IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2011-01-11

pitillogood morning00:55
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Romsterfinished work for today00:55
profilhmm, is it a big problem that I hade runscripts no when installing xorg?01:10
tilmanfirst step to find out:01:24
tilmanfind -name post-install /usr/ports/xorg01:24
tilmanfind -name pre-install /usr/ports/xorg01:24
tilman(swap the arguments ;)01:25
Romsterlol gawd01:25
Romsterfind /usr/ports/xorg -name post-install -o -name pre-install01:25
tilmanyeah, it _so_ matters in this case01:26
tilmanand i totally didn't know about it01:26
Romsterand i did mention to turn that option on in prt-get.conf yesterday01:26
tilmanyou're so cool and knowledgable, romster01:26
profilehm.. so I need to rebuild it all with runscripts set to yes?01:27
tilmanprofil: no :)01:27
tilmanprofil: step two: did you install any of the ports that have a pre/post-install script?01:27
tilmanif the answer is no, you're safe01:28
tilman(and it's probably no)01:28
Romsteryou could probably just do a prt-get update --pre-install --post-install `prt-get quickdep xorg`01:28
profiltilman: yes, a few, but it was only fonts01:28
Romstermost of the fonts have scripts.01:28
profil34 ports01:28
profilwhat do the install scripts do? I don't like them01:29
Romsterlook inside of it01:29
profilhmm, so why doesn't my mouse/keyboard work at all? I have installed xorg-xf86-input-evdev01:31
Romsteri personally removed xorg-xf86-input-{keyboard,mouse}01:31
Romsterand only use evdev01:31
Romsterit should just work.01:32
Romsterrecompile xorg-xf86-input-evdev01:32
Romsteronly happens if you update xorg-server stuff.01:32
Romsterand yet revdep doesn't say it's broken but it can be.01:32
profilI hope it'll work now01:37
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juehi sepen04:54
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pyserial: 2.4 -> 2.505:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: quesoglc: fix sourceforge url05:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: sdl_pango: fix sourceforge url05:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: sox: fix sourceforge url05:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: tagtool: fix sourceforge url05:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: timidity: fix sourceforge url05:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: tor: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: vba: fix sourceforge url05:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: videotrans: fix sourceforge url05:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xine-lib: fix sourceforge url05:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xine-ui: fix sourceforge url05:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xmltv: 0.5.58 -> 0.5.5905:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xplanet: fix sourceforge url05:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xtables-geoip: fix mistake in url05:24
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: yasm: adopted and updated to 1.1.005:27
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: p5-xml-parser: fixed maintainer line05:27
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-corner-plugin: cleaned up05:30
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-macmenu-plugin: cleaned up05:30
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: libxfce4menu: fixed source url05:30
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: libxfce4util: fixed source url05:30
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: thunar: fixed source url05:30
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce-utils: fixed source url05:30
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-appfinder: fixed source url05:30
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-dev-tools: fixed source url05:30
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfconf: fixed source url05:30
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfdesktop: fixed source url05:30
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfprint: fixed source url05:30
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfwm4-themes: fixed source url05:30
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfwm4: fixed source url05:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: warzone2100: 2.3.5 -> 2.3.605:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: setuptools: fix url06:08
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teK_Romster: scponly won't build07:33
