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pitillogood morning00:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: inadyn-mt: updated to 02.24.0202:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: doxygen: updated to 1.7.302:20
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acruxRomster: thanks05:12
profilhmm, I made a crux install yesterday. But now I can't boot properly, I get a kernel panic and it says that it "cannot open root device 'sda6' or unkown-block(0,0), Kernel Panic - Not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unkown-block(0,0)"05:40
teK_filesystem / ide/sata controller driver compiled statically into your kernel (i.e. not as a module)?05:41
profilI compiled in support for ext2/3/4 in the kernel. My root partition is ext405:41
profilwith the initramfs from the installation I can boot my system05:42
profilteK_: so it must be that I have not compiled in ide/sata driver?05:42
teK_I think so05:44
teK_are you sure that there's a sda6?05:44
teK_which controller do you have?05:44
profilteK_: yes, I can boot with "initrd /initramfs" in grub05:44
profilteK_: How do I find out?05:44
teK_lspci -k lists the driver that's in use for each device05:45
profilI have one "IDE interface"05:46
profilwhich is using ata_piix05:47
teK_no SATA?05:47
profilit's a laptop, if it makes any difference05:47
teK_do you have ata_piix enabled?05:48
profilin my kernel?05:48
teK_you can check by grepping the .config file in your linux-x.y.z source folder05:49
teK_your nick suggests you're german?05:50
teK_you have to grep case-insensitivly (-i) btw.05:50
profilteK_: nope, swedish :) and CONFIG_ATA_PIIX=m05:51
profilteK_: that should be a 'y'?05:51
teK_what does df -h / print?05:53
profil/dev/sda6 6.5G 1.1G 5.1G 18% /05:54
profil/dev/sda7 14G 163M 13G 2% /home05:54
teK_btw where's that initrd from?05:54
teK_crux iso?05:54
teK_or did you manage to boot the system?05:54
profilyes, the installation iso05:55
teK_so try to compile the driver as =y and then we'll se05:55
profilI got some mismatch, why is that?05:55
teK_which mismatch?05:57
profilteK_: also, my wireless card uses ipw2200, but dmesg says that it can't find firmware..05:57
teK_there's a ipw2200-fw port06:00
teK_have you tried that?06:00
profilnope I haven't, will do, thanks =)06:03
profilteK_: just one question, is it bad to download the ipw2200-fw/ and put it on a usb stick and then install in crux? does it break something if I doesn't use ports?06:29
teK_that won't pose a problem06:30
teK_but I'd use the port once the card works, you'll just have to pkgadd -f ipw2200-fw#... to overwrite the existing files in /lib/firmware06:31
profilokay, great :D06:31
profilteK_: yes ofcourse, I just need this to get online06:32
teK_you always can download the tarball, move it to the laptop and build the port there06:33
profilI like crux already :D06:34
teK_I recommend to read especially steps 3-606:36
teK_and sudo is a must-have imho :]06:42
profilteK_: will do :)06:42
profilI hate sudo06:42
teK_I almost never have to type 'sudo'06:44
teK_% grep -c sudo .zsh/zshaliases06:44
teK_cats, tails, vims etc.06:44
teK_gotta go06:45
profilteK_: thanks for all the help! :)06:45
profilwtf, it's not possible to select anything else than <M> for ata_piix...07:48
pitilloprofil: put the "father" node inside to let the piix be inside too07:49
profilpitillo: it is already...07:49
profilif I remove the father node all the options are removed aswell07:50
profilhmmm, or am I doing something wrong..?07:50
pitillothen you should be able to put it inside too (verify ata from the outside dialog)07:50
profiloh.. the top node had module.. thanks! :)07:51
profilhope it will work now07:51
teK_you're welcome07:52
profilhmm, I am not good at this.. now everthing switched from /dev/sda to /dev/hda, why?08:05
Romsteracrux, np i still got some left to fix i made a quick shell script with curl to check for broken links.08:08
teK_they switched convention some time ago08:08
pitilloprofil: have you tried CONFIG_PATA_MPIIX instead of that one from ata?08:08
