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pitillogood morning00:55
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: pygobject: fixed md5sum01:28
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: jdk: fixed update01:28
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DarkNekros_morning :)01:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: i2c-tools: updated to 3.0.302:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: amsn: updated to 0.98.402:43
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jamesmillshey guys, I can't seem to get crux booted on this AMD box.05:21
jamesmillsit's an sb700/sb800 SATA Controller05:22
jamesmillsI have the AHCI SATA driver compiled in05:22
jamesmillswhat else am I missing ?05:22
Rotwangfile system?05:23
jamesmillsext3 on /05:25
jamesmillsand compiled in05:25
jamesmillsit's not that05:25
jamesmillsI keep getting "cannot mount fs on unknown block"05:25
pitillojamesmills: lspci to see which sata controller is listed there?05:26
jamesmillsI was missing SCSI disk support05:27
jamesmillsand SCSI generic support05:27
jamesmillsthey were modules05:27
jamesmillsall good now!05:27
Rotwangdo you need scsi if youve got sata disc?05:27
pitillogreat :)05:27
jamesmillsapparently so05:29
jamesmillsthat's what made it work05:29
prologicso word of advise05:31
prologicyou need SCSI Disk Support and SCSI Generic Support05:31
prologicand your ATA driver (AHCI_SATA) in this case05:31
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prologicFATAL: Module ppp_compress_18 not found.05:57
prologic/usr/sbin/pptpsetup: couldn't find MPPE support05:57
prologicanyone familiar with how to set pptp client working/ ?05:57
prologicI have all relevant ppp modules (including mppe) compiled in05:57
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teK_prologic: unfortunatly I do not have a comprehensive list on that either, I'd happily include it in a README file for pptp when you finally found ot07:14
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prologicteK_, yeah nps07:15
prologicI'll let you know when I've got it working07:15
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prologicgot a successfully pptp link up07:27
prologicit tries to execute 2 commands /bin/ip for some reason07:27
prologicand fails because it/s actually /sbin/ip07:27
prologicI don't know where this is hapenning though07:27
prologicbut the connection is fine07:27
teK_$PATH is okay I guess07:55
teK_btw would you mind connecting to a test-pptp-server for me? :)07:56
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prologicsure I can do that08:24
prologicbtw I modifed the Pkgfile08:24
prologicto fix the path locations to ip08:24
prologicin routing.c08:24
prologicright now I'm trying to get my head around rsync08:25
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enteprologic: what's with rsync?09:37
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prologichuh ?16:16
prologicI'm using rsync to backup a server's data16:16
enteyou said something about "right now I'm trying to get my head around rsync"16:18
enteI didn't get it :D16:18
* ente runs ddrescue right now16:18
entedisk crashes ftw16:19
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psydreamerwho can tell me howto install crux as a live usb distro?16:19
enteisn't there an usb image?16:20
enteoh, well, that was the one with busybox and the installkernel. nevermind.16:20
entepsydreamer: it's easy16:20
entejust install it on the usbstick and use UUID-mounts where possible16:21
psydreameras normal install?16:21
enteand I'd suggest to use one of the syslinux bootloaders (extlinux, syslinux) or grub16:21
entedunno if lilo does that16:21
psydreamerim sure i can install from a virtualbox because i have no cd16:22
entedunno that16:23
enteI'd make one big ext3 partition, install crux on that and use extlinux16:23
psydreamerim now with arch16:23
entepoor you16:24
psydreameryou dont like arch? :)16:24
enteyou don't like windows?16:24
psydreameryeah :)16:25
entesee? :P16:25
prologicArch is good for one thing only16:27
prologicBorrowing (tm) their PKGBUIDL scripts :)16:28
enteotherwise, it's just a broken crux16:28
entethe way php is a broken perl16:29
prologicand btw16:30
prologic"getting my head around xyz" means to understand xyz16:30
entersync is easy to understand, isn't it? o.O16:30
prologicit is now :)16:30
entesetting up rsyncd is a pleasure compared to all ftpds16:31
enteit just needs a lib16:31
entethat'd make it perfect for embedding the protocol in other applications16:31
prologicI didn't do that16:31
prologicI'm just ssh'ing into the box16:31
prologicand running rsync16:31
enteyou can use rsync over ssh too ;)16:31
entethe whole world whines about ftp being old and sucky, but nobody can provide a replacement16:32
prologicpptp connection back to the office server16:32
prologicthen a daily rsync over ssh of their data16:32
enteyou could use rsnapshot16:32
prologicftp ir replaced by scp/sftp16:33
prologicbut no one bothers to understand that16:33
enteit isn't16:33
prologicihmo it is :)16:33
prologicI never install ftpds16:33
enteI don't get how to create anonymous accounts16:33
prologicjust create one called anonymous16:33
prologicand nothing :)16:33
prologicgive it a rssh shell16:34
prologicso they can only sftp :)16:34
enteand how is everybody able to log in and just transfer files?16:34
prologicchroot them to /var/anonymous16:34
enteand logging in?16:34
prologicsee how easy it is :)16:34
entewithout a password (that's what anonymous means)16:34
psydreamerwell when installing on usb how i format it with swap or without swap and only a / partition?16:34
prologicyou can ssh in without a password can't you ?16:34
enteprologic: only a / partition16:35
prologicyou just have to tel sshd to allow that16:35
enteprologic: I only want to allow it for one particular user, not all of them16:35
enteplus, ftp is widely supported, while sftp isn't16:35
enteplus, sftp is actually pretty slow because of the encryption overhead16:35
enteI want unencrypted file-transfers16:36
entedata that can be sent anonymously does not need to be encrypted16:36
entersync would IMO be a nice replacement for ftp, but lacking a lib...16:37
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Romsterddrescue is so awesome.19:19
Romsterente, whats wring with sftp? winscp sshd has sftp support19:24
enteddrescue can't help me very much anymore19:25
entenext time I'm going to have a backup (yeah, I know, I say that every time a disk crashes)19:25
Romsterente, easy use a blank password?19:25
Romsterand there is webdav but everyone seems to forget that even exists.19:26
enteis sftp(1) like ftp(1)?19:26
enteI somehow don't see the need for encryption19:27
Romsteronly it's secure19:27
Romsterftp sends passwords in plan text.19:27
entethat doesn't matter for anonymous accounts19:27
Romsterso use bftpd then?19:27
enteI do19:28
entebut meh19:28
Romsterwebdav was meant as a replacment to ftp, sftp was another workaround for securing.19:29
Romsterif you want to drop obsolete ftp look up webdav19:30
entewebdav.. bah19:32
enteI prefer ftp to that19:33
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enteRomster: I think libsoup is outdated21:41
entethe old one gives me errors with gnutls now, I patched it, that worked, but a newer version is out too21:42
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