IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2010-12-14

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pitillogood morning00:54
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Romsterok who killed freeenode this time01:00
enteI didn't, I promise ;)01:00
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Romsterbumping libsoup01:08
Romsteri need to do another update session again01:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: 2.30.2 -> 2.32.201:19
Romsteroh gawd i forgot the name...01:19
Romsterthat's what happens when i work on a bunch of computers and two photocopies and installing whiteboard projectors. and then i do this silly mistake.01:21
Romstererr photocopiers01:21
Romstergot anything else that needs a version bump?01:22
tadzikpygtk and friends maybe01:23
Romsteri don't maintain pygtk anymore sadly01:23
Romstersepens department01:24
Romsterand it's odd that the new pygtk requires a dev version of pygobject01:24
Romsterthen it fails to compile pygtk due to some other unmet dependancy01:24
tadzikit doesn't work anyway01:27
RomsterteK_, gmpc requires intltool to compile.01:28
Romsterit is working on python 2.601:28
Romsteri refuse to go to new python until that is fixed01:28
tadzikbah. So CRUX 2.7 is doomed01:29
Romsterhow they could release 2.7 and not ahve all the opt ports work is beyound me.01:29
Romsterhas to be some fix for it01:30
Romsterbut my attempts have failed at finding it so far.01:30
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Romsteroh man that sucks i saw the lastfm gmpc plug-in thinking it can send played songs usage but it DOES NOT.01:48
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teK_Romster: which opt ports (except orphaned) pyrex are you speaking of?06:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: gmpc: add intltool dependency, thanks romster06:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: tornadoweb: 1.0.1 -> 1.106:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: trac: 0.11 -> 0.12.106:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: genshi: fix footprint06:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: docutils: fix footprint06:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: freeciv: 2.2.3 -> 2.2.406:15
mike_knipuL: I am taking over flup, psycopg2 and nginx for now... I guess it is safe to remove all django-related ports (don't know if I'll find a way to maintain some of them)06:29
Romsterpygtk and pygobject but i can't get new pygtk to build.06:50
Romsterbut that's sepens port not yours tek06:50
Romsteri'm keen on taking over mkvtoolnix and it's dependencies libebml libmatroska06:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: psycopg2: take over, update to 2.3.107:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: flup: take over, update footprint for python 2.707:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: wmtop: change source url07:04
mike_kRomster: I guess, you can remove them from Wiki/OrphanedPorts then07:08
Romsteri might orphen a few i don't use very much too i need to trim some stuff of mine too.07:09
mike_kheh, I just update them from time to time. maybe it's better to get rid of those07:10
mike_kRomster: btw, building boost is a pain. I did not succeed. older does not work and newer depends on jam inside it's tarball. see for details.07:12
Romsterthis verson worked fine with the jam that's separate. there was a need to use a newer jam version at some previous point. so i have not gone back to including it in boost.07:13
Romstersine it was working fine as it was.07:13
Romsterthis boost version built at time of version bump.07:14
Romsteri can retest with sysup07:14
Romsteri'd advise you to remove old boost version and retry.07:14
mike_kok, I'll try to build it again and report07:15
mike_kI am on plain new 2.7, so many things fail (07:15
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Romsterbut i do agree boost is a pain.07:15
Romsteryou did do a ports -u i hope.07:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libebml: picked up orphaned port07:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libmatroska: picked up orphaned port07:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mkvtoolnix: picked up orphaned port07:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: cgit: picked up orphaned port07:21
mike_kRomster: but it builds without the second patch07:22
Romsterthere is a few ports in opt i could maintain in contrib if no other opt maintainers want them.07:25
Romsterbut that's it out of contrib.07:25
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Romsterwhat the hell07:33
Romsterfreenode has issues07:38
frinnstmaybe its a conspiracy07:39
Romsteri didn't get disconnected anywhere else07:39
frinnstthe dl-link seems to be broken for boost-jam07:39
Romsteralthough i see a synflood port scan that my firewall blocked.07:39
Romsterdoubt that was significant enough to cause any issues.07:40
mike_kand boost's url is wrong too. should be smth like (works for me)07:40
Romsteri'll built picked up ports later it's much to late now.07:41
Romsterit was /fine/ at the time i updated it.07:41
frinnstno, dl.sourceforge links are _BROKEN_07:41
Romsterhow is that url broken? i got rid of the dl.07:42
Romsterinfact i was the /first/ to change all my ports/07:42