profilpitillo: no.. do I need to disable the other one?08:09
pitilloI don't think so, but you will know if you try it08:09
profilI'll try it :)08:10
Romsterprofil, make sure libata is set to y also.08:12
Romsteri think there was some command to list source files to later take the list with you to download from another computer and then transport back to the crux machine, for those that don't have Internet at home etc.08:13
Romstercould knock something up.08:14
Romsterthis better be the last sourceforge change ever it's really getting on my nerves.08:14
profilRomster: what is the name? can't find anything "libata"08:15
Romster type / to search08:15
Romsterand libata enter08:15
profilyeah, found nothing08:15
Romsterthey probably renamed it in later kernels.08:16
Romstersearch for that don't change it in the config.08:17
Romsteras it often can also changes other settings to08:17
profilI got CONFIG_ATA=y :)08:18
Romsterand be sure if you got the older ide driver as well to disable that.08:20
Romsteryou could also look at lsmod from the crux cd too see what module it loads for your disk, unless it modprobes everything. can't remember now.08:21
Romstercan't find FS has got to be the number 1 most frustrating thing on a linux install. second would be getting networking to work. and i would say 3rd being 3D acceleration.08:22
profilRomster: getting networking to work is no problem :D but this is kinda problematic..08:24
profilRomster: I can't find CONFIG_ATA_ACPI and CONFIG_SATA_ACPI in .config08:25
Romsterhmm i'm on 2.6.3608:26
Romstergot 2.6.37 but not rebooted for it yet.08:26
jaeger2.6.37 caused networking problems on my HTPC, very annoying08:27
profilfrom lspci -k IDE Controller using kernel driver08:27
profilit that correct?08:28
Romsteractaully 2.6.34 even causes some dhcp not running error message and i need to run /etc/rc.d/net twice to get my network to work, hadn't looked at a more permanent solution08:28
jaeger2.6.36.2 is rock solid for me, that's my current favorite08:28
Romster2.6.33 with same config (i run make oldconfig on new kernel version) to work fine.08:28
jaegerprofil: you can (and likely should) disable "< > ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL support (DEPRECATED)  --->" altogether08:28
profiljaeger: already done that :)08:29
jaegerprofil: in "<*> Serial ATA and Parallel ATA drivers  --->" you'll want "< >       Intel ESB, ICH, PIIX3, PIIX4 PATA/SATA support"08:29
profiljaeger: yes, when I enabled that my disk changed from /dev/sda to /dev/hda, everything works now but why have it changed?08:32
jaegerthat's odd, that driver should have used sda08:33
teK_jaeger: what networking problems?08:33
teK_stalled connections for e.g. webbrowsing?08:33
jaegerteK_: the machine has a forcedeth card, which I've never liked, but it works fine in previous versions... in 2.6.37 it works still but it's REALLY slow08:33
teK_in general?08:34
jaegerbest connections I can get even on my home ethernet (gigabit) are around 20K/s08:34
jaegerfor everything08:34
profiljaeger: yeah, I thought it was odd too, it has always been sda..08:34
teK_I have had temporary problems with DNS resoltuion and browsing but I have a fairly 'complex' network topoplogy underneath so i don't know what's wrong08:34
jaegerprofil: when you're booted to the initrd that works, what's the exact module lspci -k says is in use?08:34
jaegeralso, is it sda there or hda?08:34
jaegerteK_: ah =/08:35 took about 10 seconds to load08:36
profiljaeger: with the crux installation iso's initramfs it has ata_piix.. and it has sda08:36
Romsterjaeger, profil that is the default behavour it depends on the ide/sata bus you plug into.08:37
Romsteri've seen hda on a system with sda sdb08:37
RomsterteK_, do you use squid and/or mdaradns by any chance?08:38
Romsteri've got mine setup with that and it's super quick08:39
profilRomster: but I don't understand why it has changed..08:39
teK_I have: ethernet -> wlan-router <-- WLAN BRIDGE --> wlan-router <-- ETHERNET --> wlan-router08:39
