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pitillogood morning00:47
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spaceninjaim trying to install opencore-amr, but this link doesn't work. '      What's wrong with it?00:58
pitillospaceninja: wrong url <- Romster can you update it?01:05
spaceninjaok thx. This one also worked. wget
spaceninjaIm also having problems with id3lib
pitillospaceninja: same problem like opencore-amr01:13
spaceninjayes, 404. Im installing all deps for vlc01:13
Romsterwhy does sourceforge have to keep breaking things.01:20
Romsteri'm sick of it01:20
Romsterafter i eat01:21
spaceninjahehe :)01:21
Romsterthey all used to work i verified them all01:21
spaceninjamaybe its te devs who make new or change the dirs for their projects, or something.01:23
Romsteri think it's global01:28
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Romsterthis is going to take ages i'll do it later.02:24
Romsterprefer to relax after work02:24
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spaceninjaI'm trying to get the sound working. I've maxed every bar in alsamixer, im in the audio group. What have I missed?03:02
sadiqlinuxspaceninja: Was your soundcard detected correctly?03:03
spaceninjasadiqlinux: this is what I can see from dmesg
spaceninjaI got a 00:1f.5 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 01)03:08
spaceninjaits built into the kernel03:08
sadiqlinuxspaceninja: try catting a relatively big file to your sound device - eg: cat /var/log/dmesg > /dev/snd003:13
sadiqlinuxspaceninja: see if you hear any noise on your speakers.03:13
spaceninjano noise03:14
spaceninjahmm, maybe theres a conflict in the kernel configuration. I used make menuconfig as a 'base' for my configuration, maybe I should use the crux config03:16
spaceninjamake defconfig03:16
spaceninjaIt works with a ubuntu live session, so the cables and the card is working03:18
mike_kspaceninja: be sure to check the output is not muted in alsamixer03:20
mike_kpress "M" -> there sould be no "MM" (just to zeroes) at the bottom of the bar.03:21
spaceninjayes, its all MM03:22
sadiqlinuxMM means its muted.03:22
spaceninjaI mean 0003:23
spaceninjaits green03:23
mike_kis it the only sound device on the motherboard?03:23
mike_kI am out of clues03:25
spaceninjame too, Im recompiling a new kernel with the crux's  config files instead, the 'make defconfig' had alot more select in the sound sections. I only add/remove stuff I know.03:26
mike_kshould not be the issue, as alsamixer already has some outputs to manipulate03:27
pitillospaceninja: have you relogged the user after adding it to the audio group?03:29
spaceninjaI created the user with -G users,audio,video,wheel03:29
spaceninjayes, its in the audio group03:30
sadiqlinuxspaceninja: try a reboot03:30
spaceninjaok, one last try03:30
spaceninjanot last, one more try :p03:31
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spaceninjanuthin, recompiling a new kernel03:37
sadiqlinuxis sound working as root?03:42
sadiqlinuxhave you tried?03:42
spaceninjajust tried, nothing :(03:50
spaceninjahaha, but im having fun compiling a new kernel, it might work03:51
sadiqlinuxIncase all this confuses you, I would recommend reading O-Reilly's "Linux Kernel in a Nutshell" by Greg Kroah-Hartmann. It gives really nice details about finding the drivers that you need and how to locate them in while configuring the new kernel. Its all about building the kernel.. you will find it very helpful.03:53
spaceninjacool, thanks, I will get it. I want to learn more about the kernel.03:56
spaceninjabuy* :)03:57
sadiqlinuxThe great thing is you don't need to buy it.. its freely and legally available online.03:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pycrypto: takeover, footprint update03:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pyopenssl: takeover, update to 0.1103:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: python-markdown: takeover, update to 2.003:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: gajim: update to 0.14.104:02
spaceninjasadiqlinux: thx04:02
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tilmanfucking hell04:22
tilmanthey put a fix for that damage crap bug in xorg-server 1.9.304:22
tilmanbut it doesn't work04:22
sadiqlinuxtilman: filed a bug for this?04:27
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sadiqlinuxtilman: please file a bug with all details and the maintainer should be able to fix it.04:30
mike_ksadiqlinux: khmmm, I guess "they" are the upstream Xorg team. tilman maintains the whole crux's xorg repo.04:32
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tilmani reported the bug to the one who introduced it, and he wasn't that interested in fixing it04:32
tilmanthen 3 months later, some other guy noticed the bug04:33
tilman-> they reworked the code04:33
tilmanbut the original problem is still there04:33
sadiqlinuxtilman: my bad :-/ sorry04:33
mike_ktilman: any details/url on the bug?04:33
tilmanit shows up with i945 graphics (at least), urxvt and xcompmgr04:34
tilmanurxvt fails to properly draw the cursor04:34
tilmanie you expect a nice solid rectangle if the window has the focus, right? and a border-only rect when it doesn't04:34
tilmanthe bug causes the cursor to either be drawn in the wrong state, or not drawn at all04:35
tilman*very* irritating :)04:35
mike_k"damage crap bug" sounded like a hw destruction issue04:35
tilmanoh, no04:36
tilmandamage as in XDamage :)04:36
tilmanmaybe their fix didn't make it into 1.9.304:37
tilmani only saw it being discussed on xorg-devel04:37
tilmanmaybe it will be 1.9.4 or 1.10 only04:37
mike_ktalking about these kind of things...
