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Romstersepen meh never aroudn when i need him, someone inform him that the url in recordmydesktop has been parked.04:21
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sirmacikcan someone remind me the command to recompile whole system?06:23
pitillosirmacik: the whole system or the broken ones?06:26
pitillosirmacik: revdep will tell you about broken, the whole system can be done with prt-get listinst or pkginfo -i06:27
Romstersirmacik, prt-get update -fr `revdep`06:34
Romsterbut if your crazy prt-get update -fr `pkginfo -i |cut -d' ' -f1|xargs`06:34
Romsteror even a prt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep foo` if you just want to rebuild everything affecting foo.06:35
sirmacikwhy crazy? ;x06:35
Romsterbecause it takes such a long time.06:35
Romsteri have done it.06:35
sirmacikme too few times. I do it always on new, clean crux installation06:36
Romster$ pkginfo -i |wc -l06:36
Romsterah ok06:37
sirmacikIt's good to have it done at start, I think06:37
Romsterit was around 904 but i pruned a bit.06:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: geoip_iv0_database: moved from romsters repo08:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xtables-addons: moved from romsters repo08:14
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frinnstnice, libraries dated 2005 in /lib11:12
frinnsterr, library11:13
frinnstprobably remains of my old slackware install :D11:14
thrice`did you do some wierd in-place switch to crux?11:44
tadzikdid you mean: "exciting"?11:45
frinnstexactly, exciting11:52
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sirmacikhmm emacs fails to compile :/14:42
sirmacikdoes anyone know how to fix it?14:43
jseHm. Have you changed the default CFLAGS or does emacs do it, similar to mplayer?14:45
sirmacikthose CFLaGS are mine14:46
jseI don't use emacs so there's not really much more that comes to mind right now.14:48
jseIf you still have the original crux CFLAGS, try those and see if it still fails.14:48
sirmacikok, I'll try thx14:49
jseDon't know what else to tell you. Hope it works. :)14:50
sirmaciki'm trying it right now14:51
sirmacikbut it fails with the same error ://14:51
sirmacikYou think I should report it on bugtracker?14:52
jseYou could try it and see if you get any help.14:56
jseNoticed a new gcc and glibc were recently added to the ports.14:57
jseHave you upgraded those? Maybe they are causing trouble.14:57
sirmacikI have a fresh install14:57
sirmacikand build of glibc has failed so far14:59
sirmacikI'm trying now to build it wwith default cflags14:59
jseI had changed default clags from -O2 to -Os and glibc failed to build.15:00
jseApparently it does not like the -Os flag. :P15:00
sirmacikbut for emacs it doesn't make a difference so far, will see if rbuild glibc would help15:01
jseIt was a cryptic error message. Not much help.15:02
pitillosirmacik: you can try with the new version, 23.215:14
sirmaciklet's see15:18
sirmacikit worked \o/15:19
sirmacikthanks pitillo! (:15:19
pitillonp :)15:19
sirmacikare here any lispers?15:22
frinnstno, i speak proper15:24
tilman(no, (i (speak proper)))15:24
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jaegerwell played, tilman16:39
treachisn't there a -ly missing there? ;)16:40
jaegertechnically, yes16:45
jaegeror a noun16:45
treachscore another one in the ongoing crusade against bad linguistic habits. :p16:48
jaegerindeed, hehe16:48
jseAnother small victory it is. :D16:50
treachwell, at least it wasn't someone confusing seems/seams. >_<16:52
jsehehe. Those damned homophones strike early and often. :P16:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libtxc_dxtn: fixed URLs.16:56
Romsterwhat the difference between 'observation or understanding' and 'to join'17:00
Romstergood morning also.17:01
treachyou nead binoculars for one of those activites, and for the other one you need a welding aggregate?17:04
Romsteryeah that applies too.17:06
Romsterstupid wget why does it hang at a completed download off a ftp server.17:34
Romsterand doesn't close the connection.17:34
Romsteryet it should be smart enough to know received bytes = reported file size.17:35
jseFind it surprising that ftp still hasn't been retired.17:35
Romsterthat as well.17:35
Romsterso much for firefox being fast to search bookmarks too it hangs for ages when i look though 30,000 or so bookmarks.17:41
Romstersqlite3 shouldn't have any difficulty at all at that.17:43
treachtime to port ff to mysql too? :p17:51
Romsterlol what17:52
Romstercan't be serious sqlite3 shouldn't choke on 30,000 rows.17:53
treachwell, if going on what I've experienced with amarok in the past, sqlite isn't that great.17:53
Romsteranother pain is the GUI thread shouldn't be the same one for the database. or it's waiting for data....17:55
Romstermeans i can't do anything else while i wait for that.17:55
treachI don't think there's anyone who claims ff is the greatest thing since sliced bread.17:56
treachit just happens to be the best we have, I guess.17:56
Romsterbeen meaning to migrate to midori but it hasn't got everything i require.18:07
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Romsterwin TagSieve replaces TagSifter18:15
Romstermissed the tag cloud18:15
Romsternow i can actually find my stuff18:22
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: geoip_iv0_database: renamed to xtables-geoip and updated21:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xtables-addons: renamed dependency21:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-text-csv-xs: new port for xtables-geoip21:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-text-csv-xs: fix the description21:11
Romstersorry abotu the noise only after i did the initial commit of xtables-addons did i find out from the developer that the old file location was depreciated.21:13
Romstereveryone is probably asleep anyways21:15
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