Romsterprofil, newer kernels *shrugs*08:39
Romsterit'll work as sda it's just the device node name.08:39
Romsterif it annoys you so much make a udev rule to make it go to sda08:40
teK_but that willannoy you even more :>08:40
profilRomster: but it's not like this with the kernel I got i archlinux.. this is some crazy shit.. :D08:40
RomsterteK_, so like two AP's?08:40
Romsteryour MTU must be hellish small?08:41
teK_they are network transparent08:41
teK_so they won't affect MTU I'd say08:41
Romsterhere's an idea why not use your arch config and do a make oldconfig08:42
jaegerRomster: it's dependent on the driver08:42
RomsterteK_, i'd try a ping with packet size and DF set.08:42
profilRomster: I have not used my arch config, I started from scratch08:42
Romstersee how large you can go before it does drop.08:42
Romsteryou could be fragmenting every packet if you got it too large.08:43
Romsterprofil, well you /could/ try your arch config.08:43
jaegeryou could also run a diff between your arch config and crux config, might be interesting08:43
profilRomster: ehm.. I don't have one08:44
Romsterbut you said you did... nevermind...08:45
teK_Romster: indeed, for ping -M do -s 1473   ping will fail08:50
teK_but *sometimes* I can squeeze roughly 1.3MB/s through my wireless wire08:50
pitilloteK_: do you have wifi clients connected to the wlan bridge?08:51
teK_not anymore08:51
teK_my laptop connects to the 'last' wlan-router which provides a different wlan :p08:52
teK_as soon as I get this proprietary wlan stick to work I will remove the two intermediate APs08:52
pitilloummm here we experience the same (sometimes good bandwitch, other times lot of packets lost, with wlan bridges using (or not) WDS) and in our case, the more wifi clients, the more changes (on first generation routers it puts on/off the wifi to comunicate between interfaces) in the wifi bridge08:53
RomsterteK_, so 1472 works?08:53
teK_Romster: yes08:53
teK_pitillo: hmmmm08:54
Romsterso have you checked everything along that path is set to that MTU including your NIC in your box?08:54
teK_recently laptop looses connectivity from time to time..08:54
Romsterthere is another settiing for fragment packets at some certain threshold?08:54
teK_I just set my MTU to 147208:54
teK_the routers provide no means to set MTU08:54
RomsterteK_, ok that should be enough.08:54
Romsteri'd double check all the WIFI AP's don't run on the same channel.08:55
pitilloummm re-reading... is it related to a kernel change or really a network topology (frequency problem)?08:55
Romsteri've had cases where 2 WIFI AP's caused random disconnections and slow bandwidth.08:55
teK_the intermediate routers have to be on the same channel I think08:56
Romsterbecause of being on the same channel.08:56
Romsterif they are a link between two then yes08:56
teK_pitillo: I can't say08:57
Romsterbut if you got a AP WiFi on the end on say channel 6 as well as some other WiFi link also on channel 6 you'll have problems if the signal strength is enough to interfere.08:57
profilyey, I got it to work, now it's sda again :D08:58
jaegerprofil: what was the trick?08:59
teK_same channel (alle three). I tried to incorporate the third AP, too08:59
teK_will change that, thanks :-)08:59
jaegerhrmm, interesting09:00
profilit's using ata_piix now, like it should :)09:00
RomsterteK_, pitillo
jaegerprofil: good deal09:01
profilsomeday I will need to dig through make menuconfig and make it nice and neat09:01
Romsterhmm interesting profil09:01
entetilman: I think urxvt is a bit outdated...09:02
Romsteralso noisy environment/many users work better with lower MTU on WiFi networks.09:03
entetilman: nevermind :D09:03
Romsterto avoid the possibility of collisions. there is some threshold to lower the MTU when collisions occur.09:03
teK_thx romster, brb09:04
profilhow should I read the PostInstallationNotes? I do not have a webbrowser installed (I think), is it reachable as plain text?09:04
Romstermy guess is CONFIG_ATA_GENERIC makes the hda names go to sda?09:05
Romsterlynx ?09:05
profilRomster: how? using ports?09:06
