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ThePubAnyone use wmii and get input issues under Crux?  Never had this issue before, there aren't any events being generated in the /events file. Has always worked fine everywhere else.00:22
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RomsterThePub, checked with revdep?00:34
Romsternow that i can relax i should get into fixing those damn sourceforge urls.00:35
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ThePubRomster: not familiar with that, what is it?00:55
Romsterit's in prt-utils01:07
Romsterprt-get depinst prt-utils && prt-get update -fr `revdep`01:08
Romsterrebuilds ant package that's got broken library links01:08
Romsteri don't get this not all urls are broken, i guess it's up to the project owners to switch to the new url.01:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cups: disable dbus/pdf2ps05:33
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tilmanis this type of perl footprint mismatch expected: ?05:49
tilmani mean the location of Error.pm05:49
tilmanit was moved out of site_perl05:50
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jueindeed, looks wrong for me06:14
juetilman: strange, works for me without the footprint mismatch06:21
juetilman: is your perl up-to-date, might it be that you are using 5.12.1?06:25
tilmanright, that's possible06:28
tilmanjue: that's probably it. thanks06:28
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ThePubhmm, mouse/kb don't work in xorg using wmii but they do in the supplied openbox.  using evdev already by default, so according to the message in topic it should be OK.06:56
tilmanif they work in one wm but not in another, it's ziomg-likely a problem with the wm06:56
ThePubI would believe that as well :)  Just never seen such an issue in wmii, it's probably one of the simplest things out there.06:58
tilmanFalcon|: are you the owner of the falcony ports repo?07:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: bmon: update email address07:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: opera: update email address07:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: atanks: update sourceforge source07:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: abe: update sourceforge source07:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: avifile: update sourceforge source07:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: bmp: update sourceforge source07:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: bomberclone: 0.11.8 -> 0.11.907:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: cdrdao: update sourceforge source07:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: boost: 1.44.0 -> 1.45.007:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: dvdauthor: 0.6.18 -> 0.7.007:12
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Falcon|tilman: nope07:24
* Rotwang considers switching switching to tiling wm07:27
Rotwangbut it would have to be also good with graphical apps07:28
ThePubI've been using wmii on debian for years and love it.  There are corner cases where it doesn't work well, but usually there are ways around that if you're willing to work with it.07:28
jueI'd say the most sophisticated is xmonad, but it's haskell ...07:33
tilmanyay haskell :)07:35
jueif you like how it's work, you might be happy with scrotwm, it mimics basic xmonad, meaning same layout/keybindings etc.07:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: git: updated to
juebut you need some endurance to get used with a tiling wm ;)07:37
Rotwangjue: I used awesome some time ago07:39
tadzik  I'm happy with awesome07:39
Rotwangbut got annoyed afrer constant changes in config files07:44
Rotwangevery new release introduced something new that broken compatibility with earlier config versions07:45
jueI looked at it once, but it has far to deps for me07:45
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tmcbhi there08:10
tmcbjust a question08:10
tmcbis someone able to change the default shell via chsh?08:10
tmcbi'm receiving the message: "you may not change the shell for '<username>'"08:11
tilmantmcb: seems busted indeed08:12
tmcbi changed thru root08:12
tmcbnow it seems to work with zsh08:13
thrice`   (oldie?) :)08:18
juetmcb: works for me, as a normal user you can only change your own shell, but not the one for other users08:20
tilmanjue: i'm running zsh. 'chsh -s /bin/bash tilman' fails for me, too. /bin/bash is in /etc/shells of course08:22
tilmanand /usr/bin/chsh is setuid root08:22
joacimsudo -s08:23
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juehmm, works with bash08:23
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entethrice`: hahaha08:46
tmcbjue: i tried to change my own shell, indeed08:47
tmcbbut it was not working, it worked misteriously only after i changed my default shell to zsh08:48
