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xukashimoin kanal04:50
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rauzhi is there a public pkg-get mirror05:20
tadziknot that I know of. I don't know any person using/maintaining pkg-get05:26
entepkg-get isn't really that nice05:27
enterauz: I have some packages of annoying stuff.05:27
entenobody has bothered writing a script for it (yet), and I think nobody but me uses it right now, but if you want (or have suggestions)05:28
enteI build them in a chroot with a minimal set of deps05:29
ente(= those actually mentioned in the Pkgfile)05:29
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rauzthx ente, you build haskell i should install it for school,  but it thought it is to much work :D05:36
pitillorauz: we are using pkg-get in CRUX-ARM, and sepen is maintaining (or will maintain) it05:45
pitillomerry christmas to all btw :)05:45
rauzmerry christmas to all05:51
enterauz: you only need cabal-install and ghc05:52
enterauz: the other packages are for bootstrapping cabal-install05:52
rauzah ok thx05:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: jedit: update to 4.3.205:58
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ukihi, there is a new glibc port, if I update it, do I have to rebuild my system?07:57
entejust telinit U and you'll be fine08:05
ukiok, thanks08:06
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RomsterYou don't have permission to access /portdb/index.php on this server.19:49
Romsterit was working just a moment ago.19:50
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jamesmillsWhat do you guys recommend as a backup system for enterprise ? With features like snapshot backups and being able to recover lost or damaged files on date xyz ?20:04
jamesmillsrsnapshot isn't novice-friendly20:33
jamesmillsseems geared towards the tech heads like us :)20:33
entein case you're the sysadmin, just set it up yourself? :P20:35
enteI don't remember how the thing we use at uni was called, but it has a web-ui20:35
enteit isn't any bit more novice friendly than rsnapshot though, imo20:35
jamesmillswell the thing is rsnapshot is great20:38
jamesmillsbut it's a command-line tool20:39
jamesmillsI do need some kind of web ui20:39
jamesmillsso the staff at this office (and yes I'm the sysadmin) can view old files, recover them, etc20:39
jamesmillsbacula seems to be the kind of system that I should use20:39
jamesmillsjust wondering if there are other better systems perhaps20:39
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* ente shrugs21:06
enteif you make the backups (i.e. setup cron to use rsnapshot) people should be able to fetch their files out of the folders with the corresponding timestamps21:06
enteI can't help you with anything besides that ;>21:07
jaegerYou might also look into ZFS21:12
jaegerfor snapshots, at least, not really for backups21:13
enteHAMMER :)21:22
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jamesmillsjaeger:  apprecoate it22:02
jamesmillsbut ZFS isn't really an option here atm22:02
jamesmillsbut it's an awesome fs22:02
jaegerfair enough22:29
jaegerwe use zfs snapshots for everything at work, love them22:31
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