pitilloRomster: good links, but I think here we are dealing with a hardware problem (first generation routers haven't management channels, and they only use a "virtual" over the real wifi channel, putting them on/off to change between ap's and clients)09:07
profiland I guess it's in the contrib?09:07
Romstermv /etc/ports/contrib.rsync.inactive /etc/ports/contrib.rsync09:07
Romsterports -u09:07
Romsterprt-get depinst lynx09:07
profilRomster: that was what I was going to read about haha :)09:07
Romsterconsole web browser but you might want to install xor gand midori/firefox/opera what ever your preference is.09:08
entehda -> sda confused the hell out of me :D09:08
jaegeranyone using nvidia HDMI for sound output? can't seem to get alsa to play nicely anymore09:08
Romsterit's also good to setup fakeroot and add a pkgmk user. even though that wiki page refferenced has that i did do a wiki page on that and other methods too.09:08
Romsteryou do have a audio cable between video card and on board sound header?09:10
jaegerRomster: it's all onboard, no discrete card. I've had it working in ubuntu as well but can't seem to get it going with alsa from source in crux09:11
jaegeronly shows spdif09:11
jaegerooh, I just thought of something, I bet I left the VGA cable plugged in, it's probably not using the HDMI interface at all09:12
Romsterah k09:12
jaegeroh well, can't switch it until I get back home later09:12
Romsterah yeah it might bypass it...09:12
Romsteror ubutnu has some patch09:12
jaeger <-- this is the machine, for reference09:13
Romstermight want to troll there ports if that VGA lead don't do the trick.09:13
jaegeryeah, think so09:13
Romsterhrmm i'd love to replace my P3 one day with a MiniITX board.09:19
Romsterbut i can't seem to find one that has at least 1 gigabit and 1 100meggabit lan and wifi.09:19
Romsteras used for a gateway pc but it runs other services like squid, maradns, ntpd and a few others.09:20
jaegerI bet you could find one that has 2 LAN and use a PCI slot for wifi09:21
jaegeror use an ALIX, perhaps09:21
Romsteror one that has on board WiFi other problem is not sure what WiFI card will run as a AP in linux.09:22
jaegerthey might only be 100mbit, don't remember09:22
jaegerwill log into mine and see, heh09:22
Romsterreally would love gigabit as it'll benefit the cache's09:22
jaegerlooks like they're 100mbit, doh09:23
Romsteri could add a say 4 port pcie lan card though.09:23
jaegerthough for me that's plenty09:23
jaegerI only have like 12mbit down or something09:23
jaegerCurrently using an ALIX with either 2 or 3 LAN and a miniPCI wifi card, works great09:24
Romsteri don't even have that, but i find speed is better with the various caches i run, plus the solution i have now is more overkill for me but i can deploy it elsewhere that would have larger user base on it.09:24
Romsteri did find this realyl wondering if this would work with madwifi or some kernel module.09:27
Romsteri don't fancy ndiswrapper and i think i'll drop that port, i was only maintaining it as no one else did.09:28
jaegera quick google search doesn't sound promising for that card09:28
profilRomster: where does pkgmk build stuff?09:28
Romsterprofil, vim /etc/pkgmk.conf09:29
profilRomster: yeah, but where does it build by default? everything is commented in there09:29
Romsterby default portname/work09:29
profiljust wondering09:29
profilah, ok, is that removed after building?09:29
Romsterif you compile lynx in contrib it'll be in contrib/lynx/work09:29
profilokay, many thanks :)09:30
Romsterthe built pkg and source files also default to there but i prefer to set there own packages and distfiles directory for that.09:30
Romsterjaeger, yeah don't look promising.09:30
Romsterbut a previous card of there's the tew-643pi worked wonders but is obsolete and get this i go to the next card that's obsolete too then it went to that TEW-643PI which looks bad for support :/09:32
jaegerwireless is such a crapshoot sometimes, I hate it09:32
Romsterwhat model/brand is that mini wifi card?09:32
