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enteteK_: ping?02:21
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enteis there a standalone footprint checker?07:21
enteI'm just hacking one, I want to know if there already is one so I can stop :P07:21
Rotwangente: what do you mean exactly?07:22
entea tool to check a package against the .footprint07:22
entejust not built into pkgmk, but standalone07:22
RotwangI've writen something once07:22
Rotwangbut it checks actually installed package07:23
entewell, I'll hack something together, thanks07:23
Rotwangente: it is very easy07:24
Rotwangjust pkginfo -f package07:24
entethat just prints the footprint07:24
Rotwangand then diff it with footprint07:24
entethat's not that eas07:24
enteit contains timestamps ;)07:24
enteI'll copy the diff part from pkgmk07:24
Rotwangpkginfo -f gives you plain footprint07:25
enteoh, right07:25
Rotwangbut you have to sort pkginfo -f output07:27
enteI'll figure it out07:27
Rotwangdiff -pruN <(sort .footprint) <(pkginfo -f pcmanfm#0.9.8-1.pkg.tar.xz | sort)07:27
Rotwanganyway, ente07:28
RotwangI'm looking at the libev07:28
Rotwangevent.h doesnt look like something I could easily remove07:28
enteeverybody else does07:30
enteit's just libevent compatibility, and nobody seems to use it07:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libev: update to 4.01 and removes event.h07:47
RotwangI mean removed*07:47
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enteit appears to me that xulrunner isn't buildable in parallel09:36
entemake -j16 has no effect09:36
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horrorStruckente: i think you need something like MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS10:44
entemake is supposed to read MAKEFLAGS /o\10:45
entehorrorStruck: do they unset them?10:45
horrorStruckvery likely10:45
enteat least10:47
entethrice`: I was right with about 20 min ;)10:47
enteRotwang: <- there, I released it10:54
enteI even made a port (although it seems ridiculous) rsync -aqz .10:59
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enteprt-utils is sweeeeet11:13
* ente thinks his last arch box has more crux package managing stuff than arch specific stuff on it11:14
horrorStrucki installed prt-get on my office arch box :P11:14
entejust did that11:15
horrorStruckworks great11:15
entehorrorStruck: first package I installed via pkgutils :-D11:15
horrorStrucki made pkgutils -> ports -> prt-get11:16
enteI made a pacman package for pkgutils and ports11:16
thrice`arch users are weird11:17
entearch is weird11:17
enteI just don't want to shut my server down to replace it with something decent11:17
thrice`uh huh11:17
ente(don't call me stupid for putting arch on it in the first place, I already know that ;)11:18
horrorStruckarch is not that bad11:18
enteon servers, it tends to be really bad :(11:18
entethey just rebuilt gnupg and now it depends on libusb11:19
horrorStruckhuh? lol11:19
enteand I don't see the point for that on e.g. a vserver11:19
entebut pacman's abilities to blacklist suck11:20
enteI didn't even realise how bad pacman actually is before I saw crux :P11:20
horrorStrucki was quite impressed too with how powerfull but yet super simple crux tools were11:21
horrorStruckente: which cpu is it on your build machine?11:24
entean i711:24
entemy uni bought several amd quadcores and that one11:25
enteand I'm sysadmin there, so I decided to make a crux build chroot on the ubuntu they forced me to install :P11:25
jaegerente: I sometimes build ISOs in a chroot on this ubuntu box :) it's a good way to work11:26
horrorStrucki just build firefox on an i3 330 (2.13G) and it took real23m8.197s11:26
jaeger16 core xeon e5520, woo11:26
enteubuntu kind of works unless you try to configure anything11:26
jaegerI'm familiar enough with it that it doesn't get in my way11:26
entejaeger: well, the way the debian package management works seems crucial to me11:27
enteit's very precise11:27
jaegerI've made more than enough debian packages to get to the point where it doesn't cause me problems11:27
jaegerIt's not hard, just time-consuming11:27
jaegerout for lunch, back later11:27
entejaeger: and has additional black magic everywhere11:28
enteon the other hand, make-kpkg seemed convenient somehow11:28
entethat was before I started to patch the kernel ;)11:28
thrice`apt is pretty powerful, I'd never really dug in to it until recently11:29
entejaeger: the fancier the things get you want to do, the more time-consuming it gets. I'm not sure if I want to know how much time the exim-guys wasted on making everything work that way11:29
enteapt is definitely a nice package manager11:30
ente(I prefer aptitude over apt get though)11:30
thrice`indeed.  I really like their recommends stuff11:31
entethe software collection they put together is huge too11:31
thrice`installing stuff without any recommends, and then only adding the stuff you want after the fact, but letting the package manager think it did it automatically11:31