teK_you will have to s/#elif/#else/g line 322 of helpXXXX.c to make it build with a recent gcc07:34
Romsteri haven't got to testing everything yet.07:40
profilstill can't get xorg to work.. what is this about :(07:42
thrice`:(  what sort of trouble ?07:43
profilxorg seems to freeze when I start it, mouse/keyboard does not work07:44
profilthe only xorg-xf86-input I have installed is evdev07:45
frinnstprofil: INPUT_EVDEV enabled in kernel?07:45
thrice`ok, that's good.  and no xorg.conf ?07:45
profilfrinnst: no :O07:48
frinnstheh, well there you have it then07:48
RomsterteK_, line 233 as well..07:48
profilfrinnst: you kidding me.. :D07:48
thrice`profil, might help too ;)07:49
RomsterteK_, fixed thanks.07:55
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profilfrinnst: thank you man, it's working now! :)08:04
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frinnstits always easy to miss something08:05
profilyeah, "Event interface" was hard to see :D08:06
profilgot KMS to work also, neat08:07
thrice`profil, btw, which distro did you come from, out of curiosity?08:09
Romstertotally forgot about kernel options...08:10
profilthrice`: I have been using arch for a while, but I have tried several distros. My kernel compiling skills are very poor, compiled a kernel i gentoo a few times, but not more than that..08:15
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jaegerRomster: got xbmc built and the HTPC does seem to perform pretty well with BFS08:26
jaegerI still need to get audio outside xbmc going over the HDMI but it does work in xbmc which was my main goal08:27
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: wesnoth: 1.8.4 -> 1.8.508:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: wesnoth-server: 1.8.4 -> 1.8.508:30
pitillojaeger: does xbmc run with its own user? is it in the audio group?08:32
Romsterjaeger, cool08:32
jaegerI run it as my own user who is in the audio group. audio works fine inside xbmc, just not system sounds over hdmi08:32
Romsterthat's a dual core atom so it should benefit with BFS.08:32
jaegerI vaguely remember having to set up a custom asoundrc for it08:32
jaegerRomster: I had been running a kernel with NR_CPUS set to 2, turns out it has 4 logical, heh08:33
pitilloummm is unmuted the good audio output in alsamixer?08:33
Romsterah it's hyper threaded dual core?08:33
jaegeryes, so it seems08:33
jaegerpitillo: there isn't one, that was part of the problem... alsamixer only shows one device, spdif08:34
jaegerwhich I'm not even using08:34
Romsternot sure if make -j2 or -j4 would work best there. but BFS says not to run more jobs than you have cores. so -j4 might be ok on that.08:34
jaegerI've got it using j4 right now, works well08:34
Romsteranyways heading to bed, i've seen enough Pkgfiles for a while. and i'l sort out that AP wifi soon08:35
jaegertake care08:35
Romsteri think you could agree i went nuts fixing ports in contrib git history. there is a few left to deal with that i'm aware of.08:36
jaegerindeed, hehe08:36
Romsterps must be like that in gnome too.08:36
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pitillojaeger: can you paste lspci audio?08:38
pitilloand aplay -l08:40
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jaegerdo you have one of these as well?08:49
pitillojaeger: no I don't08:49
jaegerah... well, I should say that if you're trying to help me fix it, I do know what I need to do :) I just don't remember the exact .asoundrc syntax for it08:50
jaegerI do appreciate the effort, though08:50
pitillojaeger: really I don't know too, but all gives a bit of knowledge. I think asoundrc will be used to force that default sound output (not sure if it must be needed to get sound output over hdmi), but atm seems that there is something missing, if you can't see more audio outputs in alsamixer08:52
jaegerfor reference, the output of the aplay -l and aplay -L commands doesn't quite mesh with what I see in alsamixer08:52
jaegerI've had it working before with this setup, it was just a long time ago08:52
jaegerthere are 2 things I remember needing to do:08:52
jaeger1) force default sound over the HDMI (xbmc sound already works there)08:52
jaeger2) swap channels around08:52
jaegerthe 5.1 setup is way off out of the box but that's an easy fix08:53
pitilloummm the point 1 is where asoundrc plays, to point that default audio output08:53
jaegeryes, exactly08:53
jaegerlike I said, done it in the past, I just don't remember the exact syntax... I'm at work right now but I'm gonna try it some more when I get home again08:53