Romsterbut your not using that as a AP are you?09:32
Romsteri read only some cards work in linux for AP mode.09:33
jaegerIt's a wistron cm9 and yes, it's my AP09:33
jaegerIt's also freebsd09:33
Romsterah neat wonder if there still available.09:33
Romsteryeah wifi in linux is a long shot if it works or not.09:33
jaeger <-- this sort of thing09:33
Romsterminipci ah damn how can i use that.09:34
jaegerWell, there's probably a PCI version of that chipset09:34
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Romsteror pcie either one would do what i need.09:36
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Romsterwell that's an option pci to minipci adaptor.09:44
Romsterit really seems the decent AP wifi cards are all for notebook use.09:45
Romsterhave you noticed that?09:45
jaegerhadn't really paid attention to it but I suppose09:46
Romsterwhat driver modue does yours use?09:46
profiloh, mounting /usr/ports/work in tmpfs made it a lot faster :D09:46
Romsteri'm tempted to just get an adaptor.09:46
Romsterprofil, hence that wiki article09:47
Romsteryou will also find if you use BFS it'll go even faster if it's a SMP system09:47
profilRomster: yeah, clever thing :)09:47
jaegerRomster: in freebsd it uses ath(4)... not sure in linux, some madwifi driver I guess09:47
jaegerIt's an older atheros chipset, not ath5k or the like09:48
Romster also in pf-kernel and it's in my romster repo as well.
Romster</shameless advertising>09:49
Romsterjaeger, this same mob has this card
profilwonder what I am going to do now.. maybe get audio and xorg to work09:50
Romsteralmost identical chipset lets see now.09:50
jaegerlooks like it should be good, yes09:50
Romsterprofil, if you don't mind a kernel patch i highly recommend BFS09:51
Romsteri do a make -j4 and it canes for speed.09:51
Romsterbefore on CFS it would not unitise all my cores to 100%09:51
Romsterprofil, oh another thing you should do too is edit /etc/prt-get.conf09:52
Romsterrunscripts yes09:52
Romstermakecommand      sudo -H -u pkgmk nice -n10 fakeroot pkgmk -in09:52
Romsteris what i use if you don't like sudo just omit that bit.09:53
Romsterthe nice -n10 is good to not make your pc not responsive.09:53
Romsterand the -in on pkgmk makes pkgmk ignore new files in .footprints09:53
Romsterbut not missing files.09:54
Romster100mw seems a rather powerful card too09:54
Romsterjaeger, says this o that page Works easily with RouterOS and Madwifi drivers in Linux/OpenWRT. This card is a clone of the Wistron CM9.09:55
Romsterwhy i hadn't found such a thing before is probably i was looking for a PCI/PCIe solution.09:55
profilRomster: this is a single core cpu, and what is BFS?09:56
jaegeraye, I saw that, the only thing that makes me wonder is that it said ar5212a instead of ar5212, but since they advertise madwifi works, I imagine you could get a refund if that was wrong09:56
Romsterhrmm only thing is that card has two antenna conenctions and that PCI adator has one pigtail to backplate.09:57
profilRomster: do I need to create a user/group pkgmk to use fakeroot?09:57
Romstermight not do a significant speed up on a single core never tried it on that. but on a quad it flies.09:58
Romsterprofil, yes just a user pkgmk09:58
Romsteri could probably substitute sudo .. for su -C in my prt-get make command?09:59
profiloh, what a long url :( should have installed screen also..09:59
profilglibc is one hell of a fatty09:59
Romsterwait until you try boost/webkit/cmake them things make glib look like nothing.10:00
Romsteroh and xulrunner10:01
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Romsteri could probably doctor up another pigtail to SMA socket to get dual diversity but what a pain that the PCI adaptor don't have two to begin with.10:03
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jaegerRomster: it isn't required to use both headers on the card, for what that's worth... but yeah, you could rig something10:04
Romsteryeah i could get away with 1.10:05
jueprofil: basically you don't need a special user to use fakeroot10:09
Romsterjaeger, bingo!
