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zesterAnyone around that could offer some advice, on how to get crux and my sata hard drive working correctly?08:17
zesterI'm getting Kernel panic - not syncing: UFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown block (0,0)08:25
jaegerYou usually just need to make sure that the combination of controller and filesystem are built into your kernel config. Which SATA controller do you have?08:25
zesterI have my fstab/lilo.config setup properly and i have every avaialbe SCSI/SATA/Filesystem driver compiled into the kernel.08:27
zesterHow do i find out what  SATA controller i have?08:27
zester00:11.0 SATA controller: ATI Technologies Inc SB700/SB800 SATA Controller [IDE mode]08:28
jaegerlspci -k will even tell you which module is in use08:28
zesterKernel driver in use: ahci08:29
jaegerIf that's the case you should need <*>   AHCI SATA support08:29
jaegerthough it's a bit odd to me that you get [IDE mode] and ahci in use08:30
jaegerI wonder if that's a quirk of the ATI SATA controller08:30
zesterIm using ubuntu right now untill I can get crux working again.08:30
zesterProblems only started when I switch from IDE to SATA08:31
jaegerIn your bios is there a switch between IDE and AHCI mode or something similar?08:31
zesterNot sure I have 15 min untill crux-2.7 is downloaded then ill be trying to get crux working allover again.08:32
jaegerWell, the ahci driver will be the same on the kernel uses in crux, so that should be what you need08:32
zesterA shame really I loved working with crux then I updated all my hardware to the latest greatest.08:33
jaegerNo reason it shouldn't work again, with a little tweaking :)08:33
zesterGod I hope I have better luck ubuntu/opensuse/fedora really aren't my type of distros. ubuntu to know is slower than vista not that I use windows products lol :)08:35
zesterIll make a list of every driver used that lspci -k shows me and do a search in the kernel config.08:36
jaegerI usually keep a second console open during the install with lspci -k up08:37
jaegervery handy08:37
zesterThanks for the -k switch didn't know about it.08:38
zesterIf I do find a switch for IDE and AHCI in my bios should I switch it to AHCI?08:43
jaegerI generally prefer that, and both should work. It's just likely that in IDE mode it would use a different kernel module08:44
zesterk thanks08:45
jaegerThough that may not be the case here, considering your lspci output said "[IDE mode]" after the controller info08:45
zesterAlright ill be back. Thanks08:50
jaegergood luck08:50
zesterjaeger your ports are a little small theses days :)08:51
jaegerThey are, yeah... I've had less time over the past 2 years but hoping to pick back up soon08:53
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zesterGrr still didn't work, I even got desperate and compiled all SCSI / AHCI SATA / SATA drivers into the kernel. Epic failure :(10:09
zesterSame Kernel panic - not syncing: UFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown block (8,0)10:11
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zesterI guess im going to use the same kernel source version and default ubuntu kernel config. Build everything in virtualbox and then us the linux live scripts to build a bootable iso.10:24
zesterScratch that I'll use the linux live cd prebuilt kernel/modules see how that goes10:42
zesterOnce I get crux working I'm going to use my ubuntu cd's as clay pigeons for skeet shooting!10:53
zesterScratch that I'm going to tie them to the next door neighbors cat that keep crapping on my front porch and use them both for skeet shooting!10:56
zesterlol :)10:56
jaegerzester: weird, not sure what to tell you11:01
jaegersorry, had meetings and have been out of my office11:01
zesterIt's my fault I had to have a board that supported both SATA and IDE, Ati and Nvidia.11:01
zesterThere was a IDE / AHCI swith in my BIOS but when I switched it to AHCI my system became unbootable.11:02
jaegerare you running windows on it as well?11:03
jaegerIt's possible to switch windows to AHCI as well, though not as trivial as linux11:03
zesterLike woudn;t even boot a cd or ubuntu on my spare drive. Just kind of sat there with a blinking cursor.11:03
jaegerweird, haven't seen that one before11:04
zesterI have 3 spare drives 1 windows, 1 Ubuntu and 1 crux but there not all connected at the same time.11:04
jaegereven if a windows install switched to AHCI were hosed you should still be able to boot a CD11:04
zesterI only connect the one i am going to use.11:04
jaegerAFK again, /sigh11:05
jaegerlunch meeting11:05
jaegerI'm not gonna get anything done today11:05
zesterTell me about it I could be programming or working on a game instead I am fiddling with virtualbox.11:05
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zesterCheck my site out11:06
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zesterDam just installed crux in virtualbox and it wont boot there eather.11:09
zesterHere are the errors.11:09
zesterKernel Panic - not syncing : VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8, 1)11:11
zesterPid: 1, comm: swapper  Tainted: G  W #111:11
zesterCall Trace:11:12
Zabait can't find a /dev/sda111:13
zesterCrap let me show you a pic instead 1 sec11:13
Zabafor some reason or other11:13
zesterHere there is a screenshot of the full error, its the same error i get when installing on my system.11:15
Zabayour kernel probably doesn't support the controller of your disk11:16
zesterHow could it not every other gnu/linux distro work except the one I actualy wan't to work Crux.11:18
thrice`it's a configuration problem :-)11:19
zesterYah I realize that. lol11:20
tilmanmay you close(fd) after you mmap'ed fd even if you intend to use the mapping after the close()?11:21
zesterCould I just copy the kernel from the crux cd and use that11:21
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zesterLets find out whats the worst that could happen it doesnt work lol :)11:24
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zesterNope that didn't work eather.11:30
zesterThe sick thing is FreeBSD works out of the box.11:31
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