pitillowhat sounds strange is the fact that alsamixer only shows you 2 channels and aplay's output shows all the hardware (if I understand it right)08:54
jaeger fixes the channel swapping08:54
jaegerand the commented first line will swap between sound working in xbmc or firefox/flash, for example, but I just need to remember (or find online) the way to get both at the same time08:55
pitilloummm have you tried forcing in asoundrc the hw and device?08:56
jaegernot sure what you mean08:57
jaegerI think the output from aplay -L and aplay -l matches up with what xbmc uses, I have no idea why alsamixer shows something completely useless08:58
pitilloadding those options (card 0 device X, from aplay -l)08:58
jaegerI haven't tried yet, it was very late last night when I got xbmc built and installed, so I went to sleep :)08:59
jaegerI tested that it played over HDMI 5.1 and then slept, hehe08:59
pitilloI don't understand what happens with alsamixer too (may be unmutting the spdif?)09:02
jaegerunmuting it doesn't change anything, it isn't even plugged in anyway09:03
jaegerAlso, to be honest, I won't be too upset if I can't get system sounds going over HDMI as well because XBMC sound was my goal... but I know it's possible since I had it there before :)09:04
pitilloI didn't know about xbmc and seems to be a good media center solution. If you did it before then you need time09:06
jaegerxbmc is my favorite media center, it's really nice09:07
jaegerI've been using it since it was xbox media center on the original xbox :)09:07
jaegernow it works on linux, osx, etc.09:08
pitilloyeah, I gave a fast look and seems pretty good09:08
jaegerI'll put the ports in my repo when they're ready if you're bored and want to try it09:08
pitilloreally sounds great, sure I'll give it a try on a little computer connected to the tv09:09
jaegerok :)09:09
sepenjaeger, could you verify that for gconf's footprint?
jaegersepen: I haven't touched gnome 2.24 in a long time, sorry... but that seems harmless and could be safely updated09:16
thrice`sepen, working on new xfce? :-)09:16
jaegerI've got a set of gnome 2.32 ports I'm working on but there are still some issues with them09:21
thrice`the new xfce uses udisks and gvfs with gnome-disk-utility for mounting storage and usb keys09:22
jaegerI don't fully understand the polkit/udisks/upower stuff09:22
profiloh, building of xulrunner failed, my tmpfs ran out of space.. how much space does it need?09:29
sepenthrice`: yeah, beta309:29
sepenjaeger: maybe due to evolution?09:30
jaegersepen: evolution and openldap, I would guess09:30
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sancodosorry, but I have some questions about instalation's crux10:21
sancodoany help please?10:22
pitillosancodo: if you tell about your problems may be someone could help you10:22
pedjasepen: Do you need victims^Wtesters for xfce-2.8?10:46
pedjaI am also looking forward to 1.0 release od e17, it looks awesome :)10:47
pedjakde4 is eyecandy, but b0rken in many interesting ways...10:48
thrice`is e17 doing a 1.0 release, or just the core libraries?10:49
thrice`last I had heard, even though the core stuff was at 1.0, e is still only 60% or something.  which means ~ 4 more years ;)10:49
pedjalibs 1.0, wm 0.17.10:51
thrice`oh, nice :)10:51
sepenpedja: of course, just let me some time to get ready another repository for 4.810:54
sepenpedja: do you want xfce-2.8 too? lol10:54
pedjasepen: When you are ready, announce it at the Crux ML.And yes, I am looking forward to xfce-2.8, too :)10:55
sepenpedja: I'll do something similar as I did with xfce46 in the past10:57
thrice`sepen, do you plan to do the udisks, gvfs stuff for automounting?  I think if careful with configure flags, you can get the deps down very much on gvfs10:57
sepenwell time to go back to home10:57
sepenthrice`: sure, all suggestions are wellcome10:57
sepenthanks guys, no more time for now, see ya'10:57
thrice`later sepen10:58
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pedjagvfs depends on glib and dreaded dbus :)11:00
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sancodo sorry, I had some problems, so it took me ... I'm with the crux system installed, but when I turns the computer get this message: kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (8,3): this is my problem, I can't to fix it.12:03
pitillosancodo: review your kernel, checking your ide/sata controller and your / filesystem being compiled inside the kernel (not as modules)12:04
