IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2010-12-19

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Romsterno one at all active?02:40
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Romsteragain why i hate video in linux04:05
Romsterevery which way i go i hit a brick wall04:05
tadzikRomster: I'm alive04:05
tadzikah, ati crap04:06
Romsterseems i can use sed to dealete a line.04:07
Romsterwell i'm having no luck with nvidia lately.04:07
Romsterso i'm about ready to try anything as long as it fucking works04:08
tadzikintel works, if all you need is working04:09
tadzikI'm having troubles with it in fullscreen games04:10
tadzik(plus it's slow as a snail race)04:10
Romsterok why does it build and not have libdri.so04:15
Romsteri need 3D04:15
Romsterand this Pkgfile is a monstrosity04:18
Romsteri wonder if it's because i'm using kernel that nvidia wont work.04:19
treachIsn't it wonderful living at/in a construction site? :>04:35
Romsterall the noise?04:37
treachthe noise is not the big problem, IMO, but rather that when the elevator door there's no elevator, the stairs are blocked and you've got a huge hole in the floor in the livingroom down to the apartment below.04:40
treachsums up the xorg state atm pretty well IMO. :>04:41
treacheh, *door opens,*04:43
Romsterwhat the hell is gentoo using a file from ubuntu04:43
Romsterthat's dangerous, shouldn't be allowed to live in said construction site.04:44
treachahem, it was a metaphor. :)04:45
Romsteri figured that.04:45
Romsterwhich is why i said "/said/ construction site"04:45
Romsterxorg it self doens't seem that bad. other than the single threading in places.04:46
treachok, I guess I got the connotation wrong then.04:46
Romsterit's the video side that's driving me bonkers.04:46
Romsterplus the OSS no sound in java/skype.04:46
Romsterbut that's another issue for another day.04:46
treachwell, mesa+open drivers for radeon = xorg to me.04:46
Romstertrying to make it work with jack04:46
Romsterhmm yes that is, while i'm looking at the official ati catalyst driver.04:47
Romsterand why gentoo is using a ubuntu installer O_O04:47
treachI've *never* managed to get the "official" drivers to work. Not once. :/04:48
Romsterthat's reassuring.04:48
treachnot that I particulary care, the open ones do just fine most of the time. But it's still annoying.04:48
Romsterany 3D on the open driver at all?04:49
treachsome, but not full.04:49
Romsterprobably wont be worth me trying it with wine.04:50
treachprobably not.04:50
treachbasically it's enough to get most of the desktop effects in kde rolling with hw acceleration, but not all.04:50
Romsterif  someone madea  video card and a open source driver and it cost say $1500 for the video card i would so buy it that's how desperate i am.04:51
treachbut not quite desperate enough to jump ship :P04:52
Romsterhell no i hate windows.04:52
treachaye, not something you use if you have a choice.04:53
Romster been awhile since i looked at that.04:59
Romsteri use windows currently for my phone program, as i only jsut got it and have not set up in linux yet. (if that's even possible nokia n8). my printer because i've been too lazy to setup cups.05:00
Romsterand sound on java for some web based games.05:00
treachheh, nokia. The company that produces linux phones for windows users. :>05:01
Romsterthis uses sybian 305:03
treachI know, I was refering to their other offerings, which while using linux, still isn't fully accessible for anyone not using windows.05:04
Romsteri'm tempted to build a second computer just for windows so i don't have to reboot all the time.05:04
Romsterit's like there is no escape from windows :(05:04
treachas designed. :>05:05
RomsterWindows is a restricted pos.05:05
treachit's a pos in many ways, restrictions probably being the minor problem.05:06
Romsterlack of audio/video free tools.05:08
treachA single user system, for a single disk system, on a single desk on a single computer at it's heart, with security added as a bolt on.05:08
Romstergotta buy this buy that when it's all just there in linux free to code a script.05:09
Romsterand wasn't designed to go on the Internet and have every god damn service enabled by default.05:09
treachas I said above. :)05:09
Romsterand he winfs what winfs...05:09
Romsterthis shit sometimes makes me want to give up computers and find another hobby.05:10
Romsterwont happen05:10
treachnip-uL got it right, "computers suck" :>05:11
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-bcmath: updated to 5.3.405:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-ftp: updated to 5.3.405:18
frinnststupid useless isp05:19
treachhey, at least it's not comhem. :p05:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-gd: updated to 5.3.405:20
