IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2010-12-22

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pitillogood morning02:33
Romsterdoes anyone know what tcp port 57226 is for?02:39
Romsteri'm getting massive scans from multiple ip's02:40
Romstertrying to create a connection02:40
Romsterof course it's blocked but it's flooding my logs.02:40
Romster seems to be same port02:49
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thrice`morning :>06:51
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entetilman: opt/libtxc_dxtn source is no longer available07:03
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thrice`hallo :>07:40
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thrice`seriously, how does arch even run ? :p08:03
frinnstnice and clean..08:07
thrice`was trying to find a patch, never thought to look in the build script itself :>08:08
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enteyes, typical for rch08:20
entesomeone (might even be you :P) trolled me about "wrong distro" when I pasted the link to the exim PKGBUILD in here08:21
entewhich is even worse08:21
ente <- there08:22
ente <- another thing is that  /var/spool/exim/db/aliases is never referenced to in the exim config arch ships08:22
enterendering newaliases entirely pointless08:22
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tilmangqview isn't in ports anymore? :'(12:14
aubictilman: gqview is dead, geeqie is its successor12:18
tilmanit's in opt even12:19
* tilman hides12:19
tilmanaubic: thanks =)12:19
mike_kaubic: thanks. just have been looking for gqview too12:20
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ThePubps axf12:58
ThePuback, sorry12:58
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teK_wtf, who fixed CUPS and it's web interface and stuff.. neat! :-)16:11
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tmcbi was trying to install a package that depended on cups a couple of minutes ago, but when the cups installation was ending, i was warned about a footprint mismatch on pdftops file20:04
tmcbbut on build() the option "--disable-pdftops" is mentioned20:05
tmcbis it suitable to submit a bug report?20:07
frinnstfootprint missmatches are common wrt different configurations and installed libs20:42
frinnstbut i guess it sounds strange with --disable-pdftops20:42
tmcbyup, that's why it think it is a bug20:44
frinnstbtw, PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" in "pkgmk.conf" is pretty useful20:46
tmcbthe pkgmk.conf man page does not specify if it keeps warning about the mismatches, does it do that?20:49
frinnstbut doesnt fail20:49
tmcbi "usually" install the package by hand instead20:50
tmcbusually is between quotes because it's my first day with crux in a long time20:50
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