profilsancodo: I had the same problem, you need to check that you have built in the driver for your disk controller and filesystem into the kernel12:05
jaegersancodo: when you're booted with the crux iso, you can run 'lspci -k' to see which modules are in use and make sure your compiled kernel has those built in <*>12:05
profilhey guys, is it possible to set services to start up in background? my /etc/rc.d/net starts dhcpcd which takes a while and blocking the boot process12:06
jaegerprofil: use something like /sbin/dhcpcd eth0 &12:06
sancodothanks for the replies, I will review these items and then I inform you if I did well...12:07
jaegerbackground the dhcpcd process itself12:07
pitilloprofil: put it in background directly... &12:07
profiljaeger, pitillo: ahh, thanks :)12:07
profilone other thing, when I insert a usb-stick or an external usb disk the dmesg output pops up in the current terminal, why is this?12:08
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jaegernot sure12:11
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pitillomay be some kind of debug option? no idea really here12:13
jaegerI would guess so but I don't know which one12:13
mike_kjaeger: are you going to have ports for all xbmc deps? I have xbmc port and only minor issues and one or two deps outside of core/opt/contrib12:14
jaegermike_k: only the ones that were not in core/opt/contrib12:14
mike_k* based on arch's PKGBUILD12:14
mike_kwould it apper in your private repo?12:14
jaegerenca, fribidi, glew, jasper, libmicrohttpd, xbmc12:15
jaegerIt will, I have not put it there yet12:15
jaegerAFK for lunch, will be back :)12:15
mike_kbon appetit12:15
jaegerfor reference: # Depends on: boost, glew, libmad, libsamplerate, lzo, wavpack, libmpeg2, fribidi, libcdio, libmms, mysql, libmodplug, faad2, samba, sdl_mixer, jasper, sdl_image, enca, libmicrohttpd, yasm12:15
mike_kFYU: my ugly xbmc port with few deps
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profiloh my, firefox looks ugly, what are the font packages needed?12:39
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: net-snmp: update to 5.6.113:07
jaegermike_k: yours is a lot more convoluted than mine, I pretty much left things default13:16
mike_kthat was adopted from Arch's svn PKGBUILD13:17
mike_kI am OK as long as it will work. I'd gladly test yours when it will be ready =)13:18
mike_kwould be nice to have this thing in contrib13:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-bcmath: updated to 5.3.513:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-ftp: updated to 5.3.513:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-gd: updated to 5.3.513:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-gettext: updated to 5.3.513:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-mbstring: updated to 5.3.513:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-mcrypt: updated to 5.3.513:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-pdo-mysql: updated to 5.3.513:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-postgresql: updated to 5.3.513:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-sockets: updated to 5.3.513:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: php-xsl: updated to 5.3.513:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: powertop:; update to 1.1313:36
jaegermike_k: I haven't had a chance to test the pkgmk-compiled version yet since I just made it today and I'm not at home but I was able to compile from xbmc's git without any trouble so I expect it to work13:41
jaegerthe port version did compile, I'm just not home to test it now13:41
mike_kjaeger: there could be issues with lsb_release13:42
jaegerI noticed in the build log something about it but it still ran from the source compile13:43
jaegerhrmm, I take that back, it wasn't in the build log13:43
jaegerit might have been the startup messages13:43
mike_kmaybe that is just a warning, I can't remember13:44
mike_kas the fix is really ugly13:44
jaegerwell, I can start X on that machine and get it running, I just can't see the TV from here. I'll try it and see13:44
jaegersh: lsb_release: command not found13:45
jaegershows up in the xorg log but still runs13:45
mike_kjaeger: do you use vdpau by any chance?13:46
jaegerI did build it but I have not compared with and without to say if it made a difference13:46
mike_k'cos it fails on some videos while mplayer's works on them13:47
jaegeronly on specific videos?13:48
jaegerIt was late when I got it installed so I didn't do extensive testing, but it did play the videos I tried to play13:48