entedid anyone try gentoo>11:32
thrice`I used to use it before crux11:32
entewhy did you switch?11:32
entebtw, ubuntu feels a bit like a joke compared to debian11:33
thrice`mm, portage is super powerful, but kinda clunky.  I like being able to simply edit Pkgfiles and build things quickly, where on gentoo, you have to do the various things manually if you do that11:33
entethe patches they apply are partly very silly11:33
horrorStruckgentoo looks overcomplicated, opposite of crux11:35
thrice`yeah, if you try to hack an ebuild, you have to manually regenerate checksums, move it to an overlay, tell portage about the overlay, construct your overlay in the proper format portage expects, blahblah.  it's not tough, but it's a little complicated11:36
horrorStrucklunarlinux looks sweet.11:38
enteI've used sourcemage once11:40
entecan't remember it anymore, but switched back to arch for some reason11:41
entephryk switched from lunar back to gentoo11:41
horrorStruckwho is phryk?11:42
entea friend of mine11:42
horrorStruckah ok11:42
entehe said he missed the slots11:42
entethrice`: I think that's the price for well-engineered package-management: the packager pays it11:42
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enteanyone here running a 64 bit crux?12:08
horrorStruckjust a 64bit kernel12:09
thrice`ente, at home, sure12:12
* Rotwang 12:12
entethrice`: kernel or userland?12:12
entewhat does /usr/bin/crux say?12:12
thrice`both :>12:12
enteI just thought maybe I should also build 64 bit packages12:13
entesounds reasonable12:14
enteI can't build 64 bit packages, I only have a 32-bit-pae-kernel12:14
enteon that i712:14
entesomeone else should do it if anyone's interested12:15
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jaegerI used gentoo before crux and enjoyed it but it was a lot more work13:00
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entewhen did you join the devteam?13:08
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enteI wonder if it would be better to package a subset of the haskell-package-collection as crux-packages or instead just package ghc and cabal-install and use cabal-install13:13
enteI don't want to package everything13:13
mike_kI think, the CRUX way would be to package everything. at least we live with perl/python packaged that way.13:23
mike_kthe collections are incomplete though =(13:24
entecabal-install tends to be better at resolving haskell dependencies13:24
enteI'll just let it do the work13:24
entethe pkgutils installed packages integrate well with the other ones13:26
mike_kf.e. I have aplenty of personal python ports - just keep them private and avoid easy-install and friends.13:26
mike_kthey should work together most of the time13:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mercurial: remove call to help13:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mercurial: remove locale files13:33
thrice`ente, ah, c'mon, loop ls `/usr/ports/*` and prt-get depinst and upload away ;)13:35
entethrice`: hm?13:35
thrice`oh, nevermind; by everything you mean ghc.  I thought you meant providing all packages13:36
entejust thinking whether it would be better to package haskell packages or just cabal-install13:39
entehaskell-packages tend to depend on different versions13:39
enteof other haskell-libraries13:39
enteand cabal-install is very good at figuring that out and installing what's needed in paralelel13:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mercurial: update footprint15:26
entewould it be possible to split my own ports-collection and the haskell-ports-collection?15:27
ente(i.e. can I have two ports-collections)15:27
entethere used to be a haskell-ports-collection, but I think lucas hazel retired15:29
tilmanwhat makes haskell ports annoying is that you need to register packages with ghc15:30
tilman(and unregister them at uninstall-time)15:30
entetilman: yeah, that's why I don't really want to package anything except ghc and cabal-install plus deps15:31
enteI moved my other haskell-ports to old/ (they were partly outdated)15:32
tilmanrelying on cabal can work15:32
tilmandoes ghc have something like site_install vs vendor_install or somesuch?15:32
tilmana la perl, ruby, (maybe python)15:32
enteI don't think so15:32
teK_ente: what's up?15:35
enteteK_: gegl footprint-mismatch15:35
ente(gimp too)15:36
teK_k, saw that already15:36
enteI packaged it with exactly the deps listed in Depends On15:36
teK_i.e. without libsvg15:36
teK_From: Moritz Wilhelmy <>15:37
teK_ain't you?15:37
entethat's me15:37
enteteK_: <- I forgot to attach the footprint mismatches (that's gegl)15:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: qingy: 0.9.1 -> 1.0.016:01
teK_ente: annoying to build? add webkit :p16:04
enteteK_: will do16:05
enteteK_: does it take long? is that all?16:05
teK_it will take ages16:05
teK_more than xulrunner I think16:05
entethere's another footprint mismatch in gstreamer16:15
entejaeger: ^16:15