Romsteri can just drill an extra hole on that backplate and mount a second socket.10:14
Romster20 bucks per a pigtial though yeash10:15
Romsteroh well at lest i know this will work. thanks jaeger i'll let you know how i go. and take a pic of the completed thing.10:17
Romsteri'm sure others would benefit from this.10:17
Romsterlinux seems to be too sparse in wifi cards that work.10:17
Romstermight have some antennas at work i can pinch10:18
Romsterbugger buying the minipci card there for 75 when the other pace has it for $24.50 even counting freight wont be that much.10:21
Romsterso two purchase it is.10:21
jaegerI did the same when building my ALIX10:23
jaegerfrom 3 different places10:23
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Romsteryeah seems to be the only way to go.10:36
profilRomster: is it just to do patch -p1 < bfs.patch and then make all&&make modules_install?10:37
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Romsterprofil, prtty much patch the 2.6.36 or 2.6.37 not the as the sub-release patches are included, make oldconfig enable BFS, make and install and bzImage as vmlinuz then make module_install for god measure.10:43
Romsterif you use the pf-kernel patchset if oyu use BFS directly it should apply to any sub-release.10:44
acruxRomster: there is contrib/rss-glx too with old sf download's url10:45
Romsteracrux, yeah still getting to that.10:46
Romsterthere is like 30 or so ports or so feels like it i  have to edit.10:46
Romsterthat's what happens when i got like 300 ports in contrib...10:47
Romsterok 233 ports not quite that many..10:47
profilwhat does it take for a package to appear in opt?10:47
Romsterif you did ports -u10:48
Romsterit will be there already10:48
Romsterprt-get info gstreamer10:48
Romsterif it shows up you got opt ports already there.10:49
Romsterunless your asking how do you get a new port into opt?10:49
profilno, I mean, let's say that I make a new program, what does it take to get in into the opt repo?10:49
Romsteryou don't but if you start a personal repo.10:49
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Romsterand get some respect then later get ports reviewed you could join contrib.10:50
Romsteropt is for crux devs only.10:50
Romstercontrib is all the community10:50
Romsterwell when i say all it's like 5 major contributors mostly10:51
profilRomster: I am just wondering, not that I want something in there. so it's the devs who decides that? :)10:51
Romsterbut it's up to the existing contrib maintainers to vote on new submissions to contrib.10:51
Romsterafter looking over there personal ports repo.10:51
Romsterso start there and apply for contrib later if you wish to.10:52
profilokay :) I am no developer at any serious kind, just wondering how the crux package system is working :)10:52
Romsterlook in the Pkgfile10:52
Romsterit's rather simple.10:52
Romsterif you've hand compiled anything before.10:53
Romsterand had a fight with autotools, patch etc.10:53
Romsteror even dreaded libtool10:53
Romsteror are willing to learn10:54
Romsterjsut be sure to note that some personal repo's don't follow all the guidelines including my romster one, but it'll work none the less. contrib opt xorg core is best to follow if you want to learn.10:55
Romstersome other personal reps are also well looked after as well10:55
Romsteri tend to grab anything from other repo's that i find of interest or use.10:56
profilRomster: okay, now I will patch bfs, and then get my audio and xorg working :D10:57
jaegerRomster: what are the smaller bfs patches for? for example there's which is 221k and which is 8.4k11:01
Romsterprofil, be sure to use make -j1 or no -j anything for a single core using more jobs than cores is a bad idea with BFS as it'l slow it down than speed it up.11:02
Romsterjaeger, diff's between two patch versions i believe.11:02
Romsteri've tried rt-patchset as well but i'm gonna wait for that to slowly merge into mainline.11:03
profilRomster: ah okay :)11:03
Romsteras it clashes with pf-patchset.11:03
profilthe kernel source from installation is only
Romsterthe whole make -j 9000 thing that people think is a i/o problem turns out to be the CPU scheduler's fault.11:04
Romsterthere is patches for 2.6.35 as well.11:04
jaegerI'm tempted to try it on my workstation here11:04