frinnstone power outage and it takes them 24hrs to get it back up05:20
frinnstwith a shiny new ip-address to make my life more complicated05:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-gettext: updated to 5.3.405:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-mbstring: updated to 5.3.405:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-mcrypt: updated to 5.3.405:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-pdo-mysql: updated to 5.3.405:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-postgresql: updated to 5.3.405:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-sockets: updated to 5.3.405:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-xsl: updated to 5.3.405:29
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Romsterwhat update dns entry profit06:46
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Romsterbut 24 hours i'd be really annoyed that they don't have a UPS + generator. since most own notebooks and can use that when the power is off.06:53
frinnstyeah they are fucking useless06:55
frinnsta few weeks ago we had another power outage and it was down for over 3 days06:56
Romstergeez i would be switching to another isp06:58
treachwonder what's up with that.06:58
frinnstwell, let me know if you find another 100/10mbit isp in my area :)06:59
treachRomster: it's not like there are anyone else that is much better.06:59
Romstertpg 200GB plan hrmm must look that up and see if there is any catches06:59
frinnstare all aussie isps limiting traffic?06:59
frinnst200gb, that wouldnt even last me a few weeks :)07:00
RomsterDownloads and Uploads counted.07:02
Romsterthe fucks count uploads too.07:02
Romstercurrently i'm on 512/128 unlimited07:02
Romsterand no that's not megabit a second either kbps07:03
Romster50k down 12 k up07:03
Romsterspeed sucks i want a faster and high quota or even unlimited if one ever existed.07:04
Romsteri want adsl2+ but no plan is unlimited.07:04
Romsterthis on peak and off peak bullcrap07:04
Romsterdon't want any of that.07:04
Romsterwhats worse is i pay $70.95aud07:04
Romsterfor this crappy speed just to be unlimited.07:04
treachthat's because they are still relying on pidgeon as carriers for international traffic I guess. ;)07:05
Romsterwouldn't they expect after a while customers hard disks will be full and they can't do much else but stream tv/radio07:05
mike_kRomster: contrib/pil/.footprint is for python 2.607:05
frinnsttreach: still bredbandsbolaget for you?07:06
Romsteri thought i fixed that07:06
Romstercan i do anything right for once07:06
treachfrinnst: indeed07:06
frinnstheh, i usually push an outdated version of the Pkgfile07:06
frinnsttreach: dsl?07:07
treachsame as you.07:07
treachdata traffic seems to be pretty reliable these days, voip is a bit wonky though. :/07:08
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frinnstmm. before i moved to this appartment i lived in another one with the same connection. it was a lot more reliable when power-outages occured07:09
frinnsti guess the local switch or something is useless07:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pil: update footprint07:10
Romstersounds like it if your on cable?07:11
treachcould be. I used to have quite a bit of trouble in the past, but that stopped since I got rid of my lousy router.07:11
enteRomster: urgh07:11
mike_kRomster: thanks07:11
Romsterente, huh what?07:11
enteRomster: and I thought germany was a 3rd-world-country when it comes to internet connections07:12
Romsterdunno how i missed that mike_k probably i compiled it on my system and not the chroot...07:12
frinnstnah, not _MY_ switch, theirs07:12
Romstersince my system has the older python because new ones breaks pygtk07:12
Romsterente, guess again07:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libasyncns-python: fix footprint07:14
frinnstreason for the power outage:
treachfrinnst: yeah, got that. I was just alluding to that their equipment seems to have a problem with some of the "consumer grade" crap that gets connected at the other end07:14
treachnot saying that your problem is the same as mine, just that my problems back then seemed to be more related to that than anything else.07:15
treachthat's a nice picture. I guess romster would feel right at home. :p07:16
mike_kRomster: any info on how it breaks pygtk? I have 2.17.0 and gajim (which depends on it) works well.07:16
Romsterway too cold for me07:16
treach</irony> ;)07:17
Romsteri read other reports and decided to not update it.07:17
Romsteri havent' tested it myself.07:17
Romsterand i did read in here a number of days ago it breaks pygtk07:17
Romstercan't remember when or who.07:17