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gegl: fix footprint (thx ente)16:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gimp: fix footprint (thx ente)16:30
enteteK_: took a bit longer, yes16:45
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enteresult is tiny ;)16:46
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: rdiff-backup: fix footprint17:38
teK_ente: I'm using 64 bit on a quadcore cpu :>17:53
entemaybe I should upload 64 bit packages too17:54
enteon the other hand, 64-bit-boxes tend to be fast enough to compile stuff17:55
enteand iirc 64 bit was still halfway semiofficial, or am I wrong there?17:55
teK_been using it for ages :)17:56
enteI don't own any 64 bit boxes :)17:56
enteand I'm not going to compile on a vm on a netbook or something like that ;)17:56
teK_I just upgrade (finally!) to crux 2.717:57
teK_I love the way that each time I do that something fdifferent wont work like it used to (due to xorg updates or whatever)17:58
enteI upgraded months ago (probably while I was procrastinating)17:58
ente do you think this is useful enough to go into prt-utils?17:58
teK_and until terminal will work again I wont have copy and paste17:59
enteah, ok :)18:00
teK_so you are comparing .footprint and tar -tzf $FILE?18:00
entebasically what pkgmk does, but standalone18:00
enteoutput format is the same NEW/MISSING as pkgmk (the sed-diff-construct is copied from there)18:01
teK_so you will compare .footprint vs. $INSTALLED_FILES on my HDD?18:01
entenope, just the tarball and the footprint18:01
teK_use case?18:02
entefinding footprint mismatches when you threw away the build log ;)18:02
teK_no objections but I'd love to see all tools share a pkg_ or prt_ or smth.18:02
teK_I don't get why cruxers made the same error(!) as gentoo and debian wrt packaging utils18:03
enteprt-ftck is ok?18:03
teK_that's a big one ;)18:04
enteftck sounds stupid18:04
teK_this should be discussed with jue and Co and I do thiink that there's no 'way back' ...18:04
enteguess I'll rename it anyway18:04
entethat sounds like urxvt and ncmpcpp :P18:07
enteI suck at names18:07
teK_ente? :P18:07
entehm? :)18:08
enteand yeah, I'll discuss it with jue and co18:08
teK_[tek@basra][/usr/lib]% for i in `sudo find . -name '*.la' -exec grep -il libpng12 '{}' \;`;do sudo sed -i -e '/^dependency_libs/s:-lpng12:-lpng14:g' -e '/^dependency_libs/' "$i";done                                                                                                           :(18:12
teK_screwing up systems since....18:12
teK_at least exo built afterwards.18:12
teK_and terminal, too. yay18:13
teK_I'm using xfce's terminal18:15
teK_resuilting in: tabs + copy and paste in cool + direct url opening === profit18:15
enteurxvt has all that too18:16
enteanyway :)18:16
teK_in beautiful? I don't thinks so, sir18:16
entetabs look like shit, yes18:17
enteother than that, urxvt looks perfect18:17
enteplus I can use the keyboard to yank or open urls18:17
teK_so I raelly like screen and all those nifty curse-based programs.. but my terminal needs to be Terminal(1).18:17
teK_dunno if terminal can do that18:18
entewhat do you like about Terminal?18:18
teK_it's look.18:19
enteI've never really used it; only gnome-terminal and that one used to steal keys which were supposed to go to the curses layer below18:20
enteone can probably configure that, but I don't see the point in stealing them in the first place18:20
entelooks nice :)18:21
teK_no tabs so this screenshot is plain bullshit18:21
teK_sorry for that :P18:21
teK_is that dwm?18:22
teK_or just urxvt?18:22
entedwm and urxvt18:22
teK_I tried that once, too18:22
teK_ too18:22
enteah, i318:23
teK_I always came back to fluxbox because tiling won't work for me :)18:23
entethis is a netbook, tiling doesn't work there either18:23
teK_I use the four desktops to split my windows18:24
entedwm has a nice monocle mode and great xinerama support18:24
teK_and is implemented in Haskell :x18:24
entenope, that was xmonad18:25
entedwm is 2100 lines of C or so18:25
teK_ah :>18:25
teK_dwm was the one with config.h?18:25
enteI've been playing with xmonad's default configuration once or twice18:26
enteI've been too lazy to configure it18:26
enteso I just went back to dwm18:26
entebut it's suboptimal18:26
enteI don't know how to do it better18:26
enteI also tried awesome, but the only awesome thing about awesome is the name18:27
entethen, stumpwm... I liked it, but I didn't get how to change the keybindings to be less emacsish18:28
ente(I have a windows key and I'd prefer that instead of C-z C-w C-a b or something like that)18:28
teK_wtf :-)18:29
teK_I'm just happy with fb18:29
teK_heading to bed18:31
teK_lilo and libdevmapper sources broken18:32
teK_< offline18:32
enteI'll dig the new ones out18:33
teK_errr lvm2.18:33
entethere's a /upstream/ now18:34
entecan you update the port too?18:34
enteor maybe we should bump the version?18:40
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andariusgreetings and salutations20:12
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