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Romstergood evening01:24
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: desktop-file-utils: updated to 0.1802:29
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Evil_Bobin a Pkgfile say i want to fetch source-code for some project using mercurial, where is the best place to do this ? just build() or ... ?08:09
thrice`that's usually an easy way to do it :>08:09
Evil_Bobok, but is there a more elegant / recommended way? :)08:10
pitilloEvil_Bob: downloading and packaging the sources could be another solution too08:26
Evil_Bobyeah thought about that, cba to make snapshots so wondered what the "correct" way is to download the sources via mercurial :D (the source is not shared with hg web, but just via http in a directory).08:34
pitilloEvil_Bob: you have both options, feel free to make your choice, you'll be the maintainer...08:35
Evil_Bobok :)08:35
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teK_Evil_Bob: you may want to have a  'look' at the mplayer port (it's taking the prebundled apporach)08:41
Evil_BobteK_: ok cool thanks, ill have a look08:42
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Evil_Bobhmm when i do "prt-get depinst cairo" it gives me an "ERROR: Footprint mismatch found" anyone else has this too ?11:20
thrice`Evil_Bob, do you have new, or missing files ?11:20
Evil_Bobmissing files11:21
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: lvm2: update to 2.02.8011:27
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.6111:27
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libpcre: update to 8.1211:27
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Evil_Bobthrice`: i get this error: what did i do wrong? :D11:31
frinnstprobably missing some (non-crucial?)dependency11:50
Evil_Bobit compiled successfully, only the footprint fails, also i did depinst so that should resolve all dependencies right ?11:52
Evil_Bob(added the package with pkgadd manually now and it seems to work fine)11:53
enteprt-get has a -if to ignore footprint mismatches11:53
enteadditionally there's a -in option which just ignores new entries in the footprint11:53
enteif something is missing in the footprint, it's usually the maintainer's fault11:54
Evil_Bobsomething was missing, but im new to using crux linux, so possibly my fault somehow :D11:55
enteyou can specify defaults for these in pkgmk.conf11:55
entewhat was missing?11:55
enteit seems like you compiled cairo without installing glib or something11:57
entehowever, the footprint must not have stuff that's only there if you have glib if the Pkgfile doesn't mention a glib dep11:57
enteI suck at explaining11:58
Evil_Bobnah i understand what you're saying, ty :)11:58
entetry installing glib and rebuilding, and see if it fixes the mismatch11:59
entethen report a bug to tilman11:59
Evil_Bobso should glib be added as a dependency or just update the footprint ?11:59
ente(or the bugtracker, and assign it to him... he's the cairo maintainer)12:00
entewell... it works without glib so it isn't a dependency12:00
enteit shouldn't be in the footprint, that's all12:00
ente[12:54] < jse> Damn software these days... It all sucks.12:01
entejse: ♥12:01
entethe dependencies are kept minimal, everything optional goes into "Nice to have" iirc12:02
ente(which isn't recognised by prt-get)12:02
Evil_Bobjust switched / trying crux, so my system is very minimal atm :)12:04
Evil_Bobhmm installed glib and cairo also installs successfully now, ill report it now, thanks for helping12:05
ente <- this adds -in to prt-get... guess I'll send jw another mail :)12:42
enteEvil_Bob: you might want to register a bugtracker account and report it there12:44
enteit's less error-prone than IRC12:45
tilmani think i'm equally likely to overlook bug reports on irc and in the bug tracker :D12:46
tilmanEvil_Bob: thanks, i'll have a look later12:46
thrice`eventually glib  will probably be in core :p13:12
Evil_Bobyeah i posted a bug report on the bugtracker :)13:32
Evil_Bobim liking crux already :)13:32
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Evil_Bobhmm maybe a minor inconsistency; there are font packages x11-fonts-dejavu, but also xorg-font-artwiz-aleczapka and xorg-font-msttcorefonts why isnt dejavu called xorg-font-dejavu ? :P13:51
Evil_Bob(im a whiner i know)13:51
jaegerprobably just hasn't been renamed yet, most of them used to be x11-fonts-whatever13:52
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thrice`Evil_Bob, yeah, that is a problem :)  but the database doesn't handle package moves nicely, and x11- is the old style naming13:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: lvm2: new source url15:11
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RotwangAmnesia: hi16:12
AmnesiaIs there any possibillity to bootstrap crux?16:15
teK_git clone git://
teK_+ much time.16:18
Amnesiahm ok16:18
Amnesiadoing it in a vm sucks:p16:18
teK_it shouldn't polute your system16:19
Amnesiawas thinking about a chroot16:20
teK_it uses chroot16:21
ente[20:12] < thrice eventually glib  will probably be in core :p16:21
entethrice`: ugh :P16:21
enteI wonder how long it will take until everyone depends on Qt for sockets16:22
AmnesiateK_: a chroot on my host system16:22
entethen Qt needs to be in core too16:22
entemaybe we can remove coreutils from core then16:22
Evil_Bobas a new crux user i notice pkgadd and pkgrm is helluva fast, does it run on magic? :P16:27
enteit wasn't build by arch people, that's probably all16:27
teK_hard punch from the in the red trousers16:29
entehmm :)16:29
teK_those lags are driving me nuts16:29
enteever tried dns-tunneling? ;)16:29
enteit just omits pacman's sleep(200) :P16:31
teK_I was uploading at 245KB/s which corresponds to almost 100% of my upload bandwidth..16:31
entethat's about 500% of my upload bandwidth16:32
Evil_Bobente: i dont actually know if thats a joke or not, pretty sad :D16:32
Evil_Bobdoes pacman actually have a sleep(200) ?16:32
enteEvil_Bob: I was kidding ;)16:32
thrice`I thought pacman was supposed to be fast?16:33
entepacman always resolves dependencies16:33
Evil_Bobim an archlinux user heh, very likely switching to crux what i've seen so far16:33
enteI told ya :P16:33
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: testdisk: add missing boundary check in EXIF processing19:31
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