mike_kthe difference here is 40% of one of the cores to 3-5% (h264 1080p) So it should be easy to spot the difference13:49
mike_kyep, xbmc failed at least on one of them. with some vdpau-specific erros13:50
jaegerah, nice13:50
jaegerwhat CPU do you have, too? I'm not sure mine could play 1080p h264 without hardware accel13:51
mike_kbtw, is it safe to install 2.6.37, latest xorg and current nvidia from opt?13:51
jaegerquad-core atom 1.613:51
mike_ki760, 4 cores13:51
jaeger2.6 37 hosed networking on my HTPC pretty badly so I didn't test xorg13:51
jaegerwent back to 2.6.36 and BFS13:51
mike_kyep, single atom core might stuck13:52
jaegerI need to download some sample 1080p video or somethinig13:53
jaegerer, something13:53
mike_ktilman said had used multitheaded ffmpeg with mplayer13:53
jaeger looks like a good place13:53
mike_kah, nice.13:56
jaegerok, got 3 clips ready to test when I get home13:59
jaeger2 1080p and 1 720p13:59
jaegersome funny, some informative, some both14:00
jaegerer, wrong window14:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mtr: update to 0.8014:05
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aubiccan someone host my ports? i don't have a 24/7 server anymore15:28
teK_which repo?15:30
aubicnamed aubic,
teK_it's not in ?15:34
aubicnot now, it's out of the window15:36
teK_have you considered github15:37
aubicchecking it out...15:40
aubicyeah, this will do, thanks for the tip15:48
thrice`can ports talk to github ?15:50
teK_via httpup?15:50
thrice`mm, I didn't think it was possible15:50
teK_you may be right15:51
Rotwangi could host another repo15:51
tilmanyou could use google code, too15:51
thrice`I think that's why the git driver was attempted15:52
teK_i guess it'd work with github, too..15:52
aubicRotwang: i'll take your offer16:00
aubicgithub's links are like no good after all16:02
Rotwangaubic: the IO is kinda slow on my server, but it suffices for httpup repos16:04
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TonnyGhi, so there are relly is crux-Linux16:51
*** Rotwang has quit IRC16:52
TonnyG240mb iso is small enough16:53
TonnyGhi mr.DaVirus16:53
TonnyGgtg. for today16:54
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frinnstuh, ok17:13
enteI wonder if that was the guy on the mailing list17:13
frinnstnow arriving on port 25: The daily wave o' spam!17:17
frinnsti always get a bunch just around midnight17:18
enteI don't...17:21
enteit's spread over the day17:21
enteand usually gets blocked immediately by either exim or spamassassin17:22
frinnstmm, postfix usually drops most. and those that goes through usually end up in /dev/null via bogofilter17:24
* ente never used postfix17:26
* frinnst never used exim17:28
frinnstsucky 07-18 workday tomorrow17:28
frinnstafk RY#"URIMEDAWKSL17:28
entepostfix is the one mta I never tried, I guess17:29
enteI gotta go to uni tomorrow. meh17:29
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TomCXsudo apt-get build-dep18:21
TomCXwhat is sudo mean?18:21
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Romsterjaeger, not sure if this of help it may be though. wgetpaste /etc/asound.conf.bak ; | wgetpaste /etc/asound.conf ; the alsa site has a good wiki on asound.conf19:47
jaegerdon't know if they will help or not but thanks for the input19:55
Romster might be more useful my backup file is the one that had 3 sound devices and i swaped the default i think with the load order alias in modprobe.conf20:00
Romsteralias sound-slot-0 snd-card-0 ; alias sound-slot-1 snd-card-1 and some other lines.20:01
Romsterheading back to work later20:01
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jaegerhrmm... odd that my HTPC works harder when it's "idle" at the XBMC menu than when I'm playing a 1080p h264 video21:42
jaegerthough it seems that vdpau works well, 1 core at 8% and the other 3 cores at 2-3% while playing21:43
jaegerI wonder if that's BFS doing something dumb or XBMC21:50
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jaegerRomster: got it working, yay23:40
jaeger is the final asoundrc23:40
jaegerthe first section puts the 5.1 channels in the proper order and the second section says to use that swapped device as default23:41
jaegerworks like a charm23:41
jaegeralso, this is using my xbmc crux port, not the version I built from git23:41
jaegerso yay for that, too23:41
nipuLno devmapper in crux boot kernel?23:43
jaegernipuL: not builtin, but it's built as a module23:46
nipuLah cheers23:47
jaegergood night, bedtime for me23:54

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