mike_kyeah, I saw that, but no details07:17
Romsterbut it was a regular07:17
Romsterso it works for you?07:18
mike_kseems so far07:18
Romsterguess i'll try then, i can't handle another breakage the video is bad enough07:19
Romsterif i don't have streamtuner2 and deluge working i'll not be happy07:19
Romsterhalf the time i dunno if many even use my ports since i get very few bug reports07:21
Romstercounting the ones you report here07:21
mike_kones from contrib have many other dependent on them, I guess07:22
Romsteror the quality is so good i get few reports07:23
Romsterother than the few md5sum footprint bobos07:23
Romsteroh and missing patches that's common07:24
enteI can confirm - at least - that gajim is broken because of pygtk which does not compile for some obscure reason07:25
entetries to link against which is no longer present as of crux 2.707:25
entemaybe some leftover libtool file07:26
Romsterthats probably a libtool la reference07:26
Romsterand you beat me to the typing07:26
Romsterpre-ocopied by a dog07:26
enteheilagr /usr/lib # find -name '*.la' | xargs grep libpng | less07:27
entedoes not contain .so.12 anywhere though ;)07:27
Romsteron /usr/bin/config-foo file?07:28
Romsterlike tk/tcl does07:28
Romsteri hadn't looked07:28
enteheilagr /usr/lib # libpng-config  --libs07:28
entesame for pkg-config07:29
mike_kente: just rebuild gajim, and it works. all deps seems up to date.07:32
Romsterpygtk does compile in crux 2.7 sysup chroot07:32
mike_kmaybe because of a clean 2.7 install other than upgrade...07:32
entegajim is not important enough to do a full reinstall :P07:34
Romsterthat depends on pyopenssl and i don't tink anyone has picked that port up yet07:34
Romsterdid a revdep?07:34
enteyeah, some time ago07:35
enteit pointed out that darcs is broken07:35
Romsterand a pkg-not to see if you got any un-tracked files.07:35
entemeh, jue is not here07:35
Romsteroh it may not detect python stuff07:35
enteguess I just rebuild all the python stuff07:35
Romsterprt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep gajim`07:36
enteah! good idea!07:36
Romsteri use that a bit07:36
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mike_kRomster: I am about to pick up pyopenssl07:36
mike_kwaiting for an answer from Lucas07:36
Romsteror even prt-get dependent python07:36
Romstermike_k, should be ok it's in the orphoned wiki page07:37
mike_kI just wanted him to know (sent him a few more details)07:37
Romsteri already picked up the mkvtools and pil07:38
enteah! pycairo!07:38
Romsterif in doubt recomple all deps.07:38
Romsterusually fixes the problems07:38
Romsterrevdep is not fool proof07:38
Romsteri even notice it does not pickup that xorg-xf86-input-evdev requires a recompile after a xorg-server upgrade/downgrade. and that in C!07:39
Romsterthat it should detect but it don't07:39
Romstermike_k, what else is there to know, asking for his permission to maintain them?07:41
Romsteri don't want to appear to be a pot horder but i'm like 50% of contrib now?07:41
mike_knot asking really. just informing =)  pycrypto, python-markdown (besides of already taken stuff)07:42
mike_kand proposition to drop all django stuff07:42
Romsterno idea who even uses that,07:42
mike_kI use it. but it's useless in contrib, I guess07:43
Romsterpersonal repo07:43
Romsterhow about ask ML in case others use it?07:43
Romsterif they are even on the ML07:44
Romsterfor contrib07:44
mike_kRomster: I doubt anyone does07:45
Romsterweb framework?07:45
mike_kif someone cares enough to use django, he'll stick to some version of _his_ choice and same goes for the django apps (most of them are in svn/git)07:46
Romsterah well could snapshot them07:47
Romsterlike i have with libdvdnav libdvdread07:47
Romsteri'm eyeing off libdvdcss i could maintain that too.07:47
Romsteri'm using a snapsot of that as well on my system07:48
Romstersince that release is ages ago07:48
entemike_k: in case you're going to adopt pyopenssl, please also adopt pycrypto (and repair the footprint)07:48
mike_kente: sure07:48
enteor maybe I should...?07:48
mike_k(they are already done and sitting here)07:48
* ente checks the wiki for stuff that needs to be adopted07:48
* mike_k goes to the wiki and marks them for now07:49
Romstergood idea or we'll end up doubling up07:50
entemike_k: libasyncns-python would need a footprint-update too.08:00
mike_kente: ports -u contrib08:00
enteoh, you commited one? when?08:01
Romster48min ago08:01
enteheh, I'm a bit too late then :D08:01
mike_kheh, some upstream Makefiles are odd:   if [ `id -u` -eq 0 ]; then $(LDCONFIG); fi08:05
mike_kit breaks under fakeroot08:05
entepeople are silly :s08:05
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mike_khi there08:07