mike_kso (aside from source urls), boost is in the process of building and -jam just works without that patch for me07:42
Romsterit works ok with the patch for me. so where is the problem?07:42
frinnstboost-jam seem to build for me, although install fails due to me running x86_6407:43
mike_khum, dunno. maybe your toolchain differs somehow from default's?07:43
Romsteri think your issue is exotic CFLAGS07:44
Romstersince that second patch allows system CFLAGS out of pkgmk.conf to be used.07:44
mike_kmight be it07:45
Romsteri build in a chroot for crux 2.7 as well as my different desktop setup.07:45
mike_kmy flags aren't any exotic though07:45
RomsterCFLAGS="-O2 -march=amdfam10 -fomit-frame-pointer"07:46
RomsterCXXFLAGS="-O2 -march=amdfam10 -fomit-frame-pointer -fvisibility-inlines-hidden"07:46
Romsteris all i use on my desktop and that hasn't broken anything.07:46
Romsterand i don't use pipe because my work directory is in a tmpfs07:47
frinnstboost-jam builds fine for me on two boxen07:47
Romstermike_k's system but i do intend to combine jam and boost in smae package at some point if it becomes a issue.07:48
Romsterdoes anything else even use jam directly?07:48
mike_kok, I'll rebuild without CFLAGS just after boost07:48
Romsternote that boost itself uses CXXFLAGS07:49
frinnsttime to feed my caffeine addiction07:50
Romsteri'm drinking scotch07:53
Romstermike_k, if it's a big issue i'll look into it more.07:53
mike_kmike_k: not an issue at all07:54
mike_kRomster: I'll recheck and just leave it as is if it fails.07:54
Romsterif it is a flag that's making it fail i can make sure that is removed from the CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS in the Pkgfile.07:59
Romsterif you let me know what you found07:59
mike_kRomster: sure07:59
Romsterok seems there is a 404 on boost-jam08:03
Romsterhmm and there is a 3.1.18 too.08:04
mike_kyep, but new boost itself fails with the new jam for me too.08:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: boost-jam: fix source url, thanks mike_k08:09
Romsteri don't dare to bump it until i test it well.08:10
Romstersourceforge and it's urls keeps altering more than the wind changes direction.08:10
Romstershame we are losing contributors. we need some fresh blood.08:16
tadzikI can get into contrib08:17
Romsterwhy hadn't you sooner if you can?08:21
tadzikDidn't feel a need08:21
Romsteri'm more busy than i used to be but i try to keep up with the ports i maintain08:21
tadzikAnd I play with my repo anyway08:21
Romsterwhat is oyur personal repo is it on portdb?08:22
jaegerhrmm, I should check mine for updates08:24
Romsterno one seems to care for gnome.08:24
Romsterexcept jaeger which your busy with other stuff08:25
Romsternot that i don't use gnome anyways but someone would?08:25
Romsterdo we even have stats liek how many unique ips access ports -u off
Romsterper a day/week/month08:27
tadzikRomster: cruxpl08:27
Romsterpossibly with geoip08:27
jaegerI've even updated the base gnome stuff lately but haven't had enough time yet to track down gconf errors08:27
Romsteroh so yo made some progress08:28
Romsterthe whole gconf looks like windows registry all over again.08:28
Romsterand as others have said there is no configure directive to disable that. or gtkdoc08:29
Romsteri guess with gnome you require gconf08:30
Romsterapparantly from a friend i heard this that bsd's pkgsrc has a super slick gnome.08:30
Romstermight be worth a look at.08:31
Romsterand i'm off to bed g'night08:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: claws-mail-themes: update to 2010051408:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libetpan: update to 1.008:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: claws-mail: update to 3.7.8, depends on gnutls08:39
jaegerthe best you can do with gtk-doc is to disable building and then remove it from the package, it's so dumb08:40
jaegerbut yeah, no option to avoid gconf, really08:40
enteteK_: I think contrib/dhcp is outdated09:04
enteteK_: also, I wonder why crux doesn't split dhclient and dhcp into two seperate packages09:04
teK_wrt splitting: I don't see a problem in keeping them together09:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: dhcp: 4.2.0 -> 4.2.0-P2 thx ente09:15
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juethere's a glibc 2.12.2 port in my private repo, please test and report back09:46
jueit's here -> httpup sync glib09:46
jueto avoid an unclean unmount of "/" on next shutdown, run 'telinit U' after the update09:48
jue(to reload the init process)09:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: nginx: takeover, update to 0.8.54 (note that it is a bit different port)09:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mpg123: update to 1.13.009:58
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entewell... I just need dhclient, not dhcp, but anyway :)10:53
jueente: why not dhcpcd?10:54
entewhy dhcpcd? :)11:06
jaegerbecause it's already packaged?11:07
juewell, if dhclient has big advantages over dhcpcd we should consider using that for core11:08
juein a future release of course ;)11:09
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entenot really11:18
entedhcpcd just screwed up when the DNS server isn't started... I'm used to be using it11:19
juethe dhcpcd author is very responsive in fixing bugs, so if you have a issue ...11:21
