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carpoHello, folks!05:02
carpoI need some help, so I'll ask directly:05:03
carpoI'm trying to create a port for the courier-mta, and the specific thing about it is that it must be built as a regular user;05:03
carpoHow can I tell pkgmk to build the package as, say, nobody?05:04
carpoIs it even possible?05:04
Rotwangcarpo: you need to build as a user or files needs to be owned as specific user05:09
Rotwangyou can simply run pkgmk as normal user05:10
carpoRotwang: well, see
carpoRotwang: I've built courier on Slackware, and there I built it as a regular user; how do I specify this inside a port's Pkgfile, so pkgmk knows what to do?05:13
teK_Pkgfiles are treated as shell scripts. They are sourced (i.e. build() function gets defined, env vars get set) and then build() is called05:17
teK_configure: WARNING: === and rerun the configure script.  If you have read05:18
teK_configure: WARNING: === the INSTALL file you should have known this.  So05:18
teK_configure: WARNING: === you better read INSTALL again05:18
teK_software treating its users this way is... well. :-)05:18
carpoSo how does a build script that needs something done under a different user id gets it done?05:19
teK_you'd want to create a dedicated courier user after setup any, don't you?05:19
carpoI've read INSTALL - I have courier running; I'm interested in making a port for CRUX with it; I'm almost sure Gentoo has it, too, and... I think CRUX and Gentoo have things in common05:20
carpoyes, courier likes to run as a dedicated "courier" user...05:20
teK_carpo: yeah sure, I criticized courier, not you.05:20
teK_then you should create a pre-install script. Example follows:05:21
carpoAh, what can I say - courier can be picky about the details...05:21
teK_it's executed by prt-get (if it's configured that way) prior pkgmk05:21
teK_so I'd opt for doing something like this:05:21
teK_1. let pre-install create the courier user so you can be sure that it's present05:22
teK_2. do the usual cd $name-$version thingy but after that call chown -R courier .05:23
teK_3. run su -c './configure --stuff' courier05:23
teK_4. run make install DESTDIR=$PKG (if courier supports that) which will get executed with root privileges again05:23
teK_5. profit05:23
carpoteK_: Now, thats really helpful! Thanks, teK_! Now I can get to it... ;)05:24
teK_btw: please note that pkgmk won't parse/execute *-install scripts, this is done by prt-get.05:24
teK_no problem, we don't have a courier port yet :)05:24
teK_(as you probably noticed)05:24
carpoIf I am successful enough expect me with questions about including said courier-mta port in contrib... Thanks again!05:25
teK_you are welcome05:25
teK_you could patch configure to skip the EUID==0 test for root after all05:27
teK_but I don't know if courier relies in a twisted way on that it's not built as root05:27
carpofrom my experience with it - I think its subtle enough for it to really insist on NOT being built as root05:29
teK_I'm maintaining postfix and like dovecot a lot ;)05:29
carpoand I have experience with neither of those - jumped straight on courier, and love it ever since!05:30
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teK_hi jue05:46
surrounderheya jue05:46
juecarpo: I've no idea wrt courier, but just looked at ./configure --help and saw an option --disable-root-check ;)05:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: fakeroot: update to 1.14.506:14
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tadzikdoes anyone know some C++?08:08
tadzikoh nevermind08:12
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msadiqHi guys. I am installing crux on my Acer emachines netbook. Done all the steps but grub installation is failing with the message "The file /boot/grub/stage1 not read correctly". Please help.11:13
msadiqI have ensured that the device mapping is correct, that the file /boot/grub/stage1 is readable and is of the correct type (verified using file command)11:14
msadiqany pointers?11:14
msadiqI have googled and also checked the handbook - no answers for this.11:16
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msadiqsomeone please help11:22
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enteRotwang: libev is a bit outdated12:31
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ccze: update url20:06
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andariusgreetings and salutations21:48
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cereal_killahm, bigger community than I thought22:09
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msadiqHey guys... have a problem installing grub on my newly installed crux box. need help.22:47
msadiqanyone available to help?22:49
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msadiqOk, here is the problem. I have installed crux (latest) on my Acer emachines netbook. I didn't install Lilo. I want to use Grub. After all the installation processes (compiling the kernel etc.) I tried to install grub but if fails with the error "The file /boot/grub/stage1 is not read correctly"22:57
msadiqI have done all the basic troubleshooting - viz., verified that the ISO image I downloaded was not corrupt, verified the media that I used to install crux, verified that I am using the right device names, verified the device map to be correct, verified the stage1 file to be readable and of the correct type (with the file command), ensured that the support for ext2/3/4 filesystems is in-built into the kernel and not as a module.22:59
msadiqPlease advise as to what I might be doing wrong. I really want to be able to use crux linux. Please help.23:00
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msadiqwould anyone please help?23:11
msadiqI am not finding any help in the mailing list archives either. and nothing in the wiki23:14
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