mike_ksome strange font issues here04:40
tilmansadiqlinux: np ;)04:40
tilmanthe fix *should* be in 1.9.304:41
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-server: revert the damage patch again.04:50
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: rxvt-unicode: updated to 9.10.04:58
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-server: added xorg-server.diff to .md5sum.04:59
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entewhich damage-patch?06:47
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thrice`omg, zsh release :o07:38
tilmanwhy don't we rotate /var/log/btmp by default?07:46
teK_because wtmp rotating sucks, too08:05
teK_wtmp begins Fri Feb 19 16:09:01 201008:07
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teK_where's the rest of it08:07
tilmanin old/ ? ;)08:08
teK_not. But if it's supposed to get rotated to old/ I'm fine with that08:09
* teK_ checks out zsh's changelog :>08:10
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scummvm: 1.2.0 -> 1.2.108:39
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* pedja kicks udev10:05
pedjanow, it kinda works10:05
pedjasome of my rules get applied, some do not.10:06
pedjarules that worked with 164...10:06
tilmanjue: hey. do you know why we don't rotate /var/log/btmp and friends?10:07
juetilman: no, I guess there's no real reason to do not10:09
juewell, btmp should normaly very small, but rotating wtmp makes surely sense10:10
tilmani just noticed a 665MB btmp on my server ;)10:11
tilman(publically reachable ssh on port 22 *cough*)10:11
jueoops :)10:11
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juepedja: with 'my rules' you mean rules that are _not_ part of the udev port?10:14
pedjayes, ones at /etc/udev/rules.d10:14
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pedjaif anyone has a reference of proper format/values for the rules, I'll be grateful.10:16
pedjae.g if there is id_serial in output from 'udevadm info --query=all /dev/foo', as an attribute, I should put something like ATTRS{id_serial}=$serial in the rule.Right?10:18
thrice`you ran the convert-db  command btw?10:19
pedjaafter xorg-server update, rebuilding of nvidia, and reboot.10:20
juethrice`: bet he had booted more than once ;)10:21
pedjatwice, actually :)10:21
thrice`ok :>10:21
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enteanyone else got the problem that usb_modeswitch doesn't work from udev?10:24
juetilman: sounds like a good idea to add btmp/wtmp to our rotatelog-stuff10:27
enteif you don't mind stealing from slackware:
entebut wait, doesn't crux have it's own logrotater?10:30
jueente: yes10:31
enteshouldn't be much different from that logrotate-config anyway10:32
entebtw: why? something wrong with logrotate?10:32
jueno, but obviously Per solved it the simple way10:36
pedjayay, I fixed udev rule.10:43
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pedjarules :)11:00
pedja--attribute-walk is the magic sauce11:01
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entepedja: what does it do?12:28
entethrice`: do you use my usb_modeswitch port?12:29
thrice`nope, I've never had a need for that software :(12:34
entewhy the sad face?12:34
thrice`because I can't help :>12:36
enteah, well.12:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: usb_modeswitch: use absolute path in udev helper13:59
entehope that fixes it... my udevd complained about it14:00
enteit doesn't actually run it though14:01
enteand it's not exactly verbose either14:02
frinnst-20C, 80cm snow14:25
frinnsti wonder if sepen can find me a job in spain14:25
entesounds like heaven :p14:32
thrice`hope you have some nice tires :>14:32
frinnstbrand new snow tires14:33
frinnstbut doesnt help when the car bottoms out in the snow like it did this past sunday14:33
pitillofrinnst: or look for an alternative, a job there but working from here :P14:41
pitillobecause the job topic here... is quite bad, in amount and in quality$14:41
tilmanfrinnst: -20C during the *day*?14:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: zsh: updated to
frinnstwell, its been around -15 today15:17
teK_tilman: it'd be totally awesome to have zshall(1) contain really the content of *all* zsh man pages16:00
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enteman zsh all :D16:16
enteone section per complex program16:16
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andariusgreetings and salutations23:26
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