiled it with debigging symbols it stopped segfaulting01:44
Rotwangsame with firefox01:44
Rotwangand now gtk01:44
Rotwangit is like -Os is breaking stuff01:44
Rotwanghowever on my crux64 at home everything forks fine01:45
Rotwangand I noticed LD_LIBRARY_PATH is not recognized01:45
Rotwangvirtualbox doesnt want to run at because it cant find some libs01:46
Rotwangeven if I use /lib/ld-something directly it works up until some point when it breaks01:46
Rotwangis there something basic I'm missing?01:46
Rotwangdamn my typing today is completely broken [;, it is too early for me01:50
Rotwanganyway, it is funny because when I want to debug something it starts working01:50
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entetilman: is there a reason why shows both ports and only shows the one with minus?03:43
enteI guess it'd avoid port-duplication if we changed this03:47
Rotwangente: _ is a sql wildcard04:00
* ente tries '); drop table ports; :P04:05
enteah, it gets escaped04:06
entethanks, now that I know, maybe I'm better at searching ports :p04:13
entebecause there are so many ;)04:13
enteusb\_modeswitch becomes usb\\_modeswitch :[04:13
Rotwangente: ^04:19
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jaegernew updated 2.7 iso uploading08:30
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mrksjaeger: did you update the usb image too?10:30
mrksI installed crux from an other computer, but will try the new iso if it boots now10:31
jaegerI didn't mess with the USB image10:31
mrksare there any changes regarding kernel, config or minor upgrade?10:33
jaegeronly minor kernel changes, just to (pata_winbond driver removed)10:33
jaegermainly just useful for the package updates10:33
mrksok, the same kernel I have running now, will try it tomorrow10:34
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: [notify] openssl: update to 1.0.0c11:45
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: man-pages: update to 3.3211:49
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: explicitly disable dbus.11:55
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aubictilman: your 2.7/opt-x86_64/valgrind is outdated14:55
frinnstyes tilman, stop slacking off!15:07
frinnsti'll fix it15:08
enteto slack off == to use slackware? :P15:38
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jaegerAnyone have any keymap problems with the current xorg setup in crux? I get weird stuff like the Up arrow key sending PRINT17:48
jaegerwonder if it's evdev or something else17:48
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jaegerhrmm, somehow got that problem to go away18:32
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jaegertouchpad still doesn't work right but one thing at a time, I suppose19:09
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