tmcbnow i tested here and it began to work after i added zsh to /etc/shells08:50
tmcbbut it is still strange...08:50
tmcbis chsh intelligent to the point that if there's not a shell that's not sh or bash, it does not allow you to change the shell? i don't think so08:51
tadziknope. I've changed my shell to zsh via chsh08:51
tadzikbut it was so long ago I don't even remember whether it was from root or what ;)08:52
tmcbbut zsh was already on /etc/shells?08:52
tadzikI have no idea08:52
tadzikI think it should be, no?08:52
tadzikit's there now08:53
tmcbi'll put the relevant info in a pastebin, just a moment08:53
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tadzikso what's the problem?09:02
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tmcbtake a look there, when zsh is commented out chsh refuses to work even before knowing which shell i'm going to choose09:11
enteseems weird09:14
tmcbthat makes me assume that (i.e. i'm too lazy so look the source code so i think) chsh is intelligent and knows that choosing sh or bash makes no difference since sh is a symlink to bash09:15
juewell, looks like that chsh fails if the shell your are using currently is not in /etc/shells09:16
entetmcb: I think bash behaves differently when called as sh09:17
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tmcbjue: that happened even before i changed my shell09:17
tmcbi.e. when i was using sh09:18
tmcbthat is in /etc/shells by default09:19
jueat least it's reproducible for me that chsh fail if the shell you are using is not in /etc/shells09:24
tmcbsomeone that uses the default shell could try to reproduce it just for curiosity :)09:27
tmcbente: i really dunno09:28
juethere's another condition:09:28
jueor your shell in /etc/passwd is not in /etc/shells09:29
jueat least all of it makes perfect sense ;)09:30
tmcbwell, i'll change my shell back, try to reproduce what happened before and put the info available if i succeed to reproduce09:30
tmcbwell, i was not able to reproduce09:33
tmcbit should be tested in a default install09:33
tmcbjust to confirm09:34
tmcbor maybe with a new user09:34
tmcbjust a moment, i'll try that09:34
pedjahow serious is vertical banding on a crt monitor?09:37
pedjanice, wavy, vertical lines09:37
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tmcbi created the user 'foobar' just for testing09:42
frinnsti lol'ed09:43
pedjamike_k: rebuild xfdesktop with --enable-debug=minimal. it helped :)09:43
thosch97i have a problem with crux 2.7, running in virtualbox 409:45
thosch97when i boot, i get a kernel panic09:45
thosch97a friend of me told me that the module for the controller is not compiled into the kernel09:46
Zabadoes your kernel start screaming and running away from you?09:46
Zababe more specific about what the panic is, please.09:46
thosch97i already asked in lq:
thosch97see the thread in lq09:46
thosch97i made a screenshot09:46
Zabacould be a missing controller driver, yes09:47
Zabait can't find 'sda'09:47
thosch97but i dont find it in the make menuconfig menu09:47
Zabavbox supports several different IDE controllers, which one are you using?09:47
thosch97it's nothing special, just virtualbox09:48
thosch97there is nothing else to choose, just ahci09:48
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thosch97 <= config of the vm09:50
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tilmanbecause it's christmas i won't bitch at you for posting stuff that thrice already linked to *hours* ago ;-)10:05
ZabaI thought christmas was tomorrow10:06
pedjafrinnst: to keep you warm in cold nights :)10:07
Zabanot that I care, I'm surrounded by a culture that celebrates it on 7th of january10:07
pedjayou might not like the track, but the clip is..nice10:07
pedjaZaba: I celebrate both.10:07
ZabaI don't celebrate christmas, it's only observed by the religious fanatics^w here10:08
pedjano baby J.?10:08
pedjatilman: if all football matches would look like that, i might watch it :)10:09
tilmani was referring to the "i celebrate both" bit10:10
tilmandon't have flash on this computer10:10
pedjaoh, sorry.10:10
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pedjadouble gifts, hen I was a for me :)10:10
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tmcbjue: have you taken a look at the pastebin i sent last?10:29
frinnstpedja: \o/10:44
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pedjait seems gcc needs tmpfs bigger than 2gb...11:03
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Romsterpedja, just set it to 4GB and make sure you got swap if you got less than 6GB of ram in the system.19:44
Romsteri have found nothing that hits 4GB in tmpfs /yet/19:45
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jaegerI built it in a 1.8G tmpfs without trouble21:11
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