entejue: darcs is broken.08:08
entejue: I could put it in haskell if you want08:08
jueente: what's broken?08:09
frinnsteew, time to go outside08:10
entewell, you need to link it against 2.7's libs08:10
entedarcs: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory08:10
jueah, you mean the port from contrib?08:11
entejue: the "downloading a precompiled package and repackaging it as crux package" seems pointless to me anyway08:11
jueforgot to upgrade, the one from my private repo works08:11
jueit's compile from sources, of course ;)08:11
Romsterisn't source prefered08:12
enteRomster: that's a bit tricky for haskell stuff08:12
juesure, but not if we are talking about an haskell thing08:12
Romsterhow tricky?08:12
mike_kdoes anyone besides pedja got problems with latest udev?08:12
Romsteri got fpc to compile08:12
entewell, you need a bootstrapped ghc and some haskell libs to compile it08:12
enteafterwards, it's only linked dynamically against non-haskell-stuff, to a binary package is easier to deploy08:13
enteI have a bootstrapped ghc and some libs (which are required to bootstrap cabal-install) in the haskell-ports-collection08:13
entealternatively you can take the bootstrapped packages from crux-bin (one reason why I made it) and use them08:14
enteso if I were to package darcs, I'd put a bootstrapped one in crux-bin and leave a build-from-source-one in haskell08:14
Romsterif oyu can neatly package source in a depinst haskel way to compile libs and bootstrap haskel?08:14
enteyou can install the bootstrapped ghc and then compile ghc from haskell if you mean that08:15
mike_kjue: gtk-chtheme fails like that:  googling brought me nowhere (08:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: darcs: update to 2.5.008:15
Romsteryes or bootstrap it in the Pkgfile like i have with contrib/fpc08:15
Romsterif possible08:16
jueente: as I said, it's build from sources08:16
entewell, of course it would be possible08:16
entebut I like the other way better :)08:16
entejue: it is now?08:17
Romsterit's jsut ente that hates compiling large things. why do you want to binary this and that for everyone else.08:17
jueit was ever08:17
enteRomster: no08:17
enteRomster: people can bootstrap it. what's the problem?08:18
enteRomster: you need ghc anyway in order to build it08:18
Romsterbinary in contrib and source based on in a private repo.08:18
Romsterso why not fetch ghc-bin in the source use it inside the $SRC to build the source based one.08:19
enteso it doesn't actually matter if you download a bootstrapped ghc in order to bootstrap ghc in the Pkgfile or if you download it with wget, install it with pkg_add and then pkgmk ghc08:19
Romsterprobably what jue has done now?08:19
jueas I said already two times, the darcs binary is build by me from sources ;)08:20
jueente is not the only one who has a working ghc installed#08:20
enteand the whole haskell lib stuff is not required to run darcs08:21
enteso why install it if you just need darcs?08:21
Romsteruh you build it then supply it as a binary package...08:21
Romsteri was talking about haskel not darcs08:22
entedarcs is written in haskell08:22
jueyeah, because building from sources is more or less a pain08:22
Romsterso what's so hard with depends on haskel08:22
entethat's why I started the binary repo \o/08:22
enteit's not hard, it depends on building a long chain of dependencies you don't need anymore afterwards08:23
enteso you just build ghc (which takes quite some time) in order to remove it again08:23
entewhich is __pointless__08:23
Romsterwhy remove it after?08:23
Romsterto keep it for a future darcs update?08:24
Romsteryeash either me or someone else is not getting the point.08:24
jueRomster: the whole haskell stuff is handled best by cabal and not by CRUX ports, IMO08:24
Romsteri hate binary with a vengeance.08:24
enteI get the point, I just think that binary packages are not that evil08:25
enteand yes, cabal is the better haskell-package-manager08:25
enteyou end up with registering every single library with ghc08:25
entewhich means every single port needs a pre-install, post-install and pre-remove08:25
Romsterprt-get doens't support remove08:26
Romsterunless that's been added recently.08:26
jueRomster: sure, prt-get remove ....08:27
entethat's too bad, it breaks haskell packages if it doesn't support it08:27
Romsternevermind i may look at ghc and see what i'm up agenst to Pkgify it. if i get bored.08:27
enteRomster: it is pkgified08:27
Romsteryes but not pre-remove file.08:27
enteghc itself doesn't have one, the haskell packages do08:27
ente (for haskell-binary for instance)08:28
Romsterghc-bin flaveur08:28
Romsteryeah not in contrib or source based one.08:28