jaegerI'm right at the fall-off point, 16 cpus11:04
jaegerthink I'll play with it on my HTPC first, though, that could benefit more11:05
jaegerthe atom isn't that impressive11:05
Romsterjaeger, i've been using it for well over a year now and i'm quite pleased.11:05
Romstereverything runs so much smoother.11:06
Romsteri know they are working o a CFS replacement using cgroups but in the meantime BFS is nice.11:06
Romsterand it'll work with ionice as well.11:06
Romsterone word of warning when you make oldconfig don't enable the xorg sched iso, last time i tried that it made my xorg worse.11:07
Romsterand i do stuff like schedtool -I -e gmpc11:08
Romsterfor better music player priority.11:09
jaegergonna downgrade to 2.6.36 on the HTPC and try it there, should be interesting11:14
Romsteron a atom yeah11:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libfame: fix sourceforge url11:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libmcrypt: fix sourceforge url11:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libmodplug: 0.8.7 ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libquicktime: 1.1.3 -> 1.2.211:18
Romsterother improvments i find is contrib/preload for speed up's too11:19
Romsterstill more to check...11:19
Romsterlife as a packager.11:19
*** ardo has quit IRC11:27
profilwhen I should compile a new kernel, can I use my old .config?11:28
teK_copy it over to the new source directory and run make oldconfig11:30
teK_you will be asked for new introduced options11:30
*** sancodo has joined #crux11:30
teK_note that you may have to clean up the config from time to time by really going through it with make menuconfig11:30
teK_time to time == for me I did that twice over the last three years11:30
profilteK_: okay :)11:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libvisual: fix sourceforge url11:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mjpegtools: fix sourceforge url11:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: numarray: fix sourceforge url11:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: numeric: fix sourceforge url11:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: preload: fix sourceforge url11:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pyopengl: 3.0.1a3 -> 3.0.111:43
Romsterit says your not meant to use make oldconf between releases but i don't get many problems doing that. and what teK_ said.11:44
sancodohello everybody...11:45
sancodoI want some advises11:45
Romsterfor starters it's 'advise' :)11:46
*** Rotwang has joined #crux11:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: rss-glx: fix sourceforge url11:49
Romsterok i know i got more broken sourceforge urls they can wait for another day.11:51
teK_Romster: a professor of mine wrote ' (...) informations are more important than ever.' in the first sentence of his professoral dissertation11:58
*** moebiusband has joined #crux12:01
Romsterok back to bed to nap for a couple of more hours before work.12:04
*** acrux has quit IRC12:04
*** acrux has joined #crux12:06
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enteprofil: \o/12:51
profilente: ? :)12:51
enteprofil: .12:51
thrice`profil, :-)12:52
*** toumbia has joined #crux13:03
*** lasso has joined #crux13:12
jaegerinteresting, the kernel told me to update my bios, heh13:29
jaegerAtom PSE erratum detected, BIOS microcode update recommended13:29
*** acrux has joined #crux13:35
*** sancodo has left #crux13:42
frinnstheh, cool14:03
*** Rotwang has quit IRC14:09
frinnstlets see how bad stuff breaks with libpng 1.5.0 \o/14:25
frinnstpretty bad14:34
thrice`based on revdep, or?14:37
thrice`do you compile with --as-needed ?14:37
frinnsta few libs wont rebuild with libpng 1.514:45
frinnstso i gave up :>14:45
enteyet another libpng? :/15:12
teK_am I the only one who had to fix all those .la files after upgrading to 2.7 with the sed-oneliner from gentoo?15:13
profilhow do I add a user into a group?15:49
thrice`profil, gpasswd -a user group15:50
profilthrice`: no such command..15:50
thrice`or edit /etc/group15:50
teK_usermod -G group1, group215:50
teK_no space after ,15:50
thrice`oh, sorry, I rebuild shadow I think to include it :(15:51
teK_if you really only want to add the user to a group use something like this:15:51