enteRomster: <- this removes the useless texinfo dependency in ddrescue11:24
entejue: well, I'm used to use dhclient, that's all I guess11:25
jueente: ok, fair enough11:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libdrm: updated to
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DaViruzi've kind of left my crux systems alone for a while now, and now it seems everything is compressed in .xz and .lzma?!14:44
enteI didn't see a single .lzma on my crux15:00
entein fact, xz has superseded lzma15:00
enteDaViruz: the lzma compression algorithm allows to compress files much smaller than everything else15:01
DaViruzyeah i know15:02
DaViruzit's just that my poor old tar don't know what to do with them :)15:02
entetry compiling xz, then uncompressing by hand? :15:04
jaegerthere's a pkgutils on the ISO compressed with .tar.gz if I recall correctly15:08
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enteRomster: testdisk is outdated, 6.11 has been out for quite some time17:39
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entewtf @ ML18:00
Romsterente, what are you on about ddrescue is already on 1.1319:27
Romstertexinfo is for the man page unless it's changed recently.19:27
entedid I say ddrescue was outdated? I think I said testdisk19:29
enteRomster: ddrescue is the one with the useless texinfo dependency (because you remove the info pages immediately after make install) and testdisk (from your private repo) is outdated19:31
Romsternote to self don't look at ports when paying little attention due to eating lunch19:31
enteright. Food is important :)19:32
enteRomster: enjoy your meal19:32
Romsteri only get 1 hour for lunch then work again19:32
Romstertestdisk gmm19:32
ente  8 version=6.9 # 6.10 has a error with new ex2fsprogs19:33
ente6.11 seems to work fine19:33
Romstertestdisk in my romster personal repo i assume19:33
entethere's nobody else packaging it I guess19:33
Romsteryeah 6.10 was not working i think that was some debug feature that e2fsprogs did not have enabled.19:33
Romsteri could put it in contrib.19:34
Romsterseems handy enough19:34
ente"not working" in which way?19:34
enteand yeah19:34
Romsterwont compile19:34
ente6.11 compiles and runs fine (so far, I just wanted to save the partition offsets)19:34
enteand now, guess what I'm doing with all the testdisk and ddrescue ;)19:34
entetrying to get my home back :[19:41
entedoes anyone here have a SSD?19:41
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ulughbeghente, here19:46
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Romsteri'll fix ddrescue tonight19:49
Romsterhow on earth did you mess it up in the first place?19:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: testdisk: moved from romster repo19:49
Romsterand don't you keep backups19:49
entenot yet19:50
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Romsterthe idea is before you lose your stuff :D19:51
enteI didn't have the money to buy another harddisk19:52
entebut well, I bought one 3 weeks ago or so19:53
entenext box will have RAID 119:53
Romsterraid1 is not for backups only high availability.19:53
enteI never delete data I want to keep19:53
Romsteri got 2 raid1 groups with lvm on top of it.19:53
enteit's always the disks that keep dying19:53
ente(thus the SSD question)19:54
enteulughbegh: can you recommend it?19:54
Romstersometimes a disk can corupt it's data and the resync messed the other leg of raid1 up19:54
RomsterSSDs have problems of there own with alignment and write block size.19:54
Romsterand FS that doesn't use journling.19:54
entethey probably make sense in notebooks though19:55
ulughbeghente, no19:55
Romsteryes i'm away of hard disks dieing i keep recovering data for clients.19:55
RomsterSSDs use the same power as a normal hdd19:55
Romsterthey would suit notebook use due to the much higher gforce they can handle compared to a hard disk19:56
entethey have less moving parts though19:56
Romsteri've seen many notebook hard disks that had a head meets platter collusion19:56
Romsterbut you can buy a hard disk that will park it's head at the sense of movement above a certain gforce level to prevent that.19:57
enteis there a way to fix those?19:57
Romsterif the head is ok you can read around the damanged area with ddrescue19:57
ulughbeghmy concern is nor related with reliability, yes they are fast and reliable against shock, cooler, and use just a little power than hdd's19:57
RomsterSSDs use the same power last time i looked.19:58
enteulughbegh: what kind of ssd do you have?19:58
ente(manufacturer, ...)19:58
Romsterheading back to work later.19:58
entesomeone recommended intel drives to me19:58
ulughbeghibm 40gb, cheaper model19:58
enteRomster: see you19:58
Romsterjaeger, perhaps m25 or something?19:58
ulughbeghopps, it is intel, i mixed19:58
ente"cheaper model" = MLC cells?19:59
ulughbeghdunno, there was coupler of models, i select cheapest one :D19:59
entehow much did it cost?20:01
entedoes it have TRIM? what fs do you use? ext4?20:01
ulughbeghit works great, but i forgot to say what my concern is, actually i dont feel so much difference with my 7200rpm hdd excpet boot time which is roughy 5-10 seconds, ok it is also silence20:01
enteI should go to bed20:02
entegood night :)20:02
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