Romsteri clearly do not understand how haskel works. i may read up on it when i have time.08:29
Romstermain thing i don't like is where do you see the how to build new darcs because it's on jues personal web site already compiled.08:31
Romsterif say jue was too busy or afk to do it.08:31
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jueRomster: what?08:31
enteRomster: the haskell-ports-collection doesn't show up in the portdb08:32
Romstersay you took a month off on a holliday where you did not update anything and new darcs is out how would user bump version without knowing how to build it because all the building logic is in a file in your home directory.08:32
enteRomster: rsync -av
Romsterwhos idea not to add ghc ports dir to portdb..08:33
Romstershould be added ^08:33
jueRomster: well, I'll delete the port08:34
jueif that make you happy ...08:34
Romsternot saying' it's wrong but if oyu do binary why not publish the how to build it incase they want too.08:35
Romsteror need to. that's the point i was getting at.08:35
juewell, because it's build using cabal and not CRUX ports08:35
Romsterevery sugeston i make turns in to a long arse debate, and i wonder why i parted this channel ages ago.08:36
Romsterok readme on it perhaps in the darcs port or whatever. for the unknowing person. that wants to bump it of your not around.08:37
Romsterdoes that make any sense to you.08:38
juesorry, no08:38
Romsteror you think i am a idiot or something for trying to make a valid point.08:38
Romsteri guess my lack of explaining is sucking terribly. nevermind08:39
Romsteri should just give up trying to explain anything to avoid conflict.08:39
jueRomster: I guess the main problem currenty is that you don't know how the hole haskell stuff works08:40
jueif you have a working ghc/cabal-install building darcs is just a matter of doing 'cabal install' in the darcs source directory08:41
jueand my binary port is just a service for users who don't want haskell, but a working darcs08:43
juedo you get that?08:44
thrice`seems easiest to me too08:44
Romsteryes i understand that.08:48
Romsterthe convenience is nice, the point i was making is probably not a point at all since there is in case user wants to build there own darcs08:51
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Romsteri don't agree with how is built. see contrib/fpc include a fpc to boostrap it. in the same Pkgfile nothing else but depinst fpc08:55
Romsterbut that's ente's own ideas way, much like i have my own opinion on that. then darcs could depend on ghc. or not up to the user if they wanted a source basd port of darcs. this would be like saying install cmake to build someting else only to remove cmake after. why not build that as a binary too. if that example is understandable. now i'm off to bed and sorry for this huge debate over something minor.08:58
Romster2am and i have work later g'night08:59
Romsterps i don't try to be dificult but it ways goes that way. sigh.09:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mupen64plus: update to 1.99.409:08
juemike_k: looks like the last gtk update broke gtk-chtheme09:10
mike_kjue: kinda. I've just upgraded to 2.7, so I am not sure at what point.09:10
mike_kit's not any urgent. just wanted you to know.09:11
jueyeah, thanks for the report, will try to find a fix09:11
mike_knp. I guess you have more important stuff these days with so limited human resources.09:12
enteI would adopt cvs, but I'm not in opt09:27
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gtk-chtheme: fix build with gtk 2.2209:28
enteRomster: as for fpc, why don't you check if fpc is already present and skip the bootstrap in that case?09:34
entebut well.. it's your port :)09:35
entelibtool: link: `/usr/lib/' is not a valid libtool archive09:37
jueente: it's quite ok to move cvs to contib, IMO09:38
* ente installs libpng12 :D09:38
thrice`bad bad09:38
entejue: in that case, I'm going to adopt it09:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cdrkit: update to 1.1.1109:41
*** sinecure has joined #crux09:48
entewho's maintaining cdrkit?09:48
enteI thought it was orphaned according to the wiki09:48
entetilman: libpng 1.4.5 is out, btw09:49
jueente: yes, it is09:53
juefrom time to time I'm looking at it until we have a new maintainer09:55
entewhy don't you maintain it?10:05
thrice`jue has too many already :)10:08
jueindeed :)10:09
entewell, I *would* adopt it too, but I think it needs to stay in opt? :/10:11
jueyeah, it's part of the iso10:12
entesyslinux is part of the iso too, just not as package :D10:17
entejue: ok, Antti said it's fine if I take care of cvs and cvsps, I copy them to contrib.10:19
entewould you delete them later?10:20
ente(in opt)10:20