teK_usermod -a -G newgroup115:51
teK_usermod -a -G newgroup1 username15:51
teK_of course;)15:51
enteI usually use that15:51
thrice`gpasswd is so much simpler and safer :(15:51
profilah, that worked :)15:51
profilI got sound now :D15:52
teK_thrice` how/why?15:52
profiland hopefully X will be working too15:52
entesometimes I edit them by hand15:52
entewhich is obviously what you should NEVER EVER do.15:52
enteaccording to papa root15:53
teK_ente: depends on your nsswitch.conf15:53
entefiles all over the place, why?15:53
thrice`teK_, gpasswd makes it tough to wipe other groups if you mess up the syntax15:54
teK_you can store the passwd db with winbind, ldap, etc.15:54
enteah, yes15:54
teK_thrice`: that's what usermod -a does, too :>15:54
enteI don't do that very often15:54
teK_I suppose15:54
teK_ente: depends on your environment15:54
teK_I'd suggest to get a list of all users by running getent passwd instead of cat /etc/passwd15:54
enteat uni we use ldap for shared accounts all over the netowrk15:54
teK_just to be sure15:55
entebut it doesn't make sense on my local box15:55
teK_for the fun of it.. ;)15:55
entehmm :)15:55
enteit'd be as counterproductive as DHCP15:55
entenow I installed suse on my netbook and don't know what to do with it :D15:56
teK_get yourself a LPIC-1 cert? Dunno..15:58
profilwhat the heck, scrotwm is in opt but dwm isn't?!15:58
entewhy package dwm?15:58
teK_Romster: ping?15:59
enteI used to use pekwm in some sort of monocle mode in my first week on crux :)15:59
enteafter that xmonad, but then I got bored16:00
teK_anybody tried i3?16:01
enteI'm planning to do so16:04
enteI got to know the dev at 27c316:04
teK_have you told him you were a CRUX maintainer?16:04
entehe's a nice guy I knew from IRC before16:04
enteI think he's a debian maintainer (and maintains i3 by himself)16:05
teK_I planned maintaining the port I created and told them so (via IRC) but lost contact16:05
teK_\interest somehow16:05
profiloh, xorg froze on me, had to do a hard reboot :(16:07
enteah, well16:07
teK_profil: maybe just keyboard/mouse didn't work16:07
enteprofil: there's some Xorg.0.log somewhere16:07
profilteK_: exactly, I only did a prt-get depinst xorg...16:08
teK_stupid thing16:08
teK_maybe /topic can help16:08
profilteK_: so I must edit xorg.conf? I thought it was possible without doing that..16:12
entedid you actually read the mail?16:14
enteyou can install xf86-input-evdev16:14
profilente: I already got that installed16:15
entethought X uses them automatically16:15
profilme too16:15
enteapparently I don't even use it16:15
entebut whatever, the benefits over plain old X input are supposedly minimal anyway16:15
enteI don't see too many advantages in configuring evdev instead of xorg.conf16:16
jaegerRomster: I get an md5sum mismatch for libsamplerate16:39
enteyeah for gentoo distfiles mirrors16:41
enteteK_: what's going on regarding i3?16:47
teK_i deleted the port.16:48
*** lasso has quit IRC16:52
enteteK_: ok.. I might maintain one in contrib in future, if you don't mind16:53
teK_of course not16:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: tkimg: new port18:15
Romsterente, i'm using pekwm for quite some time now19:31
RomsterteK_, you wanted me?19:32
enteRomster: I can't live without tiling :)19:33
entepekwm is a nice floating wm though19:33
Romsterjaeger, i haven't bumped libsmaplerate in ages cna't see why the sum would change.19:35
RomsterLast-Modified: Sat, 16 Oct 2010 02:47:48 GMT19:40
Romsterfigures they altered the file, there should be some rule against that.19:41
Romsterfixed thanks.19:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libsamplerate: update sum upstream silently changed archive, thanks jaeger19:44
jaegerran across it while building xbmc deps19:45
Romsteri ought to extend this curl parser to also store modified times/etag and other details so i can monitor that happening.19:45
Romsterlast i touched it was in 200919:45
*** jue has quit IRC19:46
Romsterguess it was a minor bug fix and he didn't want to release but should of done that.19:46
*** jue has joined #crux19:46
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jue19:46
jaegeryeah, should have, though they often don't :/20:04
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