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frinnstamd/ati ftw :>01:03
Romsterbut i am a nvidia fan and amd01:08
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spaceninjaLZMA    arch/x86/boot/compressed/vmlinux.bin.lzma            lzma: (stdin): Cannot allocate memory05:09
spaceninjaI get that when I try to compile the kernel, what might be wrong? I got free memory05:10
spaceninjawait, I might have forgotten to specify the correct cpu05:14
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spaceninjastill get the same error, hm05:44
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entedon't compress the kernel with lzma :P06:01
entegzip or LZO is completely sufficient06:01
spaceninjabut it does that automatically with "make all", can I change it?06:04
* spaceninja runs make help06:07
spaceninjaI could run "make" then "make modules" I guess06:10
Zabayou can change the compression method in make *config06:10
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Rotwangdo you guys by any chance know how to do a kind of ssh proxying?11:34
Rotwangif say I'm trying to log into myhost then ssh proxy redirects me to daemon that is supposed to serve for that host11:35
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RotwangteK_: sup?15:10
teK_18:34 < Rotwang> do you guys by any chance know how to do a kind of ssh proxying?15:11
teK_still in need of halp?15:11
teK_you could use port forwarding if the remote sshd allows that15:13
teK_it works like this15:15
teK_ssh -L 8000:different_remote_host:22 rotwang@other_remote_host15:16
teK_connecting to different_remote_host on port 22 will work if you connect to localhost port 800015:16
RotwangI see, but that is not exactly what i want15:16
RotwangI simply want to ssh user@hostname15:17
Rotwangand now Im directed to a sshd for that specific hostname15:17
teK_hmkay. Don't see why/how that should work15:18
Rotwangthe thing is, I've got three virtual machines on one host machine15:18
Rotwangand Ive got like 4 ports open for ssh daemons15:19
RotwangId like somehow to have one port opened for all sshds15:19
teK_it'd work with some hacks aliases and some entries in ~/.ssh/config15:20
RotwangI guess it is not a common practice15:20
teK_it's ... :-)15:20
Rotwangbut without additional ssh client configuration15:24
RotwangId like to be able to say to user: log into and he logs into vm that has host15:25
Rotwangbut when he logs into he connects to sshd from vm with host15:26
teK_ssh -t rotwang@gateway 'ssh rotwang@inner_host_1'15:28
teK_alias.. et voila.15:28
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Rotwangalmost [;15:32
RotwangteK_: thanks15:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pil: 1.1.6 -> 1.1.7 picked up port for streamtuner223:22

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