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tilmannipuL: that's ... bad.02:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cryptsetup: link /sbin/cryptsetup.static statically for real.02:54
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frinnstawesome attitude05:42
jseSystem cairo?! Just use the in-tree default.05:48
frinnstthere are issues with the in-tree version05:48
jseLike you say... what an awesome attitude.05:50
Romsterthat is rubish, solution webkit based browsers.05:52
jseDamn software these days... It all sucks.05:54
Romsterjust goes to show you can't trust any corporation.05:57
jseWhat's your point? They are just legal frameworks.05:58
jseIt's people who design and write these.05:58
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frinnstthey removed the fucking statusbar06:25
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Romsterit's the big boss of the corporation that says what goes. despite what the people want.07:14
Romsterthen again in that bug report it looks more like the "i don't care" type person.07:15
Romsteri still haven't got to the why firefox goes all crippled when i try to do a search of history/bookmarks07:15
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jseThe boss - subordinate relation is by no means a corporate monopoly.07:38
jseBesides that is a single problem that will not explain why FF is a dung heap.07:41
Romsterpoor coders?07:58
Romsterwho knows.07:58
Romsterand why they include everything like openoffice monster does too.07:58
jseI like to think it's due to a rather sick attitude that complex is good and desirable.07:58
jseComplex and overengineering are somehow virtues that exemplify vague notions of "progress".07:59
jseIt's not just limited to mozilla and its projects.08:00
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bdfy2Is there anybodi truing to install CRUX 2.7 on Lenovo Thinkpad x200s??09:10
bdfy2CONFIG_SATA_AHCI=m in kernel -(09:10
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andariussalutations and waffles23:24
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