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pitillogood  morning00:56
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sepenente: you should remove cvs and cvsps from the orphaned list after picked up01:50
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enteforgot about that, thanks04:58
Romsterente, didn't se a need to to compile the first stage is fast anyways and using system installed fpc would just add more complication.06:04
* ente nods06:05
enteRomster: however, ghc comes as binary package from haskell.org06:05
enteyou have to symlink around06:05
enteit's linked against the wrong gmp06:06
entedownloaded the bootstrapped ghc and cabal-install would be best06:07
entecabal-install has a ton of dependencies it better manages itself06:07
entebut whatever06:07
entewe should stop discussing all the haskell stuff :D06:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: fpc: 2.4.0 -> 2.4.206:08
Romstercould it be done statically? but that's ugly in it's own right.06:09
Romsterbut i really don't care. it works.06:09
entedo what statically?06:10
entehaskell programs don't depend on haskell libs anymore after they are built06:10
enteso the haskell stuff is indeed built statically06:10
Romsterghc for bootstrapping ghc itself.06:10
enteyeah, could be done06:10
Romsterwould make it too large probably.06:10
entebut upstream isn't interested in that06:10
Romsterdamn that angry birds game is addictive.06:11
Romsterhas lite version on phone06:11
enteonly game I ever play is nethack... and I suck at it06:14
Romsteri suck at nearly every game.06:15
Romsterbut it's still fun06:15
enteyep :)06:29
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tilmanjue: your new gcc port works fine afaict06:55
tilmanjue: i didn't dare updating glibc yet ;)06:55
pitillohey, here too jue, gcc works fine and updated glibc with a libarchive rebuild to avoid some lzma problems. I'll make some tests here too06:57
juetilman: be brave ;)07:00
tilmanit it safe to upgrade glibc on  a running system btw?07:01
tilmanon my guruplug that always led to a failure to shutdown the system correctly07:01
tilmanie umount failed07:01
tilmanwhich in turn resulted in filesystem corruption07:01
thrice`I"ve never had a problem doing it07:02
jueyeah, you have to reload init with 'telinit U' after the update07:02
jueto avoid a unclean shutdown07:03
tilmanaha, nice07:03
juepitillo: why do you need a libarchive rebuild after the glibc update?07:06
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juetilman: what do you think, it won't hurt to add a post-install to glibc with that command?07:18
tilmanjue: i've never used 'telinit U' and had never heard about it until now. it *sounds* as if it would be safe to add :)07:19
jueok, additionally I'd commit it with our [notify] thingy07:20
Romsterman telinit07:21
RomsterNo manual entry for telinit07:21
* tilman just updated glibc07:22
Romsterah that's that old init system i booted out ages ago...07:22
tilmanjue: worked like a charm :)07:22
Romsterhas nyone even used that feature to reload a new kernel without rebooting.07:22
juegood to hear :-)07:22
jseHaven't personally tried kexec just yet.07:23
jseAssuming that was it.07:23
Romsteryes the name escaped me.07:23
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juetilman: I'd suggest to wait another 2-3 days before doing the gcc/glibc update07:28
Romstershouldn't that be for crux 2.807:28
juetilman: maybe we could do the xz update as well?07:28
spaceninjahi, can the prt-get logger also name the log with the current date? like %d. I know the date is visible in the log, but it would be nice feature to have if you want to see what packages got installed recently07:29
tilmanjue: what was the problem with xz again? sorry, i forgot07:29
jueRomster: that's only bug-fix release without new features, so the update should be save07:29
Romstersafe :D07:30
juewe have to rebuild libarchive because the so-name has been changed07:30
entethe so-name of libarchive?07:31
jueente: yes07:31
enteah, xz07:32
juetilman: because of that we have to add a additional symlink ->
spaceninjaor I could just check when the log got created :p07:35
tilmanjue: seems to be acceptable. since pkgadd links libxz statically anyway07:35
Romsteror the time of the package archives07:35
juetilman: yeah, bsdtar is the problem-maker ;)07:36
entespaceninja: how? :>07:36
juetilman: btw, updated xz port is my repo07:37
spaceninjaente: ls -l07:38
entespaceninja: there is no UNIX fs attribute for creation time07:38
spaceninjaoh, but when it was touched or something07:38
spaceninjadoes the date change when I read it?07:39
entebut you said "when the log was created" :P07:39
entedepends on which date you mean07:39
spaceninjaI don't know what Im talking about :)07:39
enteatime changes if you don't mount the fs noatime :D07:39
tilmanspaceninja: there are mtime, ctime and atime. google them.07:39
enteI really miss creation time sometimes07:40
pitillojue: I found some problems trying to update libpng (xz sources). I got an error related to decompression options07:40
thrice`sounds like bsdbar broke :>07:40
spaceninjaok thx07:40
pitillosorry, I went ahead with the talk and saw your comments07:41
juepitillo: looks more like you've updated to xz 5.0 than a problem related to glibc?07:42
pitillojue: yes, you are right07:42
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mwolfHi all. Is Crux still actively maintained?08:40
spaceninjamwolf: of course it is08:41
pitillomwolf: check the development section in the official webpage to see how active it is08:41
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mwolfAh, ok! Thanks.08:41
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tilmanfrinnst: :D:D10:01
juehehe, cool :)10:01
tilmanLHR is heathrow?10:02
sepenfrinnst: lol10:45
sepensee ya'10:45
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entefrinnst: haha11:07
frinnstfucking snow11:12
thrice`that's your house, or?11:14
frinnstnah, but from my town11:14
entelooks awesome11:16
enteI'm jealous11:16
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mike_kpedja: have you found a workaround for udev? I am just scared to update it.12:23
DaViruzi sort of like snow12:24
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tilmanthe finnish variant of pancakes is called 'pannukakku' :D13:05
DaViruzfrinnst: swedish, i guess? :)13:25
tilmanbork bork bork13:36
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pedja"the udev database has changed, After installation of a new udev version, 'udevadm info --convert-db' should be called, to let the new udev/libudev version read the already stored data."15:40
pedjachangelog for 165.15:41
pedjacould this be the root of my problems?15:41
thrice`I think rebooting would do the same15:51
thrice`hm, maybe not15:53
pedjai did reboot after updating, and the result were bunch of errors, and xfce would not start15:53
pedjasince I am the only one hitting this problem, something must be wrong at my end.15:54
pedjaChangelog for udev is rather small, I can't figure out what is wrong.15:57
thrice`I actually haven't updated to 165 yet :>15:58
thrice`looks like slackware added that convert-db to its post-inst too15:58
pedjaI did update it on a running system, so next reboot will be fun :)15:59
entethrice`: -current?16:02
enteguess I'll need to change the usb-modeswitch udev-rules16:03
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RotwangI need some good PRNG18:21
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andariusgreetings and salutations18:47
Rotwangfound ISAAC19:18
RomsterRotwang, Hasard19:41
Romsteraudio-entropyd video-entropyd timer_entropyd haveged are others to feed random19:45
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