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ipsectools: update to 0.7.311:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: cvs: moved from opt; fix for CVE-2010-384611:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: dcraw-utils: update parse.c12:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: dcraw: update to 9.0512:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: remove vim swap-file12:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: exiftool: update to 8.4212:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: cvsps: moved from opt12:11
entejue: I think you can delete them12:11
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cvs: moved to contrib12:15
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cvsps: moved to contrib12:15
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tilmanente: does CVE-2010-3846 apply to the cvs *client*? o_O12:37
Rotwangente: crux-contrib Ml is not related to portdb12:37
entetilman: there is no separate server package, right?12:40
tilmanthe cvs port only builds the client12:41
entetilman: you don't need a server for a local repository.12:41
tilmanoh well12:43
entedo you think I better get rid of it?12:43
tilmanno, it just felt weird to have to patch a privilege escalation bug if we only build the cvs client12:44
enteyeah, but they both share rcs.c, so I thought it doesn't hurt. in case someone builds the server too12:45
enteI'd enable it, but I guess the client is enough for most people12:45
tilmanente: so no worries, it doesn't hurt indeed12:46
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entedo you think a cvs-server package would be appropriate?12:48
tilmannobody uses cvs anymore anyway :)12:53
enteI even use RCS :P12:53
entetilman: I prefer CVS over SVN any time12:54
Rotwangente: I'm not you noticed what I've writeen a while back, but it is better to settle private collection matters in private [;12:54
Rotwangnot sure*12:54
enteRotwang: in case someone uses my ports, they are informed now12:54
entebut yes, you're right12:55
Rotwangnot everyone reads crux-contrib12:55
enteis there a portdb-specific ML?12:55
tilmanpeople sometimes announce changes to their repo to the crux mailing list12:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libpng: updated to
frinnsthum, cvs failed to build13:00
entePOSIX.1-2008 :(13:05
entewait, I'll fix it13:05
enteworks fine on my two boxes though13:07
entefrinnst: I think, something might be broken at your setup13:20
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entefrinnst: in case more people complain about it, I will uncomment parts of getline.{c,h}. For now, it compiles fine with both jue's glibc and the one from core13:51
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frinnstfails on both my x86_64 boxen14:12
frinnstbuilds fine on my laptop14:16
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ukihow can I make wget work with sourceforge (tip from faq does not work, gives me infinite 302's)15:07
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deus_exfrinnst: I have built cvs on 64bit you want the patch?15:31
deus_exI borrowed it from arch :)15:33
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frinnstyeah i could take a look15:39
frinnstcould you post it somewhere or give me a link?15:39
* frinnst pokes ente 15:41
frinnstwow, ancient diff15:42
deus_exSince no one has problems with udev-165, something must be broken at my end...15:42
frinnstwhy not in upstream me wonders15:42
frinnstyeah, works for me15:42
frinnstbtw i remember various configfiles not being read15:42
frinnststill have the output?15:42
frinnstand these files exist with 165? +r permissions?15:44
deus_ex644 root.root15:46
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deus_exdiff between two ports is minimal, and yet 164 works fine, and 165 produces that error.15:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: cvs: fix compilation on x86_6415:51
frinnstyou forgot to do the actual patching btw15:57
enteI forgot to commit the Pkgfile :[15:58
frinnstand md5sum15:59
teK_git's your worst enemy? :>16:00
teK_I always use git commit . -m 'portname: foo' btw16:00
teK_provided . is portname's git-repo directory16:00
enteyes, I'm fighting git hard right now :)16:00
enteas long as the only problems introduced by me are due to inability to use git, I think there's worse16:01
ente(as long as it doesn't break the repo :)16:01
frinnstno worries16:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: cvs: actually apply patch (thanks, frinnst)19:49
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andariusgreetings and salutations21:56
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