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pitillogood morning00:58
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Romsterhdmiswap hadn't used that one before but it may come in handy01:15
Romsterpumkin pizza is different. thought i'd try something i wouldn't normally do01:16
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-libxaw: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-libx11: updated to
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: vte: updated to 0.27.402:47
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profilhmm, why isn't bash reading .bashrc on login?04:29
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Romsteris it owned by you and mode 0644 ?04:59
profilRomster: yes, but if I run bash or start a X terminal it is fine..05:04
profilonly when I login to tty05:04
Romsterah yes i have noticed this i added . /etc/profile to my ~/.bashrc05:05
Romsterexcuse me as my brain is like running on 10% capacity tired. not sure if that will solve your situation.05:07
pitilloman bash, there must be an explanation about login/nologin shells and which files are used for each one05:08
profilah, yeah ofcourse :)05:16
profilI can't write unicode characters in X also, why is this?05:17
Romsteryu haven't got your lang set to utf?05:19
Romsterin rc.conf05:19
profiloh, no, that wasn't mentioned..05:19
profilor was it05:20
teK_it was.05:23
profilteK_: where? :)05:41
Romstercrux handbook05:44
profilabout generation locales yeah, but not about the variable in rc.conf?05:49
Romsteryes it's in the intalling crux part05:52
Romster Edit /etc/rc.conf to configure font, keyboard, timezone, hostname and services. See Section "Configuration Variables in /etc/rc.conf" for details about /etc/rc.conf.05:54
Romstercrux does not hold your hand unlike other distros do.05:58
profilit still didn't help me,still no swedish characters in X..06:09
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Romsterdid you even generate the locale?06:16
Romsterand then crux disables NLS and you probably need that.06:16
profilRomster: I had already done that.. NLS?06:19
jueprofil: are you using xterm?06:19
Romsteryou sure it's disabled in like every Pkgfile.06:19
profiljue: nope, urxvt06:20
juedunno about urxvt, but for xterm I have a 'xterm*utf8: TRUE' in .Xdefaults06:21
profilI can try it later when I got access to the machine again :)06:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: tor: fix demented spelling06:27
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jaegerRomster: hdmiswap is just the name I gave it, you could call it something else08:18
jaegerprofil: there's a section in the bash man page called "invocation" that explains when each script is run08:19
profiljaeger: yep, I solved it before :)08:22
jaegerok :)08:23
jaegerI see now that pitillo mentioned it as well, I was asleep at that time, hehe08:24
ente bwahaha09:04
jaegerhaha, awesome09:05
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frinnstutf8 ftw15:07
Ovim-ObscurumteK_: That url doesn't work in my firefox :(15:16
Ovim-Obscurumoh it does work!15:16
teK_it does for me although my Terminal regex  for URLs failed for it *g*15:16
Rotwangdamn, I was compiling qemu a while ago ando 2GB of memory was not enough15:18
RotwangteK_: and I was wondering why ☃.com was dead ;f15:23
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: [notify] sudo: update to 1.7.4p515:24
frinnstheh, mine too15:30
frinnsti almost pasted a couple of hundred lines in irc :D15:30
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entefuuu fx 520016:43
frinnstente: running exim now :)16:44
frinnstsetting up routing with postfix was a bit of a nightmare16:44
frinnstfor fun(tm)16:44
frinnst-postfix +procmail16:45
enteah, well16:45
enteprocmail is a great mailfilter16:45
entealthough exim's filter capabilities are supposedly nice too16:46
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jaegerok, time to rebuild xbmc without vdpau to see how much of a difference that makes20:22
jaegerwow... it makes a HUGE difference20:42
jaegercan't quite play fullscreen 1080p h.264 with vdpau disabled, very solid with it enabled20:46
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nipuLyay, got full full disc encryption + lvm working22:21
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nipuLnow to try to resurrect multilib23:12
nipuLtried to rebuild it on my vps but my kernel is too old23:12
jaegernot sure if they're up to date but I still have some multilib packages23:31
jaegerwell, they're undoubtedly out of